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Driving to IndependenceArizona(07/27/2021)Association

Driving To Independence offers a comprehensive driver evaluation and training program. 

Driving and Aging: The Impact of Physical and Cognitive ChangesNational(01/15/2021)Association

Age-related physical and cognitive impairments can make driving difficult and even dangerous. Learn the importance of driver safety for older adults, including the physical and cognitive variables that impact driving ability. 

AGS NHTSA Safe Driving Summary 2020National(12/17/2020)Association

Under an agreement, NHTSA and AGS developed companion professional and public education products to increase the availability of safe driving resources for both clinicians and older drivers and their caregivers.

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Preguntas para pacientes que son conductores mayoresNational(10/23/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona ejemplos de preguntas que un médico puede hacer a sus pacientes para determinar si tienen dificultades para conducir.

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ChORUS Older Patient QuestionnaireNational(10/23/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides sample questions that a clinician can ask their patients to determine if they are having difficulties driving.

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Herramientas para la autoevaluación y la calificación del cuidadorNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona enlaces a varias herramientas gratuitas disponibles para pacientes mayores, sus familiares y cuidadores para identificar a los conductores mayores en riesgo.

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¿Qué esperar cuando se lo/la deriva a un especialista en rehabilitación de conductores? National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona información sobre el papel de los especialistas en rehabilitación de conductores, cómo realizan las evaluaciones y qué hacer con los resultados de las evaluaciones.

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Self-Assessment and Caregivers’ Rating ToolsNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides links to several free tools available for older patients, their family members, and caregivers to identify at-risk older drivers.

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What to Expect When You Are Referred to a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist?National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides information on the role of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (DRS), how they perform evaluations, and what to do with evaluation results.

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Senior Driving: Be Proactive and Understand Your LimitationsNational(09/15/2020)Association

David Wallace, the Traffic Safety Guy, discusses seniors being proactive in their driving safety and understanding their limitations behind the wheel on this podcast.

South Dakota: Helpful Facts for Aging DriversSouth Dakota(09/15/2020)Association

Helpful resource from SD Dept. of Public Safety regarding older driver licensing, self-assessments, mobility options, and more. 

The Older DriverNational(04/02/2020)Association

Merck Manual’s coverage of the older driver includes very informative details which include the Alzheimer’s Association’s warning signs of unsafe driving (hitting curbs, not keeping within lanes and returning late from a routine drive).

Older Drivers’ Self-Regulation and ExposureNational(04/01/2020)US Department of Transportation

This study's goal was to gain insight into the extent to which older adults appropriately self-regulate their driving behaviors as their functional skills decline. 

Arkansas: Senior DriversArkansas(03/06/2019)Association

DMV.com details the license renewal process for senior drivers in the state of Arkansas.

Simple Maze Test May ID At-Risk Older DriversNational(08/08/2018)US Department of Transportation

Simple Maze Test May ID At-Risk Older Drivers

Screening for Medically At-RIsk DriversNational(03/06/2017)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA offers a YouTube video to help State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLA) screen for medically at-risk drivers

Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers (30 Minute Shift Change)National(01/01/2017)Nonprofit Organization

Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers is an abbreviated version of the two-hour course, “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety”.

Wheelchair to Car TransferNational(08/11/2015)University

This video demonstrates a one-person assist transfer from wheelchair to car for a wheelchair user who can do a mod assist stand-pivot transfer. 

International: Cognitive Screening Tools for Predicting Unsafe Driving Behavior Among Senior DriversNational(10/17/2014)Association

As Canada’s elderly continue to represent the fastest-growing population in Canada, there has been an increasing need for effective and efficient screening tools for senior drivers.

Senior Drivers Aren’t Unsafe DriversNational(07/19/2007)Association

The article follows up with information on a new study that “found that drivers aged 65 and older are only about 16 percent likelier to cause a crash than drivers aged 25 to 64.”

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Assessment of Driving-related Skills Older Driving Screening ToolNational(06/01/2006)Association

The Assessment of Driving-related Skills (ADReS) was created to assist physicians in making decisions regarding their patients’ safe driving ability.

The SIMARD Screening Tool to Identify Unfit Drivers. Are We There Now?National(03/15/2001)Association

Dobbs and Schopflocher published an article in which they introduced a tool to identify people who are unfit to drive because of cognitive impairment.

Kentucky: Driver License Information for SeniorsKentuckyAssociation

Caregiverlist.com states that there is no renewal test for seniors in the state of Kentucky. The renewal cycle is every four years and must be done in-person.

Research for Older Adult Driver Initiative ROADINorth CarolinaUniversity

The overall aim of ROADI is to make motor vehicle driving in North Carolina safe for all drivers and pedestrians. 

Driver Safety for All Ages NationalUS Department of Transportation

Presentation presented by the Georgia Department of Driver Services Medical Review Unit. 

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Ohio: Older Driver InformationOhioState Department of Transportation

The “Senior Drivers in Ohio” page on DMV.com explains the license renewal process for senior drivers. 

ChORUS Medical Professionals ResourceNationalAssociation
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Pennsylvania: Just Drive PA's Older Driver InformationPennsylvaniaAssociation

The website also provides a list of older driver safety tips which includes having a regular eye exam, avoiding stressful driving situations and travelling in bad weather, if possible. 

Practitioner toolkit: The Role of OT in Driving rehabNationalAssociation

Occupational therapy Practitioners are experts in addressing essential and everyday activities of daily living. by choosing a specialize in driving rehabilitation, you are helping individuals remain mobile and independent 

ADED: Recommendations for State Driver License AgenciesNationalAssociation

Among the many duties of state driver licensing agencies, protecting the public is a top priority. State licensing agencies work with medical advisory boards to determine if an individual is safe to drive.