Cycling Survey Databook 2020 – Massachusetts ()

Source: Association

This is a detailed look cycle today and what they anticipate as they age. 

ADED: Recommendations for State Driver License Agencies – National ()

Source: Association

Among the many duties of state driver licensing agencies, protecting the public is a top priority. State licensing agencies work with medical advisory boards to determine if an individual is safe to drive. 

Walking: Tips on How to Use Transportation Options in Florida – Florida ()

Source: Association

Walking is a popular physical activity for all ages that can also serve as a useful transportation option to help maintain mobility and independence. 

At-Risk Driver Population and Programs – National ()

Source: Association

This is a site to address at-risk driving from a vareity of audiences. 

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The Role Of Driver Rehabilitation In Determining Fitness To Drive: Recommendations for State Driver License Agencies – National ()

Source: Association

This document provides guidance to SDLA's regarding the role of driver rehabilitation specialists in providing evidence, via comprehensive evaluations, to support fitness-to-drive decisions for medically at-risk drivers.

Motor Vehicle Safety Defects And Recalls – National ()

Source: US Department of Transportation

The purpose of this booklet is to answer the most commonly asked questions about how and why recall campaigns are initiated and to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities when a vehicle or equipment is recalled.