Importance Of Driving Safety

Do you remember the first time you drove a car all by yourself? Nothing is quite as liberating as being behind the wheel, knowing that you can do anything and go anywhere you want. However, driving is a privilege, not a right.

As you get older, even if you're in tiptop health, it's inevitable that you'll begin to experience some physical challenges. Aging affects everyone differently, some lose motor skills, vision or quick cognitive reasoning - but no matter what, as you reach the age of 65, you have to start to question if you're physically fit to operate a vehicle. It's hard to ask yourself, let alone answer. The possibility of turning over your keys means loss of independence. But sometimes health conditions require it.

U.S. News and World Report recently published an article discussing how people with a history of fainting are twice as likely to cause a car accident. This doesn't seem terribly shocking, however it's important to note that this study found that the group of people who were fainting the most were 70 or older. Over a third of these people suffered from a heart disease condition.