Planning for Road Safety

Transportation planning recognizes that each of us ages at our own rate. Individual capability, medical conditions, and even the areas in which we live, can influence how we can be a safe road user. Education and awareness play a major role in an individual’s transportation plan. When you consider financial planning or sign up for Medicare, consider starting to managing your road use habits.

Transportation planning starts with identifying the steps you can take to drive safely for as long as it is reasonable. For example, you can invest in safety features available in cars, identify adaptive equipment that will make driving easier and safer, or take a driver safety class to refresh on safe driving habits.

It is always easier to plan ahead rather than face an abrupt change due to a crisis. The ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool provides a checklist and easy access to resources to help plan for your independence at each stage of your driving ability. A downloadable/printable version of the tool is also available so you can take it with you to discuss with others, put on your refrigerator, etc.