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Professional Assessments Can Help Senior DriversNational(09/11/2020)Association

Learn more about driving skill evaluation includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers' training.

Is It Time for Your Senior Driving Safety Course?National(03/23/2011)Association

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association website has information and links to various organizations that offer senior driving safety courses.

Ohio: Older Driver InformationOhioState Department of Transportation

The “Senior Drivers in Ohio” page on DMV.com explains the license renewal process for senior drivers. 

ChORUS Law Enforcement Resource NationalAssociation
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ChORUS Medical Professionals ResourceNationalAssociation

ChORUS developed a helpful resource with links and definitions of additional resources you can use when talking to your patience about older driver safety and how you can expand you knowledge on the topic. 

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Evaluate Your Driving AbilityNationalAssociation

Use AAA Evaluate Your Driving Ability by using their self-rating tool, professional assessment tool, clinical driving assessment tool, and driving skills evaluations.