Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Resources 2023

ODSAW Banner photo women driving a car down the road

ChORUS joins the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other partners in recognizing Older Driver Safety Awareness Week (ODSAW) from December 4 - 8, 2023. 

In 2021 there were 7,489 people 65 and older killed in traffic crashes in the United States, accounting for 17 percent of all traffic fatalities. From 2020 to 2021, there was a 14-percent increase in the number of people 65 and older killed in traffic crashes1. Although older drivers are less likely to drive aggressively or to speed, they are considered vulnerable road users. It is important for those who engage with older drivers to know age-related changes that may undermine an individual’s driving ability. In support of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, below are resources to help caregivers, family members, state driver licensing agencies, law enforcement, medical professionals, and social and aging service providers address safety among older drivers. 

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ChORUS serves as a centralized, user-friendly, and dynamic source of information pertaining to highway safety for aging drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Built as a comprehensive resource, it covers all three major components of highway safety: safe roadways, safe road users, and safe vehicles. 

Commit to Older Driver Safety

You hold the keys for improving traffic safety! In support of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, the ChORUS form, Commit to Older Driver Safety, encourages those who support older drivers to spread the messages about the importance of older driver safety. How it works: fill out the form, and receive your personal older driver safety digital decal to add to your email signature, social media, and anywhere else you want to promote older driver safety. 


How to Use ODSAW Resources

Review this quick guide for ideas on activities and events using the ChORUS ODSAW resources that will help strengthen professional and community partnerships.