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Law Enforcement Visor Card – National (11/24/2020)

Source: Association

DOSCI is a short questionnaire for officers to screen for cognitive impairments. 

Aging Drivers and the Law – National (10/03/2019)

Source: Association

The Elder Law Answers’ website provides information for senior drivers and links to each state’s laws regarding restrictions and accelerated renewal periods.

Medical Review Practices For Driver Licensing  Volume 3 – District of Columbia (04/01/2017)

Source: US Department of Transportation

This volume updates the information presented in 2003 (Summary of Medical Advisory Board Practices in the United States). 

Senior Citizens Back Tougher Rules for Older Drivers – National (12/04/2014)

Source: News

This article explains that contrary to popular belief, seniors actually want to see tougher rules in place for older drivers.

Colorado: Survey Finds Aging Drivers Support Mandatory Retesting to Get License – Colorado (05/25/2011)

Source: News

The Denver Post published an article on aging drivers and their support for mandatory retesting to renew driver’s licenses. It also states that In Colorado, drivers over the age of 65 must renew their license by mail.

Maine: Driving Laws for Seniors and Older Drivers – Maine ()

Source: Association

Drivers are required to renew their licenses every six years in the state of Louisiana, according to They are also required to complete a vision test at every in-person renewal.

Utah: Senior Licensing Laws – Utah ()

Source: Nonprofit Organization

AAA’s website states that Utah requires its residents to renew their licenses and pass a vision test every five years and that there are no additional requirements for senior drivers.

Road to Zero: Doubling Down on What Works – National ()

Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Doubling Down on What Works is a working group of the Road to Zero Coalition has created a clearinghouse for resources. 

Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers Overview – National ()

Source: State Department of Transportation

This includes selection and highlights from the Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Road Users. 

Idaho: Senior Licensing Laws – Idaho ()

Source: Association

AAA outline’s the state of Idaho’s senior licensing laws including frequent renewals and limited renewal options at 70 and older.