Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Resources 2021

ChORUS joins the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other partners in recognizing Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2021 (ODSAW) from December 6 - 10, 2021. In 2019, 54.1 million people, 16% of the United States population, were over age 65. In the same year, there were 7,214 people 65 and older killed in traffic crashes in the United States accounting for 20 percent of all traffic fatalities. In support of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, below are resources to help caregivers, state driver licensing agencies, law enforcement and medical professionals, and others engage in addressing safety among older drivers.  

Click below to access the resources, materials, and other information to support your efforts.

Social Media Messages

We must work together using all available tools to address safety among older adults.  During Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, we have provided social media messages for each day of the week to highlight older driver safety.

Click on the target audience below to access a downloadable word document with social media messages targeting each audience.  From the word document, each key message can be used on all social media platforms to engage with colleagues, stakeholders, and older drivers in your community.  

As we kick-off Older Driver Safety Awareness Week please consider using the hashtag #ODSAW21. 

Sample Press Release

Do you have a newsletter, magazine, or list serv?  The Older Driver Safety Awareness Week sample press release provides information to address safety among older drivers that you can share with members and those in your network.

Click on the target audience down below that best fits your members and those in your network. Each word document has a sample press release that can be customized with your organization name and additional information for your use.

Lobby/Waiting Area Slides

Many offices and waiting areas now have screens providing important information to those waiting for services.  ChORUS prepared five slides to educate older drivers and their family members about resources available to help them with safe mobility.  You can select one or more of the slides to add to your video loop.  These can be posted during ODSAW but remain in your video loop throughout the year.  

Click here to download the lobby slides


The Older Driver Infographic presents key data to highlight the importance of older driver safety. 

Click here to download the Older Driver Infographic

Click here to download the 3 out of 4 fatal crashes occurred in the daytime Infographic

Click here to download the Rural vs. Urban Infographic

Click here to download the 54 Million people in the US are aged 65+ Infographic

Click here to download the Crashes Associated with Aging Infographic


For areas with bulletin boards or where handouts can be provided, consider using the ChORUS poster. The poster provides the URL and a QR code to connect individuals to valuable tools and resources about older driver safety. 

Click here to download the poster


ChORUS offers a wealth of resources that promote older driver safety.  We have curated lists to provide the perfect starting point for exploring resources, materials, and tools specific to you. 

Click below to access resources applicable to the Older Driver Safety Awareness Week daily themes or you can select an icon to access curated lists of resources for each audience. Additional information is also available through the ChORUS Library

Beyond ODSAW

Focusing on Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is a great start, but older driver safety initiatives should occur throughout the year to have the greatest impact on the safety of our older drivers and communities.  Beyond ODSAW offers suggestions for activities you can include in your 2022 planning to continue the discussion and positive impact on older driver safety.

Click here to download Beyond ODSAW

In addition to the above resources, The American Occupational Therapy Association established daily themes to focus on throughout the week. Use the ChORUS resources when utilizing the daily themes to bring attention to different aspects of older driver safety.

  • Monday, December 6: Anticipating Changes That Can Affect Driving
    As we age, there may be changes that impact our ability to drive safely. We start Older Driver Safety Awareness Week learning about what to look for and when to consider safe transportation options as your driving abilities change.
  • Tuesday, December 7: Family Conversations
    Talking with an older adult about their ability to drive safely is difficult. It is important for families and caregivers to start these conversations before a loved one develops a medical condition that may impact their ability to drive safely. Today we focus on resources to help you be more prepared to start a conversation and support an older driver’s safe mobility needs.
  • Wednesday, December 8: Screening and Evaluations With an Occupational Therapist
    It is important to discuss recent changes in medication or diagnosis that may affect your driving abilities with your medical provider. In addition, a trained Occupational Therapist can complete a driving evaluation to support your efforts to remain safe on the road as your driving abilities change.
  • Thursday, December 9: Interventions That Can Empower Drivers and Families 
    You’ve identified the changes and had the conversation – the next step is exploring what can be done to continue driving safely.
  • Friday, December 10: Staying Engaged in the Community With or Without a Car
    When an older adult decides to transition to not driving or is no longer able to drive safely on the road, it may be time for a change. There are transportation options available that maintain an older adult’s safety and independence while staying engaged in the community. Today learn more about safe mobility options.