A Letter to Grandparents

older adult hugging his grandkid

Dear Grandparents,

I remember every Sunday, we would go to dinner at your house. You were always sure to prepare a balanced meal so that we would grow “big and strong.” You also always made sure we got a full helping of dessert.

You came to all my school events and soccer games. Your unwavering support has meant the world to me. This is why I want to be there for you now, and why it’s a little hard to tell you how worried I am about some things I’ve noticed when you’re driving. Problems you’ve told me to look out for in other drivers, I’ve noticed you doing when you’re the one behind the wheel.

Your reaction times are slower, you’re noticing other drivers and obstacles less, and you’re distracted more easily. I’m worried about your safety and the safety of other people around you.

I found a screening and assessment we can go through together. The self-assessment will help give us an idea if we should talk to a doctor about further testing or help.

Another resource I found is CarFit. CarFit is an educational program that offers you the opportunity to check whether your car is properly adjusted for you. The program also provides information and materials on community-specific resources that could enhance your safety as a driver and/or increase your mobility in the community. We can also check the medications you’re taking to see if any of them could be affecting your driving.

If you would be more comfortable reading information on your own, start with the Older Drivers Guide on the Clearinghouse for Older Road Users (ChORUS).

I know it can be a weird dynamic shift, but I’m not a kid anymore and I want to help you drive safer so we can spend more time together. I think it’s time I paid you back for always being there for me.


Your grandkids