State driver license policies

All states have different license renewal laws and members of the community may have questions about requirements in their state. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety maintains a chart providing a summary of older driver renewal laws by state.

In addition, the following sites provide examples of programs and information that states provide for their older customers.

  • To look up information for any state, visit the License Renewal Requirements, Table 1 – AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Driver Licensing Policies and Practices Database (
  • California TREDS aims to improve driver safety through training programs and informing and improving public policy. Based at the UC San Diego Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health, TREDS operates under the leadership of Linda Hill, MD, MPH, professor of family medicine and public health.
  • Florida’s Safe Mobility for Life helps older drivers remain independent and find alternative transportation once they decide to retire from driving.
  • Iowa’s Retiring from Driving provides information for drivers and those who care for them on exploring alternative transportation options and planning for when the individual can no longer drive.
  • Maryland’s Resource Guide for Aging Drivers is a report from the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Older Driver Safety Forum containing information to help you drive safely now, identify the risks and warning signs of change, and plan a smooth transition to retiring from driving when the time comes.
  • Michigan Safe Drivers, Smart Options includes a set of resources designed to help older drivers stay active and safe behind the wheel.
  • Virginia Granddriver is an educational resource designed to provide drivers with information and resources about staying safe and mobile on the road as they age. The program gives older drivers and their families suggestions to improve driving skills and keep everyone safe on the road.