Each State sets its own requirements for driver licensing and renewal. Some require vision or other testing at various ages. Some states require doctors to report individuals who should no longer be driving due to the effect of various medical conditions, medications, or functional/cognitive capability. States also allow an individual — whether it is a medical professional, family member, caregiver, or member of the public —to report drivers who are unsafe. You can access My State Info for a link to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle Administration page regarding older driver licensing requirements.

My State Info also includes information to find professionals (driving rehabilitation specialists), who can help assess driving skills and identify ways to improve safety through vehicle modifications and/or changes in habits. You can also find access to any driver training or related services to refresh driving skills.

Finally, My State Info also provides links to additional resources, such as services and supports available in your area as you consider reducing time behind the wheel. These might include public and private alternate transportation services, both paid and volunteer.