Tell Your Story!

Various families discussing safe driving with their loved ones

We want to hear your story. Tell us a time where you, a loved one, or someone you care for in your personal or professional life adjusted their driving or transportation plan for safety and the impact that it had on your/their wellness.

Are You:

  • someone who learned how to have the conversation and helped create a plan with an older parent, sibling, or relative? 
  • a clinician or physical therapist who helped a patient create a safer transportation plan?
  • an older driver who experienced a change in your medical condition or had a driving experience that impacted your life and led to adjusting your car or driving habits to help you continue to be a safe driver?
  • a law enforcement officer who helped an older driver connect to community resources to help them be safer on the road?
  • a transportation engineer designing roadways with older adults in mind and you have a success story to share?

Tell Your Story!

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