The population of older drivers will continue to grow in the coming years, leading to law enforcement personnel interacting with older drivers more often. There are different needs when communicating, interacting, and assisting older drivers. Getting quality training on how to better serve older drivers is key. We have provided quick training for law enforcement which can be shown and discussed during your daily roll calls We have also provided longer trainings that can be shown to obtain CEUs, and contact information to TREDS to set up a customized training for your department.

Daily Roll Call Videos
CEU Trainings
  • Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers is an abbreviated version of the two-hour course, “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety”. It includes a video demonstration of the use of the DOSCI during a traffic contact. The training focuses on aging drivers, education on identifying those drivers who are disoriented, provides criteria for referral during traffic contacts: (30:38 minutes long)
  • The Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS) has several 30-minute training videos for law enforcement. As a law enforcement officer you can obtain a login and password to obtain the training.
  • The “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety,” is a two-hour POST certified training for CPT credit delivered by a team of health and law enforcement professionals.
  • International Association of Chief of Police Alzheimer’s Initiative is a comprehensive toolkit for law enforcement. It includes: a guide to local voluntary registry systems, roll call training videos, webinars, and the following training programs: no-cost, one-day training program features in-depth instruction to help your department enhance its capacity to handle calls involving people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia and an option for a two-day Train-the-Trainer program for selected participants and experienced trainers who will continue to support and deliver the one-day training program.
Customized Training for Your Police Department

NHTSA understands that each state has different laws and requirements. Your department might have specific needs for training staff based on the community that you serve and your policies. NHTSA has partnered with TREDS so you can create a customized training to fit your needs for your department. There are several training options TREDS offers:

  • Personalized training to reflect the laws, requirements, and policies of the state along with a depiction of your own video.
  • Scripts to help states create their own custom video.
  • Customized slides to set up your own training.
  • In person customized training for your department. This training is taught by a former officer that is a NHTSA Subject Matter Expert in Older Driver Law Enforcement. Call TREDS at: 858-534-9313 to set up a customized training for your police department.