How do I know if I might need to change my driving habits?

A need to change driving habits should never be based on age alone. However, changes in cognitive, visual, and physical functions may cause safety concerns. Additionally, there are specific medical conditions or medications that may affect one’s driving. Be sure to consult with your physician about the impacts that new diagnoses, medications, or changes in diagnosis/medication might have on driving.

By accurately assessing age-related changes, you can adjust your driving habits to remain safe on the road or choose other alternate transportation options. A driving rehabilitation specialist, a medical professional with special training in rehabilitation driving, can help by conducting a comprehensive driving assessment. You may want to consider your responses to the following questions when deciding to start your transportation assessments and planning process.

  • Have you had some incidents of forgetfulness or getting lost while driving?
  • Have you experienced a significant change in your health or started taking new medications?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable, stressed, or anxious when driving?
  • Have you experienced or narrowly avoided a crash recently?
  • Are you making mistakes while driving?

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