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Driving In Unpredictable Weather National(04/13/2021)News

April Showers Bring May Flowers, but the change in season can also bring unpredictable weather and extra challenges when driving a car. 

You and Your Heart: What You ControlNational(02/12/2021)Association

A few key decisions can give your heart that extra attention and lower your odds of a heart attack or stroke. 

Heart Attack and Stroke SymptomsNational(02/12/2021)Association

Don’t wait to get help if you experience any of these heart attack or stroke symptoms. 

Planifi cación del transporte para con ductores mayores National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Lo guía a través de los pasos para desarrollar su plan de transporte.

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ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning ToolNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

The ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool guides you through the steps of developing your transportation plan. Starting early allows you to map out your needs, identify and explore your options for alternate transportation modes in your area, and plan for continuing a full and active life whether you are driving or not. Be sure to talk with your doctor to understand how changes in your medical conditions and/or medications might impact driving. Also, family members, friends, and caregivers can help you think about how to best meet all your transportation needs.

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Some Medications and Driving Don’t MixNational(09/15/2020)Association

The FDA reports on its website that medications and their side effects could be harmful while driving. 

Vehicle Technology Preferences Among Mature DriversNational(03/16/2020)Association

The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab surveyed drivers age 50 and older about vehicle safety technologies, car buying and driving behavior, and self-driving cars.

Older Drivers at High Crash Risk are ‘Most Distractible’National(04/02/2019)News

Older drivers rated at high crash risk on a computerized vision test are more likely to have driving problems related to distractions in the car.

IACP Alzheimer's Initiative Program Webinar: 3 Stages of Alzheimer'sNational(03/30/2017)Association

IACP video on the 3 stages of Alzheimer’s Disease that Law Enforcement might observe during a traffic stop. 

Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers (30 Minute Shift Change)National(01/01/2017)Nonprofit Organization

Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers is an abbreviated version of the two-hour course, “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety”.

Development of a curriculum and roadside screening tool for Law enforcement identification of medical impairment in aging driversNational(12/03/2016)Association

Additional information showing how the DOSCI tool was developed and tested as a roadside screening tool can be found at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. 

Senior Health: Seniors Need to Consider When to Give Up DrivingNational(09/10/2016)News

Do you worry about your driving? Is your family “pestering” you about your driving? Broaching the subject of driving with an older person is usually a difficult task. In our society, driving is associated with independence and freedom.

Steering to SafetyNational(08/28/2016)Association

Home Instead Senior Care recently launched an online program that provides tips to make the conversation with an older adult about their driving ability a little easier.

Driving Simulator Training Is Associated with Reduced Inhibitory Workload in Older DriversNational(07/04/2016)Association

In demanding cognitive tasks, older people mostly experience more problems than younger people, and their brain workload is higher. 

Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairmentsNational(07/01/2016)Nonprofit Organization

The objective of this study was to evaluate how UFOV impairments affect time-to-contact estimates in elderly drivers deciding when to make a left turn across oncoming traffic.


Michigan Law Enforcement Aging Driver Roll Call VideoMichigan(06/13/2016)State Department of Transportation

This video provides law enforcement professionals with tips to help identify potential cognitive impairment and actions to take when there is a concern.


The Older Driver with Cognitive Impairment: Perceptions of Driving Ability and Results of a Behind the Wheel TestNational(02/04/2016)Association

Older adult drivers with cognitive impairment pose a potential safety risk to themselves and others. 

Assessing Elderly Drivers: Ability Means More Than AgeNational(04/08/2015)Association

Edmunds.com gives information on its website on how to determine a senior’s driving ability.

Senior Drivers—and All Other Drivers—9 Tips for Summer DrivingNational(07/15/2014)Association

Julie Lee, Vice President and National Director of AARP Driver Safety, discusses nine important summer driving tips on this podcast.

Consensus Statements on Driving for Persons with DementiaNational(02/25/2014)Nonprofit Organization

This paper works as a guide for occupational therapists when addressing driving, mobility and dementia in seniors.

Compendium of Traffic Safety Research Projects (1985-2013)National(01/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

Brief summaries of research on alcohol-involved driving, drug-involved driving, occupant protection (e.g., seat belts, and child safety seats), speed and other unsafe driving behaviors. 

Standardized Road Test Results Differ from Older Adults’ Natural DrivingNational(12/05/2012)News

Studies have shown that our driving abilities decline with age, and for those with cognitive issues such as dementia, it can be even worse.

Road Test and Naturalistic Driving Performance in Healthy and Cognitively Impaired Older Adults: Does Environment Matter?National(10/30/2012)Association

To relate the standardized road test to video recordings of naturalistic driving in older adults with a range of cognitive impairment.

Identifying and Remediating Failures of Selective Attention in Older DriversNational(02/02/2012)Association

Older drivers are primarily overinvolved in crashes at intersections, and failure to attend to regions that contain relevant information about potential hazards is a major contributor to this problem.

Colorado: Survey Finds Aging Drivers Support Mandatory Retesting to Get LicenseColorado(05/25/2011)News

The Denver Post published an article on aging drivers and their support for mandatory retesting to renew driver’s licenses. It also states that In Colorado, drivers over the age of 65 must renew their license by mail.

Seniors Have Trouble Walking And Talking At The Same TimeNational(03/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

NPR reported the findings of researchers from the University of Illinois who found that “individuals over 59 face an increased risk of injury when crossing busy complicated streets while multitasking.”

Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older DriversAlabama, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, National(11/04/2010)University

This study was done to test cognitive training and motor vehicle collision in senior drivers.

Senior Drivers Less Likely Than Youngest Drivers To Cause Accidents, Study FindsNational(07/23/2007)Association

Drivers 65 and older are just 1/3 as likely as drivers 15 to 24 to cause auto accidents, and not much more likely than drivers 25 to 64 to cause accidents. 

Personal Vehicle TransportationNational(07/01/2007)Association

This chapter covers older drivers’ transportation needs and driving patterns.

Usefulness of Off-Road Screening Tests to Licensing Authorities When Assessing Older Driver Fitness to DriveNational(06/11/2007)Nonprofit Organization

This paper identifies two off-road screening tests that have been assessed in their usefulness in a senior driver licensing context.

Usefulness of Off-Road Screening Tests to Licensing Authorities When Assessing Older Driver Fitness to DriveNational(06/11/2007)Nonprofit Organization

This paper identifies two off-road screening tests that have been assessed in their usefulness in a senior driver licensing context.

Transportation in an Aging SocietyNational(04/01/2007)Association

This Transportation Research Board of the National Academies document covers mobility of the elderly: Good News and Bad News, safety of older persons in traffic, adaptive strategies of older drivers.

Illinois: Impact from Changes in IL Drivers License Renewal Requirements for Older DriversIllinois(01/01/1998)Association

This report shows the impact in Illinois when the driver's license renewal length shortened from 4 to 2 years for those ages 81-86 and 1 year for those ages 87 and up.

Cognitive-Motor Abilities of the Elderly DriverNational(02/01/1992)Association

This article reviews information the effects of old age on motor abilities as it relates to driving behavior.

Maine: Driving Laws for Seniors and Older DriversMaineAssociation

Drivers are required to renew their licenses every six years in the state of Louisiana, according to AAA.com. They are also required to complete a vision test at every in-person renewal.

The Role Of Driver Rehabilitation In Determining Fitness To Drive: Recommendations for State Driver License Agencies NationalAssociation

This document provides guidance to SDLA's regarding the role of driver rehabilitation specialists in providing evidence, via comprehensive evaluations, to support fitness-to-drive decisions for medically at-risk drivers.

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The program, DriveSharp, provides engaging brain-training exercises that can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

When Should I Stop Driving?NationalAssociation

Most of us will have to ask this question someday. If driving were only about getting from point A to point B, it might be an easy one to answer, but driving provides convenience, security, and personal freedom.

Driving Safety Tips for Senior DriversTexasAssociation

American Safety Council published safety tips for senior drivers and senior license requirements in Texas.

Older Drivers and Cataract: Driving Habits and Crash RiskNationalAssociation

This article discusses the impact of cataract, a vision impairment, on senior drivers.

How’s My Driving?MichiganState Department of Transportation

Simple tips for maintaining driving skills provided by the state of Michigan.

Idaho: Senior Licensing LawsIdahoAssociation

AAA outline’s the state of Idaho’s senior licensing laws including frequent renewals and limited renewal options at 70 and older.

Plan For The Road AheadNationalAssociation