55+ Driver Safety Program (website) – National ((12/14/2022))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The website hosted by the Georgia Department of Public Health describes the state's 55+ Driver Safety Program and its activities, including CarFit, Yellow Dot, an annual virtual workshop.

Functional Assessment of the Older Driver – National ((09/21/2022))


Source: University

The role of practitioners is to do detailed functional and medical assessments related to driving safety.

Interventions With the Older Driver – National ((09/21/2022))


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Aside from treating medical conditions that impair driving ability, most medical practitioners are not prepared to formulate or execute a driving rehabilitation plan; referral to specialists is often helpful.

Guidelines for Older Driver Safety for State & Local Roadways | Raging Aging Symposium – National ((01/10/2022))


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The Georgia Department of Public Health's 55+ Driver Safety Program hosted a series of presentations focused on aging road users. Here is the presentation recording of "Guidelines for Older Driver Safety for State & Local Roadways"

New Resources to Keep Older Drivers Safe – Ohio ((12/06/2021))


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The Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Department of Aging, and AAA are reminding Ohio Drivers to stay fit to drive by following a few basic safety tips. 

Maintaining mobility and preventing disability are key to living independently as we age – National ((11/30/2020))


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As we age, we may experience changes in our mobility. there are many reasons for these changes including changes to gait (how we walk) balance, and physical strength. NIA researchers are testing ways to prevent or reverse loss of mobility.

Dementia and Driving – National ((09/18/2020))


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The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive.

Senior Driving Safety – National ((09/15/2020))


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GracefulAging.com has several videos about senior driver safety on its website. Topics of the videos range from ensuring that your car fits you to dealing with driving and dementia.

Disability Impacts All of Us – National ((09/02/2020))


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The CDC created an infographic for how disability impacts all our lives as we age. 

North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Program – North Carolina ((01/05/2020))


Source: University

North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program created a comprehensive website related to senior driver information. This site features 3 different sections with information: Drivers, Caregivers, Professionals.

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Preserving the Mobility and Safety of Older Americans – National ((03/13/2018))


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This report from TRIP, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit that conducts technical research related to surface transportation, provides key data related to older driver safety and discusses strategies for improving safety.

Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairments – National ((07/01/2016))


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The objective of this study was to evaluate how UFOV impairments affect time-to-contact estimates in elderly drivers deciding when to make a left turn across oncoming traffic.


Trends in Older Driver Crash Involvement Rates and Survivability in the United States – National ((11/01/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

 The current study examined if trends in crash rates, crash involvements, and survivability persisted into more recent years.

The History of Road Safety Research: A Quantitative Approach – National ((07/14/2014))


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In this paper we provide a global description in quantitative terms, of the developments in road safety research from the early 1900’s until 2010.

The Gaps and Pathways Project for Medically-at-Risk Older Drivers – National ((04/22/2014))


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This brief paper describes the contents of the special issue and offers links to the specific content developed by AOTA/NHSTA that can be accessed free from the AOTA Older Drivers website.

Consensus Statements on Driving for Persons with Dementia – National ((02/25/2014))


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This paper works as a guide for occupational therapists when addressing driving, mobility and dementia in seniors.

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (Supportive Conversations Video) – National ((08/16/2011))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (A bump in the road) – National ((08/16/2011))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older Drivers – Alabama ((11/04/2010))


Source: University

This study was done to test cognitive training and motor vehicle collision in senior drivers.

Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older Persons – National ((07/01/2007))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This AAA Foundation research report studied older adult walking speeds and investigated re-timing pedestrian signals to better facilitate safe street crossing without causing undue traffic delay.

Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older Persons – National ((06/01/2003))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied the walking speed of older pedestrians, and suggested ways to improve signal timing to improve safety while not increasing congestion.

Trends in Highway Safety: Effects of an Aging Population on Accident Propensity – National ((08/01/1995))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This research speaks to the U.S’s aging population and propensity for car crashes.

Research for Older Adult Driver Initiative ROADI – North Carolina ()


Source: University

The overall aim of ROADI is to make motor vehicle driving in North Carolina safe for all drivers and pedestrians. 

Road to Zero: Doubling Down on What Works – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Doubling Down on What Works is a working group of the Road to Zero Coalition has created a clearinghouse for resources. 

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) – Washington ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

S.A.L.T. stands for Seniors And Law Enforcement Together. It is a cooperative effort of the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Headlight Use – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Headlight instruction on when you should turn your headlights on for all 50 states

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Rural V.S Urban infographic- 2022 – National ()


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Senior Navigator- Older Driver Safety – Virginia ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

A list of programs from all across Virginia to help your loved one drive safer, for longer. 

Law Enforcement – North Carolina ()


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Law enforcement officers play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of older drivers. Ncseniordriver.org/ provides resources on how law enforcement can better understand how to interact with older drivers in their community. 

Watching Out for Senior Walkers – National ()


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A workshop, created by NHTSA, was held in various cities to educate local transportation engineers, law enforcement officers, elected officials and others on senior pedestrian safety.

AARP Driver Safety Quick Learnings – National ()


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Whether you'll be behind the wheel or just enjoying the ride be prepared for the road ahead with AARP Driver Safety's free educational resources on the vehicle, driving, and alternative transportation. 

North Carolina Community Resources – North Carolina ()


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These pages offer information on resources available on a community level throughout North Carolina.

Carfit Online Workshop – National ()


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Learn how to get the best fit in your vehicle and how it may help you stay safer on the road with the full-length CarFit online Workshop 

NC licensing policies and practices – North Carolina ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Licensing policies and practices in the state of NC

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Seat Belts – National ()


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Find out how to wear your seat belt fo the safest fit to lower your risk of injury. 

Carfit Virtual Workshops & Focus Sessions – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This workshop can help improve your fit in your personal vehicle. How getting the proper fit in your vehicle may increase your safety and the safety of others on the road. It is a FREE, 90-minute workshop. 

Older Drivers at Work – National ()


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While such changes are normal, they also put older drivers at a greater risk of dying if they are in a motor vehicle crash. Employers and workers share the responsibility for keeping older drivers safe at work.

Aging and the ADA – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

As people get older many starts to develop problems with hearing, seeing, or getting around. Others experience chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or memory loss. 

The Road To Zero Coalition – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Road to Zero Coalitinon, managed by the NSC, released a comprehensive report laying out strategies to end roadway deaths in the U.S by 2050