Clearinghouse for Older Road User Safety

Your resource for information pertaining to highway safety for older drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Search the ChORUS Library

Healthy Heart Month

Heart health, driving safety, aging, and independence are all key to ensuring older adults maintain a healthy aging process. Learn more with ChORUS this month on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Ask the Expert: How to Get Started with Exercise?

If you want to include more movement in your life, watch Dr. Laura Baker of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine discuss three tips that older adults can use to get started with exercise. Learn more about exercise and aging:


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Older Road User Program Management

Learn the skills to manage a successful and sustainable older road user safety program. Search Older Road User for the program.

Healthy banner, two people cooking in a kitchen
The Beat Goes On: Heart Health, Aging, and Driving Safety

Developing healthy habits can also help an older adult stay in the driver’s seat.

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Navigating the Roads with Clarity: Low Vision Awareness Month and the Intersection with Driver Safety

February is Low Vision Awareness Month and serves as a reminder to address vision changes especially when it comes to safety.