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Older Driver Safety Webinar Rural road safetyNational(12/09/2022)Association

Webinar: Rural-Specific Challenges and Rural Safety Equity

Resources for State Driver Licensing Agencies: Older Driver Safety Awareness WeekNational(10/26/2022)Association

ChORUS offers a wealth of resources that promote older driver safety. We have curated lists to provide the perfect starting point for exploring resources, materials, and tools specific to you

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Traffic Safety Facts Older Population - 2020National(07/12/2022)US Department of Transportation

For the purpose of this fact sheet, the term "older" in relation to population, drivers, occupants, and nonoccupants- refers to people 65 and older. 

Summer Safety Tips Infographic created by ChORUSNational(06/22/2022)Association

This is an infographic of summer safety tips created by ChORUS with information from NHTSA. 

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Driver’s License Renewal Laws for Older DriversNational(04/20/2022)Association

Driver's license renewal time including seniors will be viewed as an individual, not as part of a group. this is the time to ask yourself the tough question: Should I continue the drive?

Travel Patterns of American Adults with DisabilitiesNational(01/03/2022)US Department of Transportation

This report uses data from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey to examine the daily travel patterns of American adults with travel-limiting disabilities and data from 2001-2009 to look at trends over time.

New Resources to Keep Older Drivers SafeOhio(12/06/2021)Nonprofit Organization

The Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Department of Aging, and AAA are reminding Ohio Drivers to stay fit to drive by following a few basic safety tips. 

Sample Press Release- Target Audience: State Driver Licensing AgencyNational(11/18/2021)Association
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Sample Press Release-Target Audience: Medical ProfessionalsNational(11/18/2021)Association
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Sample Press Release- Target Audience: Law EnforcementNational(11/18/2021)Association
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Sample Press Release- Target Audience: Older Drivers/GeneralNational(11/18/2021)Association
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Transport and Mobility Needs for an Ageing Society from a Policy Perspective: Review and ImplicationsNational(11/18/2021)Association

This document discusses the challenges countries face in adapting their health and social systems to meet the mobility needs of the aging population. 

Maintaining Mobility Independence in Florida 2020Florida(11/02/2021)Association

Webinar provided virtually as part of Older Driver Safety Awareness week 2020.

Countermeasures That Work – Older Drivers [Traffic Tech]National(11/01/2021)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA has published its 10th edition of Countermeasures that Work, a basic reference to assist State Highway Safety Offices and other highway safety professionals in selecting effective countermeasures for traffic safety.

State Drivers Licensing Agency Resources for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week National(10/29/2021)Association
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ARU Full Participant Manual National(10/01/2021)Association

This course is designed so that those involved in aging road user safety can gain the skills and knowledge to manage a successful and sustainable aging road user safety program. 

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Older Adult Population and Neighborhood Walkability by Metropolitan Area Size and Degree of Urban SprawlNational(09/29/2021)Association

The results of the modeling procedure suggest a positive association between the population of older adults in 2015–2019 and neighborhood walkability.

Driving to IndependenceArizona(07/27/2021)Association

Driving To Independence offers a comprehensive driver evaluation and training program. 

ChORUS Summertime Reading List BlogNational(07/12/2021)US Department of Transportation

Summer 2021 blog of ChORUS resources to help drivers stay safe over the summer. 

Older Driver Physical Fitness [Traffic Tech]National(05/01/2021)US Department of Transportation

This Traffic Tech Briefly summarizes two larger NHTSA reports about studies to explore the relationships between older adults' physical fitness, as measured by functional ability and activity levels, and their driving performance.

Traffic Safety Facts Older PopulationNational(05/01/2021)US Department of Transportation
Driving In Unpredictable Weather National(04/13/2021)News

April Showers Bring May Flowers, but the change in season can also bring unpredictable weather and extra challenges when driving a car. 

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving National(04/06/2021)News

There are aspects in everyday life that can cause distractions while driving. This blog goes over ways to avoid distractions while you are in your vehicle. 

What Is Your Role In Talking About Older Road User SafetyNational(03/23/2021)News

Health care providers can be vital in helping older road users recognize when it might be time to change their driving habits, seek a driving assessment to identify adaptations to their car and driving, or planning for the future. 

Timing is Key When Planning Your Driving RetirementNational(03/17/2021)Association

Retiring from driving shouldn't mean sacrificing mobility! Thoughtful planning with caregivers makes all the difference and ensures your ability to stay independent when driving is no longer an option. 

Keeping Your Mobility With CarFitNational(02/11/2021)News

Carfit is an educational program that provides information explaining a range of vehicle safety features and offers guidance on how to adjust those features to optimize the benefit of individual body size and stature.

Stand Pivot Car TransferNational(02/04/2021)Association

Getting in and out of the car can be challenging, especially during the winter months with cold and icy conditions. This video identifies safe practices for survivors and caregivers alike to ensure this transfer is safe. 

Transportation Planning with FamilyNational(02/02/2021)News

It's important to remember you don't have to plan your transportation retirement alone. 

How to Use Rideshare AppsNational(02/01/2021)News

Learn to use a rideshare app to help cut down on your driving. 

Starting the Conversation—Your Loved Ones DrivingNational(02/01/2021)News

As a loved one to an older driver, you have an important task ahead. Start a conversation about safe driving with your older loved one. 

Planning Your Driving and Transportation Plan into the New Year 2021National(01/01/2021)News

Do you know what your driving transportation plan looks like yet? Let ChORUS help you decide. 

Give The Gift of SafetyNational(12/29/2020)News

Changing one's driving habits can be difficult, but you as a loved one of an older driver, can have a major impact on their safety on the road. 

Maintaining mobility and preventing disability are key to living independently as we ageNational(11/30/2020)Nonprofit Organization

As we age, we may experience changes in our mobility. there are many reasons for these changes including changes to gait (how we walk) balance, and physical strength. NIA researchers are testing ways to prevent or reverse loss of mobility.

ChORUS Transportation Budgeting ToolNational(10/16/2020)US Department of Transportation

The ChORUS Transportation Budgeting Tool allows you to compare you monthly current transportation costs with estimated monthly alternate transportation costs if you were to give up your car. The tool is designed to help you plan for your future transportation needs.

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ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning ToolNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

The ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool guides you through the steps of developing your transportation plan. 

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Recursos para conductores mayores de ChORUS National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona una lista de recursos generales para usuarios mayores de la carreter

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ChORUS Older Driver ResourcesNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides a list of general resources for older road users.

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ChORUS Sample Event Evaluation FormNational(10/02/2020)US Department of Transportation

Sample evaluation form for events related to older driver safety. 

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Conversations About Driving - Plan AheadNational(09/18/2020)Association

AAA gives tips on how to plan for a discussion with a senior family member about quitting driving. 

Colorado’s City Arvada on Older DriversColorado(09/18/2020)Association

Colorado’s city Arvada has information on its website regarding older drivers and issues that affect them such as transportation and mobility, disabilities, low vision and aging and Alzheimer disease and related dementia.

Dementia and DrivingNational(09/18/2020)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive.

Compendium of Law Enforcement Older Driver ProgramsNational(09/18/2020)US Department of Transportation

This link is a resource guide with information gathered from numerous interviews with professionals and older drivers requested from National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

District of Columbia: Senior Driver Information for DCDistrict of Columbia(09/18/2020)State Department of Transportation

DC’s Department of Motor Vehicles has a page on its website specifically for seniors with information regarding licensing.

Senior Driving SafetyNational(09/15/2020)Nonprofit Organization

GracefulAging.com has several videos about senior driver safety on its website. Topics of the videos range from ensuring that your car fits you to dealing with driving and dementia.

Professional Assessments Can Help Senior DriversNational(09/11/2020)Association

Learn more about driving skill evaluation includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers' training.

Disability Impacts All of UsNational(09/02/2020)Nonprofit Organization

The CDC created an infographic for how disability impacts all our lives as we age. 

NHTSA’s New SaferCar AppNational(08/29/2020)US Department of Transportation

Our new SaferCar app allows you to save your vehicles, car seats, equipment, or tires in a virtual garage on your smartphone. If a recall is issued, you’ll get an alert.

Aggressive Driving Fact Sheet Texas(07/01/2020)State Department of Transportation

Aggressive driving is an unsafe behavior performed purposely with ill intent or disregard for safety that puts other drivers or property at risk. This Texas handout helps go over what to look out for. 

Vehicle Technology Preferences Among Mature DriversNational(03/16/2020)Association

The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab surveyed drivers age 50 and older about vehicle safety technologies, car buying and driving behavior, and self-driving cars.

Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle SafetyNational(01/13/2020)Association

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides information on problems, risks, preventions and resources that senior drivers have while on the road.

Gap Exists Between Seniors’ Opinion of Driving Ability and PerformanceNational(05/29/2019)Association

The majority of older adults rate themselves as excellent drivers though one in four had a wreck in the previous five years.

How to Find Your State DOTNational(04/29/2019)US Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration lists all state transportation websites. Click here to find your state's Department of Transportation.

Federal Highway Administration Research Library and List of Online PublicationsNational(03/29/2019)US Department of Transportation

This page on the Federal Highway Administration’s website has many links to research reports and publications published by the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in McLean, Virginia.

Arkansas: Senior DriversArkansas(03/06/2019)Association

DMV.com details the license renewal process for senior drivers in the state of Arkansas.

Older Driver Compliance with License RestrictionsNational(04/01/2018)US Department of Transportation

To safely extend licensure for older drivers with marginal impairments, State Driver licensing agencies may impose behavioral restrictions in lieu of suspension to preserve mobility. 

Challenges for Older Drivers in Urban, Suburban, and Rural SettingsNational(03/22/2018)Association

Along with age-related factors, geographical settings-urban, suburban, and rural areas- also contribute to the difference in fatal crashes among older drivers. 

Could CarFit Be a Good Fit For You?National(03/19/2018)Association

Carfit is a free educational program developed in collaboration with AAA, AARP, and the American Occupational Therapy Association that promotes safe driving and mobility among older drivers. 

Before You Give Up the Keys: Create a Roadmap for Transportation IndependenceNational(01/22/2018)Association

This booklet provides action steps and resources for those making the decision about whether to continue driving.

Art of Aging: Senior DriversPennsylvania(08/25/2016)News

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that older drivers are among the safest. But eventually, we all retire from the road. 

Nearly 80 Percent of Drivers Express Significant Anger, Aggression or Road RageNational(07/14/2016)News

A significant number of U.S drivers reported engaging in angry and aggressive behaviors over the past year. Nearly 2 in 3 drivers believe that aggressive driving is a bigger problem today than three years ago. 

GEM: New Driving Mobility Video Aims to Boost Safety for Older DriversNational(07/06/2016)Association

The video follows a senior driver through the initial consultation and pre-drive assessment and out onto the road, where he drives a pre-arranged route covering various road types.

Driving Simulator Training Is Associated with Reduced Inhibitory Workload in Older DriversNational(07/04/2016)Association

In demanding cognitive tasks, older people mostly experience more problems than younger people, and their brain workload is higher. 

Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairmentsNational(07/01/2016)Nonprofit Organization

The objective of this study was to evaluate how UFOV impairments affect time-to-contact estimates in elderly drivers deciding when to make a left turn across oncoming traffic.


The 2016 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference & ExpoNational(04/10/2016)Association

The 2016 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference & Expo was in Chicago from April 7 to April 10, 2016. 

Critical Older Driver Errors in a National Sample of Serious U.S. CrashesNational(07/01/2015)Association

A study was done to determine which senior driver errors caused the most prevalent serious crashes.

Hanging Up the Keys with DignityNational(06/28/2015)News

Matt Gurwell, CEO and Founder of Keeping Us Safe, and Nancy Schuster, Director of Strategic Alliances with Keeping Us Safe, discuss older driver self-assessments and when it’s time to discuss hanging up the keys with older loved ones.

Does Attention Capacity Moderate the Effect of Driver Distraction in Older Drivers?National(04/01/2015)Association

With age, a decline in attention capacity may occur and this may impact driving performance especially while distracted. 

How to Drive With Physical Disability National(03/04/2015)Association

A physical disability may affect the function of a person's body, but it should never affect person independence. Driving is a skill that promotes freedom and can be adapted so almost anyone with a physical disability can be mobile. 

Development of Safe-driving-system Features for Elderly DriversNational(07/04/2014)Association

This paper is a result of research done on existing vehicle systems that are in place promote safe driving.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for Older Drivers in the United StatesNational(06/27/2014)Association

This study describes various options for driving rehabilitation programs offered in the United States.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for Older Drivers in the United StatesNational(06/27/2014)Association

This study describes various options for driving rehabilitation programs offered in the United States.

Delaware: Keeping Delaware Drivers Safe and MobileDelaware(04/16/2014)Association

This video from the Roadway Safety Foundation promotes the Delaware Department of Transportation's efforts to improve safety for all motorists in the state by implementing design features known to benefit older drivers and pedestrians.

Effect of Passenger Presence on Older Drivers’ Risk of Fatal Crash InvolvementNational(03/28/2014)Association

To determine the association between passenger presence and risk of fatal crash involvement in relation to driver and passenger age and gender, focusing especially on drivers ages 65 and older.

Consensus Statements on Driving for Persons with DementiaNational(02/25/2014)Nonprofit Organization

This paper works as a guide for occupational therapists when addressing driving, mobility and dementia in seniors.

Compendium of Traffic Safety Research Projects (1985-2013)National(01/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

Brief summaries of research on alcohol-involved driving, drug-involved driving, occupant protection (e.g., seat belts, and child safety seats), speed and other unsafe driving behaviors. 

Drivers Education for Older Drivers Remains for 2 Years, Researcher FindsNational(04/26/2013)Association

In seeming contrast to the notion that the elderly often have memory problems, a new study finds driver retraining to be an effective strategy for improving the safe-driving habits of older drivers over the long term.

Family Conversations about Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia & DrivingNational(03/01/2013)Association

The Hartford website is a partner with AARP and gives tips on how family members can start conversations with older drivers regarding their health and ability to continue driving.

Identifying and Remediating Failures of Selective Attention in Older DriversNational(02/02/2012)Association

Older drivers are primarily overinvolved in crashes at intersections, and failure to attend to regions that contain relevant information about potential hazards is a major contributor to this problem.

Conversations About Senior DrivingNational(01/11/2012)Association

Liberty Mutual created a video to discuss seniors driving and having conversations about the topic.

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (Supportive Conversations Video) National(08/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (A bump in the road) National(08/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Driving Errors Increase with Age Among Older Drivers: Blind-spot Errors Most Common MistakeNational(06/22/2011)Association

Even healthy adults with a safe driving record tend to make more driving errors as they age, including potentially dangerous mistakes, such as failing to check blind spots, according to a new study.

Driving Simulators Help Older Adults Improve Their Road SkillsNational(01/14/2011)Association

Older drivers could benefit from training programs that put them behind the wheel -- in a driving simulator, with an observer who helps them develop their skills, according to a new article.

Senior Driving Program – CarFitNational(12/02/2009)Association

Bold City Media speaks with a CarFit representative who explains the company’s senior driving program and finding a vehicle best suited for the driver.

Crash Risk of Older Drivers After Attending a Mature Driver Education ProgramNational(11/01/2007)Association

This study was done to determine if crash rates would lessen after post-license education in senior drivers.

The Case For and Against Mandatory Age-based Assessment of Older DriversNational(09/01/2006)Association

The study shows both sides, for and against, age-based assessment in senior drivers.

Determining Older Driver Crash Responsibility from Police and Insurance DataNational(08/08/2005)Association

This study aims to determine the extent to which older drivers can be considered responsible for their crashes.

Impact of an Educational Program on the Safety of High-risk Older DriversNational(04/01/2004)Association

This study was done to determine if an individualized educational program to enhance driver safety skills would reduce the crash rate risk in senior drivers.

Evaluating the Impact of Passengers on the Safety of Older DriversKentucky(01/01/2003)Association

Overall, the presence of two or more passengers was found to negatively impact the probability that drivers 75 years of age or older were at fault in crashes.

Driving Decisions WorkbookNational(01/01/2000)US Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute to assist drivers in understanding age-related changes that can affect your ability to drive safely.

Cognitive-Motor Abilities of the Elderly DriverNational(02/01/1992)Association

This article reviews information the effects of old age on motor abilities as it relates to driving behavior.

When to Put the Brakes on Driving: Autonomy vs SafetyNationalAssociation

Erie County has a higher concentration of older adults than both New York states and the US as a whole. With that in mind, Erie.gov gives general information and statistics to its residents on issues that older drivers face.

Driving in Winter WeatherNationalUS Department of Transportation

Helpful driving tips for older road users about how to prepare for driving in the winter months. Whether it's snow, sleet, or ice, winter weather can cause extremely dangerous road conditions. 

Aggressive DrivingDistrict of ColumbiaState Department of Transportation

You are well advised to keep you cool in traffic- research from the NHTSA and AAA's foundation show that aggressive driving accounts for 1/3 and half of all traffic fatalities.

Beyond ODSAW 2022NationalAssociation

Use our Beyond ODSAW handout to plan how to support and promote older driver safety in your campaigns. 

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Auto Driver Safety AARPNationalAssociation

This is a collection of auto safety resources for older drivers collected by AARP. 

Winter Weather Health and Safety TipsWisconsinState Department of Transportation

Winter in Wisconsin can be fun and exciting, but sometimes the conditions can become dangerous. Being prepared ahead of a storm will help you get through it safely. 

Aging and Driving: A Comparison of Driving Performance Between Older and Younger Drivers in an On-Road Driving TestNationalAssociation

The main purpose of this study was to explore if there were any differences in a group of young drivers ( 36,) and a group of elderly drivers 72) on driving performance and driving skills on a number of driving tasks. 

Florida: Grand Driver websiteFloridaState Department of Transportation

This website focuses on Florida’s senior drivers and indicates that aging requires some changes in terms of driving safely.

AARP Driver Safety Quick Learnings NationalNonprofit Organization

Whether you'll be behind the wheel or just enjoying the ride be prepared for the road ahead with AARP Driver Safety's free educational resources on the vehicle, driving, and alternative transportation. 

The Effects of Aging on Driving PosterNationalAssociation

ChORUS developed posters that you can use in any location

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Traffic Safety Marketing- NHTSANationalUS Department of Transportation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration communication resource for states, partner organizations, and highway safety professionals.


Driving Safety for Older AdultsNationalAssociation

Over 80 percent of older adults have a driver’s license. Older adults who drive a car have freedom and independence. They feel more in control and satisfied with their lives.


Wisconsin: Department of Transportation Senior Driver InformationWisconsinState Department of Transportation

The page includes links regarding special driving circumstances, senior drivers, law enforcement and medical professionals.

Aging (Older) DriversWisconsinState Department of Transportation

Wisconsin has compiled a list of resources for older drivers to help them and their loved ones assess driving safety. 

Older Driver SafetyOhioState Department of Transportation

To prevent crashes, Ohio has state and local programs and resources that can help older adopt strategies to stay safe on the road, as well as find alternatives to driving if they can no longer do so safely.

Veterans Transportation Program (VTP)NationalState Department of Transportation

VA’s Veterans Transportation Program (VTP) offers Veterans many travel solutions to and from their VA health care facilities. This program offers these services at little or no costs to eligible Veterans.

North Dakota: Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older DriversNorth DakotaAssociation

Summary of information for physicians and others pertaining to older driver licensing regulations in North Dakota.


The program, DriveSharp, provides engaging brain-training exercises that can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

At-Risk Driver Population and ProgramsNationalAssociation

This is a site to address at-risk driving from a vareity of audiences. 

Aging and the ADANationalNonprofit Organization

As people get older many starts to develop problems with hearing, seeing, or getting around. Others experience chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or memory loss. 

Rural V.S Urban infographic- 2022NationalNonprofit Organization
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Poster Then Vs NowNationalAssociation

Use the ChORUS Then Vs Now poster to promote older driver safety. This poster can be placed in waiting rooms, office spaces, social media, and lobby areas. 

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Florida: Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Safety and Mobility ResourcesFloridaAssociation

This statewide coalition is led by the Florida Department of Transportation in partnership with the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy at Florida State University. 

Carfit Online WorkshopNationalNonprofit Organization

Learn how to get the best fit in your vehicle and how it may help you stay safer on the road with the full-length CarFit online Workshop 

Plan for the Road Ahead Senior Driving PosterNationalAssociation

ChORUS developed posters that you can use in any location

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Older Drivers Safety OHIOOhioState Department of Transportation

To prevent these crashes, Ohio has state and local programs and resources that can help older adopt strategies to stay safe on the road, as well as find alternatives to driving if they can no longer do so safety.

Tip Sheet: Becoming A Non-Driver? Find Alternate Transportation OptionsNationalAssociation

The HealthinAging.org tip sheet for older drivers. 

Older Driver Safety Program NationalAssociation

Governor's Office of Highway Safety in Georgia's overarching goal for this safety program is to maintain mobility and safety of older drivers while making the roadways safe for all road users. 

Veterans Transportation Service (VTS)NationalState Department of Transportation

Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) is working to establish Mobility Managers at each local VA facility to help Veterans meet their transportation needs.

North Dakota: Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older DriversNorth DakotaAssociation

Summary of information for physicians and others pertaining to older driver licensing regulations in North Dakota.

Governor's Traffic Safety CommitteeNew YorkState Department of Transportation

The New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) coordinates traffic safety activities in the state and shares useful, timely information about traffic safety and the state's highway safety grant program.

ChORUS General HandoutNationalAssociation

General handout provides information about who ChORUS is and how to utilize the site

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Older than 65 infographic- 2022NationalAssociation
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ChORUS Older Americans Month Twitter Chat Discussion Prompts NationalAssociation

Please join us to share resources and strategies to improve transportation options and road safety for Americans as they age unbound.  We will be using the following questions to guide our discussion.

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Evergreen Campaign MaterialNationalUS Department of Transportation

To learn more about how to recognize and discuss changes in older drivers. You may want to share some of the materials at the following site with family members.

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Seat BeltsNationalNonprofit Organization

Find out how to wear your seat belt fo the safest fit to lower your risk of injury. 

Older Driver NationalUS Department of Transportation

If you are an older driver or a caregiver, NHTSA encourages you to talk about driving safety. They offer materials to help you understand the effects of aging and driving. 

The Roadway Safety GuideNationalAssociation

This comprehensive, community-oriented manual introduces readers to roadway safety in a readable, non-technical fashion. 

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT)WashingtonNonprofit Organization

S.A.L.T. stands for Seniors And Law Enforcement Together. It is a cooperative effort of the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Grandparents & Safety Car Seat SafetyNationalUS Department of Transportation

Today, Many grandparents are their grandchildren's caretakers and may be responsible for correctly installing and using car seats. 

Older drivers: 7 tips for driver safetyNationalAssociation

Driving can sometimes be challenging for older adults. Follow these safety tips for older drivers,  from taking good care of yourself to planning ahead and updating your skills.

The Role Of Driver Rehabilitation In Determining Fitness To Drive: Recommendations for State Driver License Agencies NationalAssociation

This document provides guidance to SDLA's regarding the role of driver rehabilitation specialists in providing evidence, via comprehensive evaluations, to support fitness-to-drive decisions for medically at-risk drivers.

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3 out of 4 Crashes Involve An Older Driver - 2022NationalAssociation
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Social Media messaging for Older Americans Month 2023 NationalAssociation

Use ChORUS Older Americans Month Social media messaging to your posts to help spread awareness of older driver safety. 

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The Road To Zero Coalition NationalNonprofit Organization

The Road to Zero Coalitinon, managed by the NSC, released a comprehensive report laying out strategies to end roadway deaths in the U.S by 2050

Carfit Virtual Workshops & Focus SessionsNationalNonprofit Organization

This workshop can help improve your fit in your personal vehicle. How getting the proper fit in your vehicle may increase your safety and the safety of others on the road. It is a FREE, 90-minute workshop. 

Driver Safety for All Ages NationalUS Department of Transportation

Presentation presented by the Georgia Department of Driver Services Medical Review Unit. 

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Older Road User Program ManagementNationalUS Department of Transportation

Lean the skills necessary to manage a successful and sustainable older road user safety program. Individuals involved with older road user safety have specific needs that are often not met in other courses. 

African- American Seat Belt Safety ToolkitNationalUS Department of Transportation

NHTSA is raising awareness about the dangers associated with not wearing a seat belt and convincing these unbelted occupants to buckle up. 

Driving Evaluations by an Occupational TherapistNationalAssociation

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website has information about occupational therapists and their ability to conduct office/clinic evaluations behind of the wheel of a car.

Older Driver Safety Infographic NationalAssociation
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Finding Transportation Services for SeniorsVirginiaAssociation

As we age, health conditions may impact driving and we must find other methods for getting to and from our daily activities. Using alternative transportation options in your community can help you stay active and independent. 

Virginia: Mature Driver SafetyVirginiaState Department of Transportation

Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ website gives information regarding safe driving courses and GrandDriver for mature drivers in the state. 

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Sample Social Media for Older DriversNationalAssociation

This is the social media for Older Drivers for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022. 

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Driving Safety for Older Road UsersNationalAssociation

This website provides an interactive driving safety questionnaire, safety tips for older drivers, and vehicle safety tips. 

Law EnforcementNorth CarolinaNonprofit Organization

Law enforcement officers play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of older drivers. Ncseniordriver.org/ provides resources on how law enforcement can better understand how to interact with older drivers in their community. 

Alternative Transportation for SeniorsNationalAssociation

 Here is a look at senior drivers, key services available to seniors who no longer drive, what to know about them and how to get rides for seniors.

The Basics of Bioptics and Bioptic DrivingNationalAssociation

Presenters will provide an overview of bioptic lens systems, basic requirements for bioptic driver readiness, misconceptions of bioptic driving, state legislation and advocacy initiatives and more.

What Risks Do Older Drivers Pose to Traffic Safety?NationalAssociation

RAND Corporation’s website details the risks of older drivers and traffic safety. Information regarding relative risk, driving frequency and fragility are all covered topics,including a compparison of older driver risk to younger drivers.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Sample Social Media for Medical ProfessionalsNationalAssociation

This is the social media for medical professionals for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022. 

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Identifying Changes That Can Affect DrivingNationalAssociation

19-minute podcast with Elin Schold Davis, program manager of AOTA’s Older Driver Initiative, and Rhonda Shah, program manager in the Traffic Safety Advocacy Division of AAA, about identifying changes in aging that can affect driving.

Distracted Driving Laws in Each StateNationalAssociation

Statewide laws related to distracted driving across the country 

Older Driver Safety ProgramGeorgiaState Department of Transportation

The program utilizes a public health approach to develop collaborative relationships and processes to determine appropriate education, environmental, policy interventions for health and safety professionals, as well as the public

North Carolina Community ResourcesNorth CarolinaNonprofit Organization

These pages offer information on resources available on a community level throughout North Carolina.

Elderly Drivers: When to Take Away the KeysOhioNews

WDTN TV (Dayton) reports on when to take car keys away from elderly drivers and gives tips on ensuring driver safety on the road.

I'M A DRIVER- ADANationalAssociation

Your local ADA dealer is a strong advocate for people with disabilities who want to get back on the road. They believe you are entitled to the independence and higher quality of life that an accessible vehicle can provide. 

Press Release Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022 SDLANationalAssociation

Use these sample press releases in newsletters, publications, or community outreach to encourage participation in recognizing and promoting older driver safety.

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What Should You Keep in the Car?NationalAssociation

Every vehicle should have an emergency supply kit in the trunk. Learn what goes into the Emergency Supply Kit with a list from National Safety Council. 

Safe Mobility for Older Adults NationalAssociation

As we age, changes may impact our ability to drive safely. ChORUS resources can help you be a safer driver and plan for the road ahead.

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Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Sample Social Media for Law EnforcementNationalAssociation

This is the social media professionals for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022. 

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Distracted Driving Laws in Each StateNationalAssociation

Statewide laws related to distracted driving across the country 

Spectrum of Driver Services: Right Services for the Right People at the Right Time NationalAssociation

A description consumers and health care providers can use to distinguish the type of services needed for an older adult. 

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NC licensing policies and practicesNorth CarolinaNonprofit Organization

Licensing policies and practices in the state of NC

NHTSA’s Aging Gracefully Driving Safely AssessmentNationalUS Department of Transportation

NHTSA has created a guide filled with information on how seniors can drive safely. 

Senior Driver SafetyFloridaAssociation

Our mission is to make it easy for you to complete your Florida DMV needs online.

Press Release Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022 Medical ProfessionalNationalAssociation

Use these sample press releases in newsletters, publications, or community outreach to encourage participation in recognizing and promoting older driver safety.

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Older Driver Safety Questions and AnswersNationalAssociation

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers to help when responding to questions from older adults, their family members, and caregivers.  Each question has resources that can be found by using the QR code.

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Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Sample Social Media for State Driver Licensing AgencyNationalAssociation

This is the social media for state driver licensing agency for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022. 

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Defensive Driving for Mature DriversNationalAssociation

As we age, it is important to realize that mental reaction, situational awareness, vision, and motor controls may not be as sharp as they once were. Driving in traffic or work zones, through weather or even night becomes more challenging

Mobility 21 Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaState Department of Transportation

Mobility 21 is a coalition that brings together public, business, and community stakeholders to pursue regional solutions to the transportation challenges facing California counties

Hand Controls for Cars, Trucks, SUVs and VansNationalAssociation

MobilityWorks offers a wide selection of adaptive equipment for the most ever type of vehicle to regain independence and to be in control of your own transportation. 

Press Release Older Driver Safety Awareness General 2022 NationalAssociation

Use these sample press releases in newsletters, publications, or community outreach to encourage participation in recognizing and promoting older driver safety.

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Transportation Coordination: A Lifeline for Rural Older AdultsNationalAssociation

TACL includes learning modules, case studies, webinars, how-to’s and many other resources to help organizations work together to establish and manage coordinated transportation programs.

GrandDriver – Older Driver Safety and MobilityMarylandAssociation

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators' website has a page dedicated to the “GrandDriver,” a pilot program that provides information on aging and driving.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Sample Social Media for Family Members and CaregiversNationalAssociation

This is social media for family members and caregivers for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022. 

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Issues Related to Older DriversNationalAssociation

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists’ website shows that seniors have lower fatal crash rates, but are at a higher risk for fatalities because of their age.

Headlight UseNationalNonprofit Organization

Headlight instruction on when you should turn your headlights on for all 50 states

Motor Vehicle Safety Defects And RecallsNationalUS Department of Transportation

The purpose of this booklet is to answer the most commonly asked questions about how and why recall campaigns are initiated and to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities when a vehicle or equipment is recalled. 

mature Driver Improvement CoursesNationalState Department of Transportation

There are ten organizations that offers the PennDOT- approved Basic and Refresher Mature Driving Improvement courses. 

Federal Highway AdministrationNationalUS Department of Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) website provides information on core highway topics such as safety, research, development and technology, and innovative program delivery.

Senior Navigator- Older Driver SafetyVirginiaNonprofit Organization

A list of programs from all across Virginia to help your loved one drive safer, for longer. 

Press Release Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2022 Law EnforcementNationalAssociation

Use these sample press releases in newsletters, publications, or community outreach to encourage participation in recognizing and promoting older driver safety.

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Common Courtesy NationalAssociation

Getting those in need where they need to go. We make it easier for those with transportation needs to use local ridesharing services.

Aggressive DrivingNationalAssociation

Aggressive driving is extremely common among U.S drivers. According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's 2019 data, nearly 805 drivers expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage behind the wheel. 

Senior Center PresentationNationalAssociation

ChORUS developed a presentation slide deck that you can use to present to older adults to promote older driver safety in your community. 

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Drivewell ToolkitNationalUS Department of Transportation

The American Society on Aging (ASA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have developed a driver safety toolkit for people working directly with older adult. 


PedBikeInfo center is supported by Federal Highwasy Administrations and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration providing information and resources around Ped and Bike Safety. 

Driving in Bad Weather Fact SheetTexasState Department of Transportation

TDI Safety @ Work Division of Workers Compensation created a Fact sheet for drivers on how to drive in bad weather. The fact sheet goes over how to drive in rain, fog and winter weather. 

Older Drivers at WorkNationalNonprofit Organization

While such changes are normal, they also put older drivers at a greater risk of dying if they are in a motor vehicle crash. Employers and workers share the responsibility for keeping older drivers safe at work.

Kansas Retire your keys PostersKansasState Department of Transportation

A poster along with the other two attachments that were developed by Kansas Department of Transportation. 

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Research for Older Adult Driver Initiative ROADINorth CarolinaUniversity

The overall aim of ROADI is to make motor vehicle driving in North Carolina safe for all drivers and pedestrians. 

Prevent Illegal School Bus Passing Awareness CampaignNationalUS Department of Transportation

Nearly every day, million of children across the United state line up to ride the bus. The school bus is one of the safest modes of transportation, but illegal school bus passing poses a threat to children. 

MedTrans goNationalAssociation

MedTrans Go is a B2B technology platform that provides medical practices,hospitals, and facilities with reliable services in medical transportation, interpretation, home healthcare, delivery and more