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Questions and Answers Around Older Driver Safety.National(05/25/2022)Association
Introduction to the Clinician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers National(05/19/2022)Association

AOTA created a presentation about the themes of the Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers. 

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Driving to IndependenceArizona(07/27/2021)Association

Driving To Independence offers a comprehensive driver evaluation and training program. 

Transportation Planning with FamilyNational(02/02/2021)News

It's important to remember you don't have to plan your transportation retirement alone. 

¿Qué esperar cuando se lo/la deriva a un especialista en rehabilitación de conductores? National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona información sobre el papel de los especialistas en rehabilitación de conductores, cómo realizan las evaluaciones y qué hacer con los resultados de las evaluaciones.

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What to Expect When You Are Referred to a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist?National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides information on the role of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (DRS), how they perform evaluations, and what to do with evaluation results.

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Texas: Department of Public Safety Older Driver InformationTexas(09/16/2020)State Department of Transportation

Texas’s Department of Public Safety has information on its website regarding driver license renewal requirements for residents of the state.

Professional Assessments Can Help Senior DriversNational(09/11/2020)Association

Learn more about driving skill evaluation includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers' training.

Self-perceptions and Current Practices of High-risk Older Drivers: Implications for Driver Safety InterventionsNorth Carolina(07/01/2020)Association

Comfort Keepers Senior Care Durham & Chapel Hill discusses safe driving for seniors in their video.

Indiana: Older Driver InformationIndiana(03/06/2019)Association

DMV.com covers senior drivers in Indiana by stating that drivers up to age 75 are required to renew their license every 4 years. Drivers ages 75 to 85 can renew their license for a period of 3 years.

Driver Orientation Screen for Cognitive ImpairmentNational(01/01/2016)Association

DOSCI Tool short training video. 

Is It Time for Your Senior Driving Safety Course?National(03/23/2011)Association

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association website has information and links to various organizations that offer senior driving safety courses.

Driving Simulators Help Older Adults Improve Their Road SkillsNational(01/14/2011)Association

Older drivers could benefit from training programs that put them behind the wheel -- in a driving simulator, with an observer who helps them develop their skills, according to a new article.

Spectrum of Driver ServicesNationalNonprofit Organization

Define the common language and different program models used in a wide range of driving programs, covering everything from driving school for healthy drivers to driving rehabilitation programs. 

Ohio: Older Driver InformationOhioState Department of Transportation

The “Senior Drivers in Ohio” page on DMV.com explains the license renewal process for senior drivers. 

Older Driver Safety ProgramGeorgiaState Department of Transportation

The program utilizes a public health approach to develop collaborative relationships and processes to determine appropriate education, environmental, policy interventions for health and safety professionals, as well as the public

Spectrum of Driver Services: Right Services for the Right People at the Right Time NationalAssociation

A description consumers and health care providers can use to distinguish the type of services needed for an older adult. 

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Kentucky: Driver License Information for SeniorsKentuckyAssociation

Caregiverlist.com states that there is no renewal test for seniors in the state of Kentucky. The renewal cycle is every four years and must be done in-person.

ChORUS Law Enforcement Resource NationalAssociation
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ChORUS Medical Professionals ResourceNationalAssociation
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Tips and resources for safe older drivers NationalAssociation

Many older adults can drive safely well into their 80s or even beyond. It is important that older driver and the people who care for them evaluate their need to keep them safe while they are on the road. 

Evaluate Your Driving AbilityNationalAssociation

Us AAA Evaluate Your Driving Ability by using their self-rating tool, professional assessment tool, clinical driving assessment tool, and driving skills evaluations. 

Spectrum of Driver ServicesNationalNonprofit Organization

Define the common language and different program models used in a wide range of driving programs, covering everything from driving school for healthy drivers to driving rehabilitation programs.