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Older adult driver adjusts rearview mirror

Older Drivers Keeping Their Mind and Body Fit

Some of the changes drivers experience as they get older can affect their ability to drive safely. Changes and the decline in eyesight, physical fitness, and reflexes are evitable... Read More

Older driver uses modified steering wheel for easier vehicle control

Older Drivers Choosing the Right Vehicle

It is essential at any age, but particularly important for older adults, to operate a motor vehicle that is right for them and fits their needs. As drivers get 65 years and older... Read More


Self-Regulation of Older Drivers

When older drivers self-regulate, they modify or adjust their driving pattern by driving less or intentionally avoiding challenging situations in response to declining abilities.... Read More

Activity from Community Discussion Board

Driver Refresher Course

Curious if anybody has ever taken driver refresher class to brush up his/her skills? Would you recommend it? Please share your experiences.

Kelly23 3 years 4 days ago 3 comments


I work for a small rural county in the Midwest that is looking to cost-effectively upgrade our roads to better accommodate seniors. There’s been a lot of interest... Read More

RoadwayGuy 3 years 3 days ago 1 comments

Mandatory Vision Testing -- feedback desired

Am looking for some feedback from driver licensing officials in other states about mandatory vision testing or other requirements they may have for drivers of a... Read More

J.Snow 3 years 3 days ago 1 comments