You and Your Heart: What You Control – National (02/12/2021)

Source: Association

A few key decisions can give your heart that extra attention and lower your odds of a heart attack or stroke. 

Some Medications and Driving Don’t Mix – National (09/15/2020)

Source: Association

The FDA reports on its website that medications and their side effects could be harmful while driving. 

Assessing Elderly Drivers: Ability Means More Than Age – National (04/08/2015)

Source: Association gives information on its website on how to determine a senior’s driving ability.

Compendium of Traffic Safety Research Projects (1985-2013) – National (01/01/2014)

Source: US Department of Transportation

Brief summaries of research on alcohol-involved driving, drug-involved driving, occupant protection (e.g., seat belts, and child safety seats), speed and other unsafe driving behaviors. 

How’s My Driving? – Michigan ()

Source: State Department of Transportation

Simple tips for maintaining driving skills provided by the state of Michigan.