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Introduction to the Clinician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers National(05/19/2022)Association

AOTA created a presentation about the themes of the Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers. 

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Georgia Traffic Safety Facts: Traffic Safety During the COVID-19 Public Health EmergencyGeorgia(02/01/2022)Association

The purpose of this issue brief is to explore roadway travel and changes in drivers' behavior in Georgia during the first two years of the COVID-19 public health emergency response.

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Raging Aging Symposium series, 2021 (session recordings)National(01/14/2022)Association

A pop-up symposium supported by a grant from the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Guidelines for Older Driver Safety for State & Local Roadways | Raging Aging SymposiumNational(01/10/2022)Nonprofit Organization

The Georgia Department of Public Health's 55+ Driver Safety Program hosted a series of presentations focused on aging road users. Here is the presentation recording of "Guidelines for Older Driver Safety for State & Local Roadways"

Equity In Transportation; How Do We Get There? | Raging Aging SymposiumNational(01/07/2022)Nonprofit Organization

The Georgia Department of Public Health's 55+ Driver Safety Program hosted a series of presentations focused on aging road users. Here is a presentation recording of Equity in Transportation; How Do We Get There?

Balancing the Physical & Cognitive Changes that Impact Safe Driving & Mobility | RASGeorgia(01/05/2022)Nonprofit Organization

The Georgia Department of Public health's 55+ Driver Safety Program hosted a brief series of presentations focused on aging road users. Here is the presentation of Balancing the Physical & Cognitive Change that Impact Driving. 

Travel Patterns of American Adults with DisabilitiesNational(01/03/2022)US Department of Transportation

This report uses data from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey to examine the daily travel patterns of American adults with travel-limiting disabilities and data from 2001-2009 to look at trends over time.

Research Update: Driver Rehabilitation Utilization, Factors Influencing Participation in Driver Training, and Driving InterventionsNational(12/01/2021)Association

AOTA Members can sign in and read Research Update: Driver Rehabilitation Utilization, Factors Influencing Participation in Driver Training, and Driving Interventions

3 out of 4 fatalities InfographicNational(11/18/2021)Association
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Sample Press Release-Target Audience: Medical ProfessionalsNational(11/18/2021)Association
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Rural vs. Urban InfographicNational(11/08/2021)Association
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54 Million people in the US are aged 65+ Infographic 2019National(11/08/2021)Association
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Crashes associated with aging signs Infographic National(11/08/2021)Association
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Fatal Older Car Crashes increase with age infographicNational(11/08/2021)Association
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Older Driver Safety Awareness Week InfographicNational(10/29/2021)Association
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Older Driver Safety Awareness Week PosterNational(10/29/2021)Association
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SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGING- Target Audience: Medical ProfessionalsNational(10/29/2021)Association
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Medical Professionals Resources for Older Driver Safety Awareness WeekNational(10/29/2021)Association
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Older Driver Safety Awareness Month Lobby SlidesNational(10/25/2021)Association
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Beyond Older Driver Safety Awareness WeekNational(10/25/2021)Association
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ARU Full Participant Manual National(10/01/2021)Association

This course is designed so that those involved in aging road user safety can gain the skills and knowledge to manage a successful and sustainable aging road user safety program. 

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Older Adults and Perceptions in Self-Driving, Ride-Hailing ServicesNational(07/26/2021)Nonprofit Organization

This research is of interest to older adults, their families, and those who provide health and social services because older adults outlive their decision to stop driving by about 10 years. 

ChORUS Summertime Reading List BlogNational(07/12/2021)US Department of Transportation

Summer 2021 blog of ChORUS resources to help drivers stay safe over the summer. 

Traffic Safety Facts Older PopulationNational(05/01/2021)US Department of Transportation
Pedestrians- Traffic Safety Fact SheetNational(05/01/2021)US Department of Transportation

This fact sheet defines a pedestrian as any person on foot, walking, running, jogging, hiking, sitting, or lying down who is involved in a motor vehicle traffic crash. 

What Is Your Role In Talking About Older Road User SafetyNational(03/23/2021)News

Health care providers can be vital in helping older road users recognize when it might be time to change their driving habits, seek a driving assessment to identify adaptations to their car and driving, or planning for the future. 

Pioneering Women in Road SafetyNational(03/16/2021)News

Women’s role in the automotive industry is often overlooked by figures such as Henry Ford or Walter P. Chrysler. But many features in our cars that we enjoy today were invented by women.

Heart Attack and Stroke SymptomsNational(02/12/2021)Association

Don’t wait to get help if you experience any of these heart attack or stroke symptoms. 

Keeping Your Mobility With CarFitNational(02/11/2021)News

Carfit is an educational program that provides information explaining a range of vehicle safety features and offers guidance on how to adjust those features to optimize the benefit of individual body size and stature.

Stand Pivot Car TransferNational(02/04/2021)Association

Getting in and out of the car can be challenging, especially during the winter months with cold and icy conditions. This video identifies safe practices for survivors and caregivers alike to ensure this transfer is safe. 

Identifying Policy Approaches to Extending the Safe Mobility of Older AdultsNational(01/01/2021)US Department of Transportation

Research that examines effective policies and practices in driver licensing of older and medically at-risk drivers. 

Give The Gift of SafetyNational(12/29/2020)News

Changing one's driving habits can be difficult, but you as a loved one of an older driver, can have a major impact on their safety on the road. 

AGS NHTSA Safe Driving Summary 2020National(12/17/2020)Association

Under an agreement, NHTSA and AGS developed companion professional and public education products to increase the availability of safe driving resources for both clinicians and older drivers and their caregivers.

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Maintaining mobility and preventing disability are key to living independently as we ageNational(11/30/2020)Nonprofit Organization

As we age, we may experience changes in our mobility. there are many reasons for these changes including changes to gait (how we walk) balance, and physical strength. NIA researchers are testing ways to prevent or reverse loss of mobility.

Preguntas para pacientes que son conductores mayoresNational(10/23/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona ejemplos de preguntas que un médico puede hacer a sus pacientes para determinar si tienen dificultades para conducir.

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ChORUS Older Patient QuestionnaireNational(10/23/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides sample questions that a clinician can ask their patients to determine if they are having difficulties driving.

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Can You Drive After A Stroke? Safety Considerations and Rehab TechniquesNational(10/16/2020)Association

Driving after a stroke is a complex issue because everyone has different secondary effects of stroke. Learn what signed to look for when determining if you can drive again after stroke. 

¿Qué esperar cuando se lo/la deriva a un especialista en rehabilitación de conductores? National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona información sobre el papel de los especialistas en rehabilitación de conductores, cómo realizan las evaluaciones y qué hacer con los resultados de las evaluaciones.

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Self-Assessment and Caregivers’ Rating ToolsNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides links to several free tools available for older patients, their family members, and caregivers to identify at-risk older drivers.

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What to Expect When You Are Referred to a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist?National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Provides information on the role of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (DRS), how they perform evaluations, and what to do with evaluation results.

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Planifi cación del transporte para con ductores mayores National(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Lo guía a través de los pasos para desarrollar su plan de transporte.

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ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning ToolNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

The ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool guides you through the steps of developing your transportation plan. Starting early allows you to map out your needs, identify and explore your options for alternate transportation modes in your area, and plan for continuing a full and active life whether you are driving or not. Be sure to talk with your doctor to understand how changes in your medical conditions and/or medications might impact driving. Also, family members, friends, and caregivers can help you think about how to best meet all your transportation needs.

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Herramientas para la autoevaluación y la calificación del cuidadorNational(10/09/2020)US Department of Transportation

Proporciona enlaces a varias herramientas gratuitas disponibles para pacientes mayores, sus familiares y cuidadores para identificar a los conductores mayores en riesgo.

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5 alternative transportation options for seniors who are no longer drivingNational(10/06/2020)Association

Giving up driving can be an emotionally fraught time, but there are many options that can give relatives peace of mind while providing rides. Here are 5 driving alternative for seniors from most to least expensive. 

Dementia and DrivingNational(09/18/2020)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive.

Some Medications and Driving Don’t MixNational(09/15/2020)Association

The FDA reports on its website that medications and their side effects could be harmful while driving. 

Roadwise RxNational(09/14/2020)Association

The AAA Foundation's Roadwise Rx is a powerful tool for quickly checking the side effects and/or interactions of one or multiple prescription or OTC drugs.

Driving with Sleep ApneaNational(06/13/2020)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA gives tips on driving with sleep apnea. Pulling over when feeling drowsy and talking to a healthcare provider about treatment options are among suggested things to do about sleep apnea.

Driving with Vision DisordersNational(06/13/2020)US Department of Transportation

This video produced by NHTSA talks about the three vision disorders that can greatly impact a senior’s ability to drive safely: cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

The older DriverNational(05/01/2020)Association

Many factors can diminish the driving performance of older adults. Age-related changes in reaction time and visual, cognitive, and/ or muscle disorders that become more common with age.  

How will older adults use automated vehicles? Assessing the role of AVs in overcoming perceived mobility barriersNational(03/01/2020)Association

This study explores the mobility needs of older adults. Access to automated vehicles increases flexibility Travelling together with friends is an important factor for AV adoption. AV ambassadors can influence how groups intend to use

Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle SafetyNational(01/13/2020)Association

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides information on problems, risks, preventions and resources that senior drivers have while on the road.

North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Program North Carolina(01/05/2020)University

North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program created a comprehensive website related to senior driver information. This site features 3 different sections with information: Drivers, Caregivers, Professionals.

Clinician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers, 4th EditionNational(12/31/2019)Association

The Clinician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers is published by the American Geriatrics Society for healthcare providers. 

How to Find Your State DOTNational(04/29/2019)US Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration lists all state transportation websites. Click here to find your state's Department of Transportation.

Older Drivers at High Crash Risk are ‘Most Distractible’National(04/02/2019)News

Older drivers rated at high crash risk on a computerized vision test are more likely to have driving problems related to distractions in the car.

Arkansas: Senior DriversArkansas(03/06/2019)Association

DMV.com details the license renewal process for senior drivers in the state of Arkansas.

Ohio’s Multidisciplinary Approach to Improving Safety for Aging CitizensOhio(03/01/2018)Association

This article from the ITE Journal discusses how the Ohio Department of Transportation has collaborated with occupational therapists to develop a comprehensive approach to older driver safety.

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Taxonomy and Terms for Stakeholders in Senior MobilityNational(11/03/2017)Association

 The document will help those who encounter older adults with limited mobility, and will help them with communicating potential solutions to preserve and extend safe, independent transportation options for older persons.

Traffic Tech: Technology Transfer Series National(04/01/2017)US Department of Transportation

As the driving population continues to age, medical conditions and associated impairments affecting driving abilities will become more prevalent, and State driver licensing agencies are likely to see driver medical reviews. 

Driver Medical Review Practices Across the United StatesDistrict of Columbia(04/01/2017)US Department of Transportation

There were 38.4 million licensed older drivers in 2014—a 31% increase from 10 years earlier (2005).

Medical Review Practices For Driver Licensing  Volume 3District of Columbia(04/01/2017)US Department of Transportation

This volume updates the information presented in 2003 (Summary of Medical Advisory Board Practices in the United States). 

Medical Review Practices For Driver Licensing Volume 1District of Columbia(10/01/2016)US Department of Transportation

A Case Study of Guidelines and Processes in Seven U.S. States. 

Driving When You Have Macular DegenerationNational(08/15/2016)US Department of Transportation

Macular degeneration affects vision and therefore can have a huge impact on one’s ability to drive. First, an eye doctor should tell his patient if they are able to drive once they’ve been diagnosed. 

Senior drivers taking opioid painkillers have higher crash riskNational(08/12/2016)Association

Senior drivers who’d been using opioid painkillers regularly for several months also had higher odds of getting into accidents, study shows. 

Driving Simulator Training Is Associated with Reduced Inhibitory Workload in Older DriversNational(07/04/2016)Association

In demanding cognitive tasks, older people mostly experience more problems than younger people, and their brain workload is higher. 

Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairmentsNational(07/01/2016)Nonprofit Organization

The objective of this study was to evaluate how UFOV impairments affect time-to-contact estimates in elderly drivers deciding when to make a left turn across oncoming traffic.


Can You Lengthen Your Life?National(06/01/2016)Nonprofit Organization

Researchers Explore  How To Stay Healthy Longer. 

Functional Changes and Driving Performance in Older Drivers: Assessment and InterventionsNational(05/20/2016)Association

With the increasing aging of the population, the number of older drivers is rising. Driving is a significant factor for the quality of life and independence concerning social and working life.

Should Older People and Those with Dementia Have Their Licenses Revoked?National(05/12/2016)Association

Evidence has found the revocation of a driver's licence and subsequent loss of independence have severe negative affects on older people. But are they putting other road users in danger if they continue to drive?

Functional Outcomes for Older Adults Injured in a CrashNational(05/01/2016)US Department of Transportation

This report explores the health and quality-of-life impacts of crashes among older (65+) and middle-aged (40-55) occupants.

Senior drivers who take sleeping pills at higher risk for crashesNational(02/29/2016)Association

Senior drivers who take sleeping pills are at higher risk for vehicle crashes.

Infographic: 3 Tips to Stop a Person with Dementia From Driving When Reasoning Didn’t WorkNational(01/19/2016)Association

The Alzheimer’s blog posted an infographic (via www.alz.org) with 3 tips on how to stop a person with dementia from driving when reasoning with them hasn’t worked.

Wheelchair to Car TransferNational(08/11/2015)University

This video demonstrates a one-person assist transfer from wheelchair to car for a wheelchair user who can do a mod assist stand-pivot transfer. 

Critical Older Driver Errors in a National Sample of Serious U.S. CrashesNational(07/01/2015)Association

A study was done to determine which senior driver errors caused the most prevalent serious crashes.

Health Care Provider Mobility Counseling Provision to Older Adults: A Rural/Urban ComparisonNational(06/13/2015)Association

The current study examined rural-urban differences in health care provider (HCP) perceptions, attitudes, and practices related to driving safety/cessation-related anticipatory guidance provision to older adults.

Driving and Dementia: A Review of the LiteratureNational(12/01/2014)Association

This article reviews literature on seniors with dementia and their ability to drive.

International: Cognitive Screening Tools for Predicting Unsafe Driving Behavior Among Senior DriversNational(10/17/2014)Association

As Canada’s elderly continue to represent the fastest-growing population in Canada, there has been an increasing need for effective and efficient screening tools for senior drivers.

Yellow Lights Pose Particular Peril for Older DriversNational(10/14/2014)Association

A team of research studied various age groups and the timing of yellow lights to see its impact on safety at intersections.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for Older Drivers in the United StatesNational(06/27/2014)Association

This study describes various options for driving rehabilitation programs offered in the United States.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for Older Drivers in the United StatesNational(06/27/2014)Association

This study describes various options for driving rehabilitation programs offered in the United States.

Effect of a Group Intervention to Promote Older Adults’ Adjustment to Driving Cessation on Community Mobility: A Randomized Controlled TrialNational(06/01/2014)Association

The UQDRIVE program, a group education, and support program was developed to meet the needs associated with driving cessation for older adults. The current study investigated the effect of the program on community mobility.

Seniors’ and Physicians’ Attitudes Toward Using Driving Simulators in Clinical SettingsNational(04/22/2014)Association

This paper weighs whether potential clients and physicians would use driving simulators in order to assess a driver’s safety knowledge behind the wheel.

The Gaps and Pathways Project for Medically-at-Risk Older DriversNational(04/22/2014)Nonprofit Organization

This brief paper describes the contents of the special issue and offers links to the specific content developed by AOTA/NHSTA that can be accessed free from the AOTA Older Drivers website.

Disease-, Age-related Effects of HIV May Impact Driving Abilities of Middle-aged and Older AdultsAlabama(04/02/2014)University

Nearly half of people living with HIV experience cognitive deficits that may impact instrumental activities of daily living, including driving, according research.

Alzheimer’s Society Podcast April 2014 - Dementia and DrivingNational(04/01/2014)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s Society produced a podcast to discuss the affects of dementia on a senior’s ability to drive.

Staying healthy in your car: Coping with illness and ageNational(03/09/2014)University

 How do illnesses and age affect motor vehicle safety, and how can a man keep driving in good health?

Consensus Statements on Driving for Persons with DementiaNational(02/25/2014)Nonprofit Organization

This paper works as a guide for occupational therapists when addressing driving, mobility and dementia in seniors.

Fit for the Road: Older Drivers’ Crash Rates Continue to DropNational(02/20/2014)Association

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that older drivers were less likely to be involved in car crashes than prior generations and that they’re also less likely to be killed or injured in a car accident.

Compendium of Traffic Safety Research Projects (1985-2013)National(01/01/2014)US Department of Transportation

Brief summaries of research on alcohol-involved driving, drug-involved driving, occupant protection (e.g., seat belts, and child safety seats), speed and other unsafe driving behaviors. 

Driving Tips for SeniorsNational(01/01/2014)Association

AAA produced a video with reminders and tips for senior drivers. Tips include following speed limits and sticking to familiar roads when driving at night.

How to Understand and Influence an Older DriverNational(07/01/2013)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA offers an e-booklet on how to understand and the influence of older drivers on its website.

Driving with Parkinson’s DiseaseNational(06/20/2013)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s video on driving with Parkinson’s disease discusses how the illness affects body movements and can cause body tremors which both could affect driving safely. 

Driving Rehabilitation ServicesNational(06/20/2013)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA covers driving rehabilitation services in this video. Seniors can speak with a driving rehabilitation specialist to help determine if driving is still a safe option.

Driving After a StrokeNational(06/20/2013)US Department of Transportation

This NHTSA video shows how driving after a stroke can be difficult because of limited mobility issues, possible vision problems and slower thinking.

Driving with Alzheimer’s DiseaseNational(06/20/2013)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s video on driving with Alzheimer’s disease and other serious forms of dementia shows how difficult it is to drive safely when a senior is affected by one of these illnesses. 

Driving with DiabetesNational(06/20/2013)US Department of Transportation

This video created by NHTSA shows how driving with diabetes can increasingly become more difficult and impossible to continue.

Seniors Driving: When Should Your Parents’ Keys Be Taken Away?National(05/18/2013)News

Huffington Post shares a video clips from “The Drs” discussing senior driving and knowing when parents’ keys should be taken away. 

Drivers Education for Older Drivers Remains for 2 Years, Researcher FindsNational(04/26/2013)Association

In seeming contrast to the notion that the elderly often have memory problems, a new study finds driver retraining to be an effective strategy for improving the safe-driving habits of older drivers over the long term.

When Should Elderly Drivers Hang Up the Car Keys?National(11/18/2012)Association

Kiplinger gives information on how to approach a senior family member regarding their driving ability and safety behind the wheel.

Identifying and Remediating Failures of Selective Attention in Older DriversNational(02/02/2012)Association

Older drivers are primarily overinvolved in crashes at intersections, and failure to attend to regions that contain relevant information about potential hazards is a major contributor to this problem.

Has the Time Come for an Older Driver Vehicle?National(02/02/2012)Association

This paper questions if it’s time for vehicles to be designed to suit the needs of an older population.

Turning Over the Keys: Medical Fitness and Aging DriversDistrict of Columbia(08/24/2011)Association

This AAA report was presented at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Annual (AAMVA) International Conference in 2011.

Helping Eye Care Providers Better Assess Driving in Older AdultsNational(08/23/2011)Association

Drivers over age 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the driving population, and their eye care providers are playing an increasingly important role in assessing their ability to drive safely.

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (Supportive Conversations Video) National(08/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (A bump in the road) National(08/16/2011)Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Elderly Drivers Support Competency TestsNational(05/28/2011)Association

Researchers studying driving habits and accident rates among the elderly found that a majority support age-based competency tests.

Driving Simulators Help Older Adults Improve Their Road SkillsNational(01/14/2011)Association

Older drivers could benefit from training programs that put them behind the wheel -- in a driving simulator, with an observer who helps them develop their skills, according to a new article.

Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older DriversAlabama(11/04/2010)University

This study was done to test cognitive training and motor vehicle collision in senior drivers.

Residual Effects of Hypnotic Drugs in Aging DriversNational(12/31/2009)Association

Research was conducted to measure the effect of hypnotic drugs on driving performance in aging drivers.

Driver Fitness Medical GuidelinesNational(09/01/2009)US Department of Transportation

The National Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a driver fitness medical guideline booklet on its website. 

Driving Transitions Education (Tools, Scripts, And Practices)National(06/01/2009)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA's publication "Driving Transitions Education (Tools, Scripts, And Practices)"

Do Older Drivers At-Risk for Crashes Modify Their Driving Over Time?National(02/04/2009)Association

Restricted driving was present at baseline for the at-risk group and was observed in longitudinal trajectories that controlled for baseline differences.

Evaluation of Two Assessment Tools in Predicting Driving Ability of Senior DriversNational(03/01/2007)Association

To evaluate Motor Free Visual Perceptual Test (MVPT) and Clock Drawing Task (clock test) as quick assessment tools in predicting driving capability of senior drivers for an on-road driving test.

Driving Cessation: The Perspective of Senior DriversNational(08/03/2006)Association

An educational intervention to aid older drivers in self‐evaluating driving skills and coping with the driving cessation dilemma is proposed.

Giving Up Driving May Be Express Lane To Long-term CareNational(07/19/2006)Association

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found that elders who stay behind the wheel are less likely to enter nursing homes or assisted living centers than those who have never driven or who have given up driving altogether.

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Assessment of Driving-related Skills Older Driving Screening ToolNational(06/01/2006)Association

The Assessment of Driving-related Skills (ADReS) was created to assist physicians in making decisions regarding their patients’ safe driving ability.

Older Adult Drivers with Cognitive ImpairmentNational(03/15/2006)Association

This article is about the likelihood of family physicians becoming more involved in driving retirement discussions with patients affected by cognitive impairment.

The Older Driver with Dementia: An Updated Literature ReviewNational(12/31/2005)Nonprofit Organization

This paper addresses the issue and limits of senior drivers with dementia.

Straight Talk for Mature Drivers – Good Vision…Vital to Good DrivingNational(12/31/2005)Nonprofit Organization

AAA’s discusses how good vision is vital for seniors and safe driving in this online brochure. Vision can be affected in many ways due to aging.

Impact of an Educational Program on the Safety of High-risk Older DriversNational(04/01/2004)Association

This study was done to determine if an individualized educational program to enhance driver safety skills would reduce the crash rate risk in senior drivers.

The SIMARD Screening Tool to Identify Unfit Drivers. Are We There Now?National(03/15/2001)Association

Dobbs and Schopflocher published an article in which they introduced a tool to identify people who are unfit to drive because of cognitive impairment.

Effectiveness of Pretensioners And Load Limiters for Enhancing Fatality Reduction By Seat BeltsNational(11/01/2000)US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report Documentation on the effectiveness of pretensioners and load limiters for enhancing fatality reduction by seat belts.

Driving Cessation and Changes in Mileage Driven Among Elderly IndividualsNational(09/01/1998)Association

This is a study of driving cessation among seniors and the changes in mileage driven among the elderly.

Psychoactive Medications and Injurious Motor Vehicle Collisions Involving Older DriversNational(11/01/1994)Association

Older drivers have the second highest risk for motor vehicle collisions of any age group, after adolescents. Psychoactive medications may place older drivers at increased risk for injurious motor vehicle collisions.

Cognitive-Motor Abilities of the Elderly DriverNational(02/01/1992)Association

This article reviews information the effects of old age on motor abilities as it relates to driving behavior.

Vision, Aging, and Driving: The Problems of Older DriversNational(01/01/1992)Association

This research was done on adults ages 22-92 years old in regard to their visual difficulties when driving and performing everyday tasks

Visual Requirements for Safety and Mobility of Older DriversNational(10/01/1991)Nonprofit Organization

This paper was done to assess visual deterioration with aging and how to deal with issues in visual functions and driving.

Cardiovascular Disease, Aging and Traffic AccidentsCalifornia(08/01/1967)State Department of Transportation

Mean individual traffic accident and violation rates were compared for 267 “healthy” drivers and 82 senile persons. 

Vision Screening of Older Drivers for Preventing Road Traffic Injuries and FatalitiesNationalAssociation

To assess the effects of vision screening interventions for older drivers to prevent road traffic injuries and fatalities.

How to Use these Resources to Strengthen Professional and Community PartnershipsNationalAssociation
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Maine: Driving Laws for Seniors and Older DriversMaineAssociation

Drivers are required to renew their licenses every six years in the state of Louisiana, according to AAA.com. They are also required to complete a vision test at every in-person renewal.

How to Talk With Senior About their Unsafe Driving NationalNonprofit Organization

Talking to seniors about their driving abilities can be a difficult conversation to have. For many people, driving represents independence, so giving that freedom can be very difficult to accept. 

TSI Register LinkNationalUS Department of Transportation

While the courses are free, you will need to register to sign up and then select the training from the NHTSA training topics.

ADED: Recommendations for State Driver License AgenciesNationalAssociation

Among the many duties of state driver licensing agencies, protecting the public is a top priority. State licensing agencies work with medical advisory boards to determine if an individual is safe to drive. 

Medical Professionals Resources for Older Americans MonthNationalAssociation
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Geriatrics Care OnlineNationalAssociation

Free registration to Geriatric Care Online. 

Driving Safely After 60NationalAssociation

The American Optometric Association gives tips on driving safely after 60 on its website. 

Walking: Tips on How to Use Transportation Options in FloridaFloridaAssociation

Walking is a popular physical activity for all ages that can also serve as a useful transportation option to help maintain mobility and independence. 

Are Your Medicines Increasing you Risk of a Fall or a Car Crash NationalNonprofit Organization

Use this fact sheet to identify medicines that can put you at risk with potential side effects that can affect your driving, and questions to ask your doctors.

Hand Controls for Cars, Trucks, SUVs and VansNationalAssociation

MobilityWorks offers a wide selection of adaptive equipment for the most ever type of vehicle to regain independence and to be in control of your own transportation. 

North Dakota: Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older DriversNorth DakotaAssociation

Summary of information for physicians and others pertaining to older driver licensing regulations in North Dakota.

Pedestrian Bicycle Safety Resources for Older Americans Month NationalAssociation
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Driving and Traveling After a Heart AttackNationalNonprofit Organization

Getting back behind the wheel after a heart attack can be just another step in your recovery, but it's important that you're both ready and prepared. 

Reporting an Unsafe DriverArizonaState Department of Transportation

Arizona DOT has posted reporting unsafe driver requirements for law enforcement and physicians and others on how you can report an Unsafe driver in your area. 

Older Adults Perceptions of Self- Driving Ride Hailing Services PDFNationalNonprofit Organization

This research is of interest to older adults, their families, and those who provide health and social services because older adults outlive their decision to stop driving by about 10 years. 

Research for Older Adult Driver Initiative ROADINorth CarolinaUniversity

The overall aim of ROADI is to make motor vehicle driving in North Carolina safe for all drivers and pedestrians. 

North Dakota: Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older DriversNorth DakotaAssociation

Summary of information for physicians and others pertaining to older driver licensing regulations in North Dakota.

Resources for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week NationalAssociation
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Data Visualization Tool Fatality Analysis Reporting SystemNationalUS Department of Transportation

National Center of Statistical Analysis presents data on vulnerable road users involved in fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes. This visualization is modeled after the information provided in the Traffic Safety fact sheet. 

Driving concerns among older adults: Associations with driving skill, behaviors, and experiencesNationalNonprofit Organization

The purpose of this investigation was to determine what older adults find most concerning about driving as they age and how these concerns are related to driving skills, behaviors, and experiences. 

Practitioner toolkit: The Role of OT in Driving rehabNationalAssociation

Occupational therapy Practitioners are experts in addressing essential and everyday activities of daily living. by choosing a specialize in driving rehabilitation, you are helping individuals remain mobile and independent 

Aging and the ADANationalNonprofit Organization

As people get older many starts to develop problems with hearing, seeing, or getting around. Others experience chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or memory loss. 

Lobby Slide oneNationalAssociation

Slide one of Lobby Slides Plan for the Road Ahead

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Occupational Therapy ToolkitNationalAssociation

The Occupational Therapy e handouts are organized by 85 treatment guides and are based on current research and best practice.

How’s My Driving?MichiganState Department of Transportation

Simple tips for maintaining driving skills provided by the state of Michigan.

Driver Medical review Process in StatesNationalAssociation

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has a database showing each state's Driver Licensing Policies and Practices affecting order and Medically- At-Risk drivers. 

Fitness- to- Drive ScreeningNationalUniversity

The FTDS is a web-based tool for caregivers, and or family members of older drivers and clinicians to identify at-risk older drivers. 

Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers OverviewNationalState Department of Transportation

This includes selection and highlights from the Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Road Users. 

ChORUS General HandoutNationalAssociation

General handout about who ChORUS is and how to utilize the site

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Driving Safety for Older Road UsersNationalAssociation

This website provides an interactive driving safety questionnaire, safety tips for older drivers, and vehicle safety tips. 

Spectrum of Driver Services: Right Services for the Right People at the Right Time NationalAssociation

A description consumers and health care providers can use to distinguish the type of services needed for an older adult. 

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Lobby Slide twoNationalAssociation

Lobby Slide 2: Safe mobility is the key to keeping an active lifestyle. 

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Clinician’s Guide for Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers (Version 4) Cooperative Agreement between AGS and NHTSANationalAssociation

The Clinician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers, 4th Edition, is published by the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) as a service to healthcare providers involved in the care of older adults, which is free to register. 

Some Medicines and Driving Don’t MixNationalAssociation

You can go over this article to see how prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications affect patients driving ability. 

Driving and PD (Parkinson's Disease)NationalUniversity

The page includes links regarding self-assessments of driving ability, how Parkinson’s disease affects driving ability, how MD’s assess a person’s ability to drive and more.

Tips and resources for safe older drivers NationalAssociation

Many older adults can drive safely well into their 80s or even beyond. It is important that older driver and the people who care for them evaluate their need to keep them safe while they are on the road. 

Emergency Medicine and Trauma Specialist's Quick Guide for Assessing and Counseling Older DriversNationalAssociation

This quick guide is the product of a cooperative agreement between the American Geriatrics Society and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was developed in collaboration with the EAST. 

People with Disabilities and Access to Health CareNationalNonprofit Organization

1 in 4 adults in the United States, or 61 million people, have at least one of these disabilities: hearing, vision, cognition, mobility, self-care, and independent living. Anyone can have a disability at any point in their life. 

Older Drivers- Injury FactsNationalAssociation

These are fatality trends based on mortality data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Lobby Slide threeNationalAssociation

Lobby Slide three: Whether planning for a road trip or running a quick errand make sure you are safe on the road. 

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Older Driver Screening and EvaluationsNationalAssociation

This link is to a 24-minute podcast disccusion focuses on the value of occupational therapy on older driver rehabilitation, safety and mobility.

ADED Fact SheetNationalAssociation

Introducing ADED: the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists works with drivers of all ages and abilities for independent transportation and explores alternative transportation solutions. 

Find a Driving Rehabilitation ProviderNationalAssociation

Need help finding a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. Visit AOTA website to help narrow your search. 

Spectrum of Driver ServicesNationalNonprofit Organization

Define the common language and different program models used in a wide range of driving programs, covering everything from driving school for healthy drivers to driving rehabilitation programs. 

AGS Virtual Patient Cases Programs on the Assessment of Older Drivers NationalAssociation

This provides virtual patient simulations of clinical encounters with three older drivers. These cases provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to learn how to incorporate the safety needs of older drivers. 

Lobby Slide Four NationalAssociation

Plan for Road Safety

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Practitioner's Toolkit—OT’s role in driving rehab NationalAssociation

Practitioner's toolkit- OT's role in driving rehab provides tools and resources that promote the growth of occupational therapy programs and services addressing safety mobility and participation in the community as drivers. 

Checklist of Community Mobility Skills NationalAssociation

This tool merges individual functional mobility with demands required transportation type to assist in identifying transportation options that support and/ or increase safe and effective community mobility. 

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Spectrum of Driver ServicesNationalNonprofit Organization

Define the common language and different program models used in a wide range of driving programs, covering everything from driving school for healthy drivers to driving rehabilitation programs. 

Driver Safety QuestionnaireNationalAssociation

An interactive tool on older adults driving safety information for the public and caregivers. 

Helping Elders Retire From DrivingNationalAssociation

Today’s Geriatric Medicine published an article on how caregivers, family members, and physicians can help elders retire from driving.

Lobby Slide 5NationalAssociation

Planning ahead means peace of mind for you and those around you. 

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Older Driver Safety Continuing Education for Health Care ProfessionalsNationalAssociation

Medscape/WebMD has resumed collaboration with NHTSA and has developed educational courses directed to healthcare professionals to enhance knowledge of the impacts of medical conditions, impairments on safe driving and the role they play.

Driver Safety for All Ages NationalUS Department of Transportation

Presentation presented by the Georgia Department of Driver Services Medical Review Unit. 

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Video Toolkit on Medical Conditions in Older DriversNationalUS Department of Transportation

NHTSA produced this series of short videos to show how different medical conditions common among older drivers can impact driving abilities. Watch these videos to see on-the-road examples and learn more about how to stay safe. 

Driving Evaluations by an Occupational TherapistNationalAssociation

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website has information about occupational therapists and their ability to conduct office/clinic evaluations behind of the wheel of a car.

Associations Between Vision Impairment and Driving and the Effectiveness of Vision Related Interventions NationalNews

Driving is one of the main modes of transport with safe driving requiring a combination of visual, cognitive, and physical skills. 

Driving with CataractsNationalAssociation

This question provided by AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covers facts about cataracts and how it can make driving difficult. 

Our OT Students Train to Help Older Drivers Remain Safe on the RoadsFloridaUniversity

At the University of St. Augustine for Health Science students can take a class to train to help older drivers remain on the road. 

Older Americans Month Press Release for Medical Professionals NationalAssociation

Press Release for Medical Professionals related to Older Americans Month.

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Pocket Guide Screening and Management of Age Related Driving ImpairmentNationalAssociation

This reference tool includes information on who to screen and how to report drivers with medical conditions. It also provides a listing of tests recommended by the American Geriatric Society to determine driving fitness.

Spectrum Of Driver Services: Right Services for the Right People at the Right Time NationalAssociation

Description consumers and health care providers can use to distinguish the style of services needed for older adults. 

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Senior Licensing Policies and Practices NationalAssociation

AAA has compiled a list of considerations/laws for older drivers renewing their license in every state. This list includes physician reporting of unsafe drivers, vision requirements and law enforcement reporting unsafe drivers. 

Social Media Messaging for Medical Professionals NationalAssociation
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Issues Related to Older DriversNationalAssociation

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists’ website shows that seniors have lower fatal crash rates, but are at a higher risk for fatalities because of their age.

Exercise For Mature DriversNationalAssociation

Exercise is a key component of healthy aging. it offers many health benefits to your overall fitness and well-being. Simple exercises may also contribute to a more positive driving experience and help you stay safe on the road. 

Transportation Safety Institute CoursesNationalUS Department of Transportation

Transportation Safety Institute Courses offers free cources on a range of topics. Note while the courses are free, you will need to register to sign up and then select the training from NHTSA topics.