Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older Persons – National ((06/01/2003))

Source: Nonprofit Organization

This report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied the walking speed of older pedestrians, and suggested ways to improve signal timing to improve safety while not increasing congestion.

A Pocket Guide to Improve Traffic Control and Mobility for Our Older Population – National ((01/01/2003))

Source: US Department of Transportation

This pocket guide helps transportation professionals consider the needs of an aging population and covers three key areas -- intersections/interchanges, curves, and temporary traffic control situations (e.g., workzones).

Driving and Alternatives: Older Drivers in Michigan – Michigan ((01/01/2003))

Source: Association

This paper shows the results of a statewide telephone conducted in Michigan of drivers and former drivers ages 65 and older on their transportation mode choices and whether they planned for when they could no longer drive.