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Resources for Medical Professionals: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022National(10/26/2022)Association

ChORUS offers a wealth of resources that promote older driver safety. We have curated lists to provide the perfect starting point for exploring resources, materials, and tools specific to you

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Resources for State Driver Licensing Agencies: Older Driver Safety Awareness WeekNational(10/26/2022)Association

ChORUS offers a wealth of resources that promote older driver safety. We have curated lists to provide the perfect starting point for exploring resources, materials, and tools specific to you

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Law Enforcement: Your Role in Older Driver SafetyNational(05/26/2022)Association

In this webinar, attendees learned about how to engage older drivers in a thoughtful manner, how to do roadside screening, and where to refer older drivers for more resources to keep them, and our roadways safe. 

Driver’s License Renewal Laws for Older DriversNational(04/20/2022)Association

Driver's license renewal time including seniors will be viewed as an individual, not as part of a group. this is the time to ask yourself the tough question: Should I continue the drive?

Guidelines for Older Driver Safety for State & Local Roadways | Raging Aging SymposiumNational(01/10/2022)Nonprofit Organization

The Georgia Department of Public Health's 55+ Driver Safety Program hosted a series of presentations focused on aging road users. Here is the presentation recording of "Guidelines for Older Driver Safety for State & Local Roadways"

Equity In Transportation; How Do We Get There? | Raging Aging SymposiumNational(01/07/2022)Nonprofit Organization

The Georgia Department of Public Health's 55+ Driver Safety Program hosted a series of presentations focused on aging road users. Here is a presentation recording of Equity in Transportation; How Do We Get There?

Conversations About Driving - Plan AheadNational(09/18/2020)Association

AAA gives tips on how to plan for a discussion with a senior family member about quitting driving. 

Dementia and DrivingNational(09/18/2020)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive.

Colorado’s City Arvada on Older DriversColorado(09/18/2020)Association

Colorado’s city Arvada has information on its website regarding older drivers and issues that affect them such as transportation and mobility, disabilities, low vision and aging and Alzheimer disease and related dementia.

Tennessee: Senior Safety ProgramTennessee(09/16/2020)Association

Tennessee’s Traffic Safety website offers information for senior drivers and links to senior driver public transportation throughout the state.

Texas: Capital MetroBlogTexas(09/16/2020)Association

Captial MetroBlog is published by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Austin, Texas.

Texas: Denton County's Transit Blog Hop on BoardTexas(09/16/2020)Association

A transit blog for Denton County, North Texas transportation.

Texas: Department of Public Safety Older Driver InformationTexas(09/16/2020)State Department of Transportation

Texas’s Department of Public Safety has information on its website regarding driver license renewal requirements for residents of the state.

Senior Pedestrian SafetyWashington(09/15/2020)Association

The Pinehurst Seattle website lists several tips for senior pedestrians. 

Safe and Mobile SeniorsFlorida(09/14/2020)Association

The Safe and Mobile Seniors is Florida's comprehensive website for aging residents on how to continue mobility whether it's driving or transitioning to other forms of transportation.

Rides In SightNational(09/14/2020)Association

Rides in Sight provides a national database to search for transportation options available to seniors anywhere in the U.S.

Rhode Island: License RenewalRhode Island(09/14/2020)State Department of Transportation

Rhode Island’s Division of Motor Vehicles website states that residents 75 years of age and older licenses are valid for two years.

Road Safety AuditsNational(09/14/2020)US Department of Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration provides comprehensive information about the value, procedure, and deliverables related to conducting RSAs.

Maryland: The Senior Connection of Montgomery CountyMaryland(01/01/2020)Association

This non-profit organization in Montgomery County, Maryland provides free rides to seniors and persons with disabilities, with service provided by hundreds of volunteers.

Indiana: Older Driver InformationIndiana(03/06/2019)Association

DMV.com covers senior drivers in Indiana by stating that drivers up to age 75 are required to renew their license every 4 years. Drivers ages 75 to 85 can renew their license for a period of 3 years.

Addressing Citizen Requests for Traffic Safety ConcernsMinnesota(12/01/2017)State Department of Transportation

Sponsored by MNDOT, this guidebook supports local agency staff who are engaging with members of the public who have brought forth community traffic safety concerns. 

Washington, DC: WMATA’s Planning BlogDistrict of Columbia(01/17/2017)Nonprofit Organization

The blog for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Importance Of Driving SafetyNational(07/11/2016)Association

U.S. News and World Report recently published an article discussing how people with a history of fainting are twice as likely to cause a car accident

Maryland: Resources Online for Older DriversMaryland(07/06/2016)News

Montgomery County has launched “Explore Older Driver Resources,” a new webpage for older residents and their families. The page includes information about driving safely as well as alternate transportation options. 

Functional Outcomes for Older Adults Injured in a CrashNational(05/01/2016)US Department of Transportation

This report explores the health and quality-of-life impacts of crashes among older (65+) and middle-aged (40-55) occupants.

Colorado: Pitkin County Senior Services Offers Volunteer Driving ProgramColorado(05/01/2016)News

Pitkin County Senior Services gives seniors hope with volunteer driving program.

Public transportation fearNational(01/19/2016)Association

I need to stop driving, but I am afraid to ride public transportation. Would love any thoughts on options. I live in a mid-size city with bus & subway, but both feel too crowded and rushed.

Diminished Motor Skills: ‘Silver Tsunami’ of Elderly Drivers Prompts Tough DecisionsNational(11/23/2015)News

This article discusses the growing aging population and its impact on the roads as more drivers become seniors.

Health Care Provider Mobility Counseling Provision to Older Adults: A Rural/Urban ComparisonNational(06/13/2015)Association

The current study examined rural-urban differences in health care provider (HCP) perceptions, attitudes, and practices related to driving safety/cessation-related anticipatory guidance provision to older adults.

Road Diet Informational GuideNational(11/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

 By converting four-lane roadways to 3 (1 lane in each direction, with a center 2-way turning lane), road diets assist older drivers by making left turns safer, and help older pedestrians by reducing the crossing distance of the road.

International: Cognitive Screening Tools for Predicting Unsafe Driving Behavior Among Senior DriversNational(10/17/2014)Association

As Canada’s elderly continue to represent the fastest-growing population in Canada, there has been an increasing need for effective and efficient screening tools for senior drivers.

Handbook for Designing Roadways for the Aging PopulationNational(06/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

This 3rd Edition of FHWA's popular resource for selecting proven crash countermeasures that protect older adults covers 51 treatment options, including their rationale for inclusion and a guide for selecting projects using the Handbook.

Effect of a Group Intervention to Promote Older Adults’ Adjustment to Driving Cessation on Community Mobility: A Randomized Controlled TrialNational(06/01/2014)Association

The UQDRIVE program, a group education, and support program was developed to meet the needs associated with driving cessation for older adults. The current study investigated the effect of the program on community mobility.

Keeping Delaware Drivers Safe and MobileDelaware(04/16/2014)Nonprofit Organization

This video explores how the Delaware Department of Transportation has successfully improved safety for all road users by focusing on the needs of older drivers. Many of the successful strategies highlighted could be replicated elsewhere.

Uniform Guidelines for State highway Safety Programs National(04/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

In this guideline, there are recommendations regarding specific partner groups like old road users to implement a comprehensive highway safety program. 

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Consensus Statements on Driving for Persons with DementiaNational(02/25/2014)Nonprofit Organization

This paper works as a guide for occupational therapists when addressing driving, mobility and dementia in seniors.

Compendium of Traffic Safety Research Projects (1985-2013)National(01/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

Brief summaries of research on alcohol-involved driving, drug-involved driving, occupant protection (e.g., seat belts, and child safety seats), speed and other unsafe driving behaviors. 

Driving Cessation Hinders Aging Adults Volunteer and Work Lives, Social Lives Okay in Short TermNational(09/17/2013)Association

Science Daily published a press release which states the researchers’ results regarding how seniors’ driving cessation affected their ability to work, volunteer and remain social.

Keeping Elderly Drivers SafeNational(01/05/2013)Association

This report explores mobility and safety issues for older Americans and presents a set of recommendations for implementing a safer transportation system.

Older Pedestrians at Risk – And How States Can Make it Safer and Easier for Older Residents to WalkNational(08/01/2012)Association

New York, New York and Connecticut give statistics on Tri-State Pedestrian Fatalities from 2008-2010 and give information on the most dangerous places and counties for older pedestrians to walk.

Seniors Take Pedestrian Safety Into Their Own HandsNew York(07/25/2012)News

This video is of some East Brooklyn seniors who are fighting to keep their streets safe.

Many Older Floridians Have No Backup Plan After Hanging Up Their KeysFlorida(12/02/2011)Association

Florida is home to one of the highest percentages of residents ages 65 and older in the USA, but very few of them have through ahead to a time when they will no longer be able to drive a vehicle safely. 

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (Supportive Conversations Video) National(08/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (A bump in the road) National(08/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Elderly Drivers Support Competency TestsNational(05/28/2011)Association

Researchers studying driving habits and accident rates among the elderly found that a majority support age-based competency tests.

Colorado: Survey Finds Aging Drivers Support Mandatory Retesting to Get LicenseColorado(05/25/2011)News

The Denver Post published an article on aging drivers and their support for mandatory retesting to renew driver’s licenses. It also states that In Colorado, drivers over the age of 65 must renew their license by mail.

International Older Driver Consensus Conference on Assessment, Remediation and Counseling for Transportation Alternatives: Summary and RecommendationsNational(07/28/2009)Association

In 2003, 63 international experts on older driver issues met to examine three critical issues related to the safe mobility of senior drivers.

NCHRP Vol. 9 Report 500National(04/08/2009)Nonprofit Organization

This report of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program/Transportation Research Board provides a comprehensive guide to reducing crashes involving older drivers, and details effective engineering solutions and relative costs.

Driving Cessation: The Perspective of Senior DriversNational(08/03/2006)Association

An educational intervention to aid older drivers in self‐evaluating driving skills and coping with the driving cessation dilemma is proposed.

Giving Up Driving May Be Express Lane To Long-term CareNational(07/19/2006)Association

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found that elders who stay behind the wheel are less likely to enter nursing homes or assisted living centers than those who have never driven or who have given up driving altogether.

Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older PersonsNational(06/01/2003)Nonprofit Organization

This report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied the walking speed of older pedestrians, and suggested ways to improve signal timing to improve safety while not increasing congestion.

Driving and Alternatives: Older Drivers in MichiganMichigan(01/01/2003)Association

This paper shows the results of a statewide telephone conducted in Michigan of drivers and former drivers ages 65 and older on their transportation mode choices and whether they planned for when they could no longer drive.

A Pocket Guide to Improve Traffic Control and Mobility for Our Older PopulationNational(01/01/2003)US Department of Transportation

This pocket guide helps transportation professionals consider the needs of an aging population and covers three key areas -- intersections/interchanges, curves, and temporary traffic control situations (e.g., workzones).

Massachusetts: Pedestrian Safety Guidelines for Residential Streets in BostonMassachusetts(08/01/2000)State Department of Transportation

The city of Boston published its plan to improve pedestrian safety in residential areas.

Driving Decisions WorkbookNational(01/01/2000)US Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute to assist drivers in understanding age-related changes that can affect your ability to drive safely.

Helping Elders Retire From DrivingNationalAssociation

Today’s Geriatric Medicine published an article on how caregivers, family members, and physicians can help elders retire from driving.

Evaluate Your Driving AbilityNationalAssociation

Use AAA Evaluate Your Driving Ability by using their self-rating tool, professional assessment tool, clinical driving assessment tool, and driving skills evaluations. 

Safer Roads Resource VideoNationalAssociation

Highway officials and traffic engineers are building safer roads for all.

Helping Older Drivers Stay Safe: A Guide for Family & FriendsPennsylvaniaState Department of Transportation

This guide will help you, as a family member or friend, know when and how to get involved in an older person’s decision on whether they should modify their driving routine, or if they should no longer drive.

Washington: Safe driving for seniorsDistrict of ColumbiaAssociation

Washington State Department of Licensing resource for older drivers.

Reading the RoadNationalAssociation

Expert tips on how to read and interpret road signs, signals, markings and more.

How Caregivers Can Keep Elderly Drivers SafeNationalAssociation

WebMD has published a list of things caregivers can do to keep elderly drivers safe.

Wyoming: Guide to Assessment & Counseling of Older DriversWyomingNonprofit Organization

Summary of Wyoming policies and regulations for older driver licensing

NHTSA’s Aging Gracefully Driving Safely AssessmentNationalUS Department of Transportation

NHTSA has created a guide filled with information on how seniors can drive safely. 

Resources for Law Enforcement Professionals: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022NationalAssociation

ChORUS offers a wealth of resources that promote older driver safety. We have curated lists to provide the perfect starting point for exploring resources, materials, and tools specific to you

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Florida: Tampa Bay's Go Hart Public TransportationFloridaAssociation

What's new, what's happening, and what's to come in Tampa Bay public transportation.

Road to Zero: Doubling Down on What Works NationalNonprofit Organization

The Doubling Down on What Works is a working group of the Road to Zero Coalition has created a clearinghouse for resources. 

Illinois: The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District BlogIllinoisAssociation

The Champaign-Urbana, Illinois Mass Transit District blog.

Idaho: Senior Licensing LawsIdahoAssociation

AAA outline’s the state of Idaho’s senior licensing laws including frequent renewals and limited renewal options at 70 and older.

Driving Safety Tips for Senior DriversTexasAssociation

American Safety Council published safety tips for senior drivers and senior license requirements in Texas.

Virginia: Arlington's Transit BlogVirginiaAssociation

A blog for Arlington, Virginia’s transit, ART.

Roadway Safety GuideNationalNonprofit Organization

This community-oriented Guide is published by the Roadway Safety Foundation to help communicate key engineering and road design principles to lay audiences. It is a comprehensive resource and free of charge. 

Indiana: Senior Driver and Mobility ServicesIndianaAssociation

Located in Indiana, Senior Driving was started to provide transportation services to seniors to help them remain independent and safe.

Office of Crash Avoidance Research Technical PublicationsNationalAssociation

NHTSA provides links to crash avoidance research documents.

Volunteer Driver ProgramsNationalAssociation

Grantmakers in Aging has a webpage on the necessity of volunteer driver programs and offers links to online resource libraries

Kentucky: Driver License Information for SeniorsKentuckyAssociation

Caregiverlist.com states that there is no renewal test for seniors in the state of Kentucky. The renewal cycle is every four years and must be done in-person.

Mobility 21 Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaState Department of Transportation

Mobility 21 is a coalition that brings together public, business, and community stakeholders to pursue regional solutions to the transportation challenges facing California counties

Maine: Driving Laws for Seniors and Older DriversMaineAssociation

Drivers are required to renew their licenses every six years in the state of Louisiana, according to AAA.com. They are also required to complete a vision test at every in-person renewal.

Watching Out for Senior WalkersNationalNonprofit Organization

A workshop, created by NHTSA, was held in various cities to educate local transportation engineers, law enforcement officers, elected officials and others on senior pedestrian safety.

Utah: Ride UTAUtahAssociation

A blog for Utah’s Transit Authority.

Spectrum of Driver Services: Right Services for the Right People at the Right Time NationalAssociation

A description consumers and health care providers can use to distinguish the type of services needed for an older adult. 

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Elderly Drivers: When to Take Away the KeysOhioNews

WDTN TV (Dayton) reports on when to take car keys away from elderly drivers and gives tips on ensuring driver safety on the road.

ChORUS Law Enforcement Resource NationalAssociation
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Ohio: Older Driver InformationOhioState Department of Transportation

The “Senior Drivers in Ohio” page on DMV.com explains the license renewal process for senior drivers.