Familiarize Yourself with Transportation Options

Street signs displaying confused, lost, unclear, and perplexed
  • Begin learning how to use alternate transportation options in your community
    • Explore senior alternative transportation options using community resources from My State Info and your local transportation organizations
  • Identify accommodations to adapt your vehicle to your changing capabilities
    • View a CarFit virtual workshop for an in-depth look at several key aspects involved in getting a proper fit in your vehicle
    • Find an Occupational Therapist or Driving Rehabilitation Specialist for a driving assessment and to get ideas
    • Learn about what you can expect when working with a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist
    • Find a driving specialist
  • Use safety features built into your car
  • Choose your driving times (day time, low driving volume, geographic area, familiar routes, etc.)
  • Consider a refresher driver safety training class

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