Driving to Independence – Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico ((07/27/2021))


Source: Association

Driving To Independence offers a comprehensive driver evaluation and training program. 

ChORUS Summertime Reading List Blog – National ((07/12/2021))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Summer 2021 blog of ChORUS resources to help drivers stay safe over the summer. 

Driving In Unpredictable Weather – National ((04/13/2021))


Source: News

April Showers Bring May Flowers, but the change in season can also bring unpredictable weather and extra challenges when driving a car. 

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving – National ((04/06/2021))


Source: News

There are aspects in everyday life that can cause distractions while driving. This blog goes over ways to avoid distractions while you are in your vehicle. 

DCM: Stroke Recovery Includes Driving Through Occupational Therapy – National ((04/02/2021))


Source: Association

2:16 Minute video talking about a case study about stroke recovery includes driving through Occupational Therapy. 

Driving and Community Mobility - Finding an Occupational Therapy Practitioner to Help with Driving Needs – National ((04/02/2021))


Source: Association

1:06 Minute video about Finding an Occupational Therapist. There are two ways people usually find Occupation Therapist, either by reaching out or by getting referred from a doctor. 

DCM: Listening & Addressing Driver Concerns – National ((04/02/2021))


Source: Association

1:28 minute video from the perspective of an Occupational Therapist of how they have help older drivers. 

What Is Your Role In Talking About Older Road User Safety – National ((03/23/2021))


Source: News

Primary care providers can be vital in helping older road users recognize when it might be time to change their driving habits, seek a driving assessment to identify adaptations to their car and driving, or planning for the future. 

Pioneering Women in Road Safety – National ((03/16/2021))


Source: News

Women’s role in the automotive industry is often overlooked by figures such as Henry Ford or Walter P. Chrysler. But many features in our cars that we enjoy today were invented by women.

Keeping Seniors Driver Independent with Interprofessional Approach – National ((03/04/2021))


Source: Association

2:43 minute video that addresses community mobility after impairments occur and how occupational therapy can help you find solutions to keep seniors independent and safe on the road. 

Driving and Community Mobility – Overcome Senior Drivers Concerns – National ((03/04/2021))


Source: Association

1:23 minute video about what it older driver can expect when they visit and Occupational Therapist 

Heart Attack and Stroke Symptoms – National ((02/12/2021))


Source: Association

Don’t wait to get help if you experience any of these heart attack or stroke symptoms. 

You and Your Heart: What You Control – National ((02/12/2021))


Source: Association

A few key decisions can give your heart that extra attention and lower your odds of a heart attack or stroke. 

Keeping Your Mobility With CarFit – National ((02/11/2021))


Source: News

Learn about CarFit and having your car "fit" you as you age. 

Transportation Planning with Family – National ((02/02/2021))


Source: News

It's important to remember you don't have to plan your transportation retirement alone. 

Starting the Conversation—Your Loved Ones Driving – National ((02/01/2021))


Source: News

As a loved one to an older driver, you have an important task ahead. Start a conversation about safe driving with your older loved one. 

How to Use Rideshare Apps – National ((02/01/2021))


Source: News

Learn to use a rideshare app to help cut down on your driving. 

Identifying Policy Approaches to Extending the Safe Mobility of Older Adults – National ((01/01/2021))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Research that examines effective policies and practices in driver licensing of older and medically at-risk drivers. 

Age and Driving – National ((01/01/2021))


Source: Association

It’s normal for driving abilities to change as we get older. But if you spot the warning signs of unsafe driving, these tips can help you adjust to your senior years without the keys.

Planning Your Driving and Transportation Plan into the New Year 2021 – National ((01/01/2021))


Source: News

Do you know what your driving transportation plan looks like yet? Let ChORUS help you decide. 

Give The Gift of Safety – National ((12/29/2020))


Source: News

Changing one's driving habits can be difficult, but you as a loved one of an older driver, can have a major impact on their safety on the road. 

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AGS NHTSA Safe Driving Summary 2020 – National ((12/17/2020))


Source: Association

Under an agreement, NHTSA and AGS developed companion professional and public education products to increase the availability of safe driving resources for both clinicians and older drivers and their caregivers.

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Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool PDF – National ((12/01/2020))


Source: Association

The downloadable version of the Older Driver Transportation Planning tool 

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Law Enforcement Visor Card – National ((11/24/2020))


Source: Association

DOSCI is a short questionnaire for officers to screen for cognitive impairments. 

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Preguntas para pacientes que son conductores mayores – National ((10/23/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Proporciona ejemplos de preguntas que un médico puede hacer a sus pacientes para determinar si tienen dificultades para conducir.

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ChORUS Older Patient Questionnaire – National ((10/23/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Provides sample questions that a clinician can ask their patients to determine if they are having difficulties driving.

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ChORUS Transportation Budgeting Tool – National ((10/16/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

The ChORUS Transportation Budgeting Tool allows you to compare you monthly current transportation costs with estimated monthly alternate transportation costs if you were to give up your car. The tool is designed to help you plan for your future transportation needs.

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Planifi cación del transporte para con ductores mayores – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Lo guía a través de los pasos para desarrollar su plan de transporte.

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¿Qué esperar cuando se lo/la deriva a un especialista en rehabilitación de conductores? – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Proporciona información sobre el papel de los especialistas en rehabilitación de conductores, cómo realizan las evaluaciones y qué hacer con los resultados de las evaluaciones.

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Herramientas para la autoevaluación y la calificación del cuidador – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Proporciona enlaces a varias herramientas gratuitas disponibles para pacientes mayores, sus familiares y cuidadores para identificar a los conductores mayores en riesgo.

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Recursos para conductores mayores de ChORUS – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Proporciona una lista de recursos generales para usuarios mayores de la carreter

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ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

The ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool guides you through the steps of developing your transportation plan. Starting early allows you to map out your needs, identify and explore your options for alternate transportation modes in your area, and plan for continuing a full and active life whether you are driving or not. Be sure to talk with your doctor to understand how changes in your medical conditions and/or medications might impact driving. Also, family members, friends, and caregivers can help you think about how to best meet all your transportation needs.

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What to Expect When You Are Referred to a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist? – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Provides information on the role of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (DRS), how they perform evaluations, and what to do with evaluation results.

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Self-Assessment and Caregivers’ Rating Tools – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Provides links to several free tools available for older patients, their family members, and caregivers to identify at-risk older drivers.

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ChORUS Older Driver Resources – National ((10/09/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Provides a list of general resources for older road users.

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ChORUS Sample Event Evaluation Form – National ((10/02/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Sample evaluation form for events related to older driver safety. 

District of Columbia: Senior Driver Information for DC – District of Columbia ((09/18/2020))


Source: State Department of Transportation

DC’s Department of Motor Vehicles has a page on its website specifically for seniors with information regarding licensing.

Dementia and Driving – National ((09/18/2020))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive.

Conversations About Driving - Plan Ahead – National ((09/18/2020))


Source: Association

AAA gives tips on how to plan for a discussion with a senior family member about quitting driving. 

Compendium of Law Enforcement Older Driver Programs – National ((09/18/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This link is a resource guide with information gathered from numerous interviews with professionals and older drivers requested from National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Colorado’s City Arvada on Older Drivers – Colorado ((09/18/2020))


Source: Association

Colorado’s city Arvada has information on its website regarding older drivers and issues that affect them such as transportation and mobility, disabilities, low vision and aging and Alzheimer disease and related dementia.

Texas: Department of Public Safety Older Driver Information – Texas ((09/16/2020))


Source: State Department of Transportation

Texas’s Department of Public Safety has information on its website regarding driver license renewal requirements for residents of the state.

Texas: Denton County's Transit Blog Hop on Board – Texas ((09/16/2020))


Source: Association

A transit blog for Denton County, North Texas transportation.

Texas: Capital MetroBlog – Texas ((09/16/2020))


Source: Association

Captial MetroBlog is published by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Austin, Texas.

Tennessee: Senior Safety Program – Tennessee ((09/16/2020))


Source: Association

Tennessee’s Traffic Safety website offers information for senior drivers and links to senior driver public transportation throughout the state.

Technical Information Services (ITS) – National ((09/16/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Technical Information Services provides a space for public inquires and research pertaining to NHTSA’s vehicle safety, driver licensing, compliance, defect enforcement, traffic law enforcement and rulemaking activities.

Taking Changes in Stride – National ((09/16/2020))


Source: Association

This link is to a 28-minute podcast with Elin Schold Davis, program manager of AOTA’s Older Driver Initiative.

Synthesis of Human Factors Research on Older Drivers and Highway Safety – Volume I: Driver Research Synthesis – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This research produced a handbook containing highway design and operational recommendations to accommodate older drivers.

Still Driving? Innovative Program Assesses Senior Drivers – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: News

Boston Magazine details DriveWise, an innovative program that assesses senior drivers.

South Dakota: Helpful Facts for Aging Drivers – South Dakota ((09/15/2020))


Source: Association

Helpful resource from SD Dept. of Public Safety regarding older driver licensing, self-assessments, mobility options, and more. 

Some Medications and Driving Don’t Mix – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: Association

The FDA reports on its website that medications and their side effects could be harmful while driving. 

Smart Features for Mature Drivers – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

AAA covers smart features for mature drivers in this video and shows how choosing the right vehicle can provide a senior with optimal comfort and safety.

Seniors and Driving: When Having “The Talk” Isn’t Enough – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: Association

Editor Julie Davis tells the story of her father passing after driving off the road and rolling over in his car.

Senior Pedestrian Safety – Washington ((09/15/2020))


Source: Association

The Pinehurst Seattle website lists several tips for senior pedestrians. 

Senior Driving: Be Proactive and Understand Your Limitations – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: Association

David Wallace, the Traffic Safety Guy, discusses seniors being proactive in their driving safety and understanding their limitations behind the wheel on this podcast.

Senior Driving Safety – National ((09/15/2020))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

GracefulAging.com has several videos about senior driver safety on its website. Topics of the videos range from ensuring that your car fits you to dealing with driving and dementia.

Senior Driver Safety - CarFit – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The benefits of CarFit, a program developed by the American Society on Aging in collaboration with AAA, AARP and AOTA that provides a check on how well a driver fits his car.

Safety Solutions for Older Drivers – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: Association

This video by the Roadway Safety Foundation provides best practices for improving community safety through better road design, and offers case studies from Florida and Delaware, as well as interviews with leading traffic safety experts.

SaferCar.gov – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This is THE go-to government resource for up-to-date vehicle safety information, including recalls. From here, you will be able to find out if a defect has been identified and how to get it fixed.

Safe and Mobile Seniors – Florida ((09/14/2020))


Source: Association

The Safe and Mobile Seniors is Florida's comprehensive website for aging residents on how to continue mobility whether it's driving or transitioning to other forms of transportation.

Roadwise Rx – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: Association

The AAA Foundation's Roadwise Rx is a powerful tool for quickly checking the side effects and/or interactions of one or multiple prescription or OTC drugs.

Road Safety for Elderly Pedestrians – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: University

Loyola University reports senior pedestrian fatalities and how hearing problems, consumption of alcohol and poor peripheral vision are all issues that can affect senior’s ability to walk the streets safely.

Road Safety Audits – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration provides comprehensive information about the value, procedure, and deliverables related to conducting RSAs.

Rides In Sight – National ((09/14/2020))


Source: Association

Rides in Sight provides a national database to search for transportation options available to seniors anywhere in the U.S.

Rhode Island: License Renewal – Rhode Island ((09/14/2020))


Source: State Department of Transportation

Rhode Island’s Division of Motor Vehicles website states that residents 75 years of age and older licenses are valid for two years.

Professional Assessments Can Help Senior Drivers – National ((09/11/2020))


Source: Association

Learn more about driving skill evaluation includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers' training.

Epilepsy and Seizures in Older Adults – National ((08/25/2020))


Source: Association

With the aging of the population, we can expect to see greater numbers of people with epilepsy.

Self-perceptions and Current Practices of High-risk Older Drivers: Implications for Driver Safety Interventions – North Carolina ((07/01/2020))


Source: Association

Comfort Keepers Senior Care Durham & Chapel Hill discusses safe driving for seniors in their video.

Driving with Vision Disorders – National ((06/13/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This video produced by NHTSA talks about the three vision disorders that can greatly impact a senior’s ability to drive safely: cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Driving with Sleep Apnea – National ((06/13/2020))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA gives tips on driving with sleep apnea. Pulling over when feeling drowsy and talking to a healthcare provider about treatment options are among suggested things to do about sleep apnea.

CarFit – District of Columbia ((05/27/2020))


Source: Association

CarFit is an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit" them.

Florida: Aging Road User Data – Florida ((05/27/2020))


Source: State Department of Transportation

Every year, the Coalition selects priority counties using a 3-year average of the rate of crashes involving individuals aged 65+, compared to the population of 65+ in both urban and rural counties.

The older Driver – National ((05/01/2020))


Source: Association

Many factors can diminish the driving performance of older adults. Age-related changes in reaction time and visual, cognitive, and/ or muscle disorders that become more common with age.  

The Older Driver – National ((04/02/2020))


Source: Association

Merck Manual’s coverage of the older driver includes very informative details which include the Alzheimer’s Association’s warning signs of unsafe driving (hitting curbs, not keeping within lanes and returning late from a routine drive).

Vehicle Technology Preferences Among Mature Drivers – National ((03/16/2020))


Source: Association

The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab surveyed drivers age 50 and older about vehicle safety technologies, car buying and driving behavior, and self-driving cars.

Generations- Plan For the Road Ahead – National ((02/20/2020))


Source: Association

Make a transportation plan. 

Plan for the Road Ahead- Boomers – National ((02/20/2020))


Source: Association

Make a transportation plan. 

Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety – National ((01/13/2020))


Source: Association

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides information on problems, risks, preventions and resources that senior drivers have while on the road.

North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Program – North Carolina ((01/05/2020))


Source: University

North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program created a comprehensive website related to senior driver information. This site features 3 different sections with information: Drivers, Caregivers, Professionals.

Maryland: The Senior Connection of Montgomery County – Maryland ((01/01/2020))


Source: Association

This non-profit organization in Montgomery County, Maryland provides free rides to seniors and persons with disabilities, with service provided by hundreds of volunteers.

Clinician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers, 4th Edition – National ((12/31/2019))


Source: Association

The Clinician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers is published by the American Geriatrics Society for healthcare providers. 

Helping Florida's Aging Drivers Stay Safe and Mobile – Florida ((11/25/2019))


Source: Association

Florida video on types of situations law enforcement may encounter with older drivers, what to do, and how to make a referral. 

Aging Drivers and the Law – National ((10/03/2019))


Source: Association

The Elder Law Answers’ website provides information for senior drivers and links to each state’s laws regarding restrictions and accelerated renewal periods.

Gap Exists Between Seniors’ Opinion of Driving Ability and Performance – National ((05/29/2019))


Source: Association

The majority of older adults rate themselves as excellent drivers though one in four had a wreck in the previous five years.

How to Find Your State DOT – National ((04/29/2019))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration lists all state transportation websites. Click here to find your state's Department of Transportation.

Older Drivers at High Crash Risk are ‘Most Distractible’ – National ((04/02/2019))


Source: News

Older drivers rated at high crash risk on a computerized vision test are more likely to have driving problems related to distractions in the car.

Federal Highway Administration Research Library and List of Online Publications – National ((03/29/2019))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This page on the Federal Highway Administration’s website has many links to research reports and publications published by the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in McLean, Virginia.

Indiana: Older Driver Information – Indiana ((03/06/2019))


Source: Association

DMV.com covers senior drivers in Indiana by stating that drivers up to age 75 are required to renew their license every 4 years. Drivers ages 75 to 85 can renew their license for a period of 3 years.

Arkansas: Senior Drivers – Arkansas ((03/06/2019))


Source: Association

DMV.com details the license renewal process for senior drivers in the state of Arkansas.

Cognitive Impairment Traffic Contact – National ((01/01/2019))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Watch steps an officer takes in identifying an aging driver with cognitive impairments, how to call a family members, and how to make a referral to the DMV. 

Simple Maze Test May ID At-Risk Older Drivers – National ((08/08/2018))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Simple Maze Test May ID At-Risk Older Drivers

Could CarFit Be a Good Fit For You? – National ((03/19/2018))


Source: Association

Carfit is a free educational program developed in collaboration with AAA, AARP, and the American Occupational Therapy Association that promotes safe driving and mobility among older drivers. 

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Preserving the Mobility and Safety of Older Americans – National ((03/13/2018))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This report from TRIP, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit that conducts technical research related to surface transportation, provides key data related to older driver safety and discusses strategies for improving safety.

Preserving the Mobility and Safety of Older Americans – National ((03/01/2018))


Source: Association

This report from TRIP, and details a number of strategies for designing safer roads for seniors. 

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Ohio’s Multidisciplinary Approach to Improving Safety for Aging Citizens – Ohio ((03/01/2018))


Source: Association

This article from the ITE Journal discusses how the Ohio Department of Transportation has collaborated with occupational therapists to develop a comprehensive approach to older driver safety.

Top 25 New Cars for Senior Drivers – National ((02/22/2018))


Source: Association

Senior drivers and others with limited mobility need a car that’s easy to get into and out of, with controls that are easy to reach and intuitive to use.

Before You Give Up the Keys: Create a Roadmap for Transportation Independence – National ((01/22/2018))


Source: Association

This booklet provides action steps and resources for those making the decision about whether to continue driving.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Dec. 4-8, 2017 – National ((12/08/2017))


Source: Association

 AOTA's Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, December 4–8, 2017, aims to promote understanding of the importance of mobility and transportation to ensuring older adults remain active in the community

Addressing Citizen Requests for Traffic Safety Concerns – Minnesota, National ((12/01/2017))


Source: State Department of Transportation

Sponsored by MNDOT, this guidebook supports local agency staff who are engaging with members of the public who have brought forth community traffic safety concerns. 

Addressing Citizen Requests for Traffic Safety Concerns – Minnesota ((12/01/2017))


Source: Association

This guidebook, sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, provides guidance to local agency staff on responding to concerns expressed by members of the public regarding community traffic safety.

Taxonomy and Terms for Stakeholders in Senior Mobility – National ((11/03/2017))


Source: Association

 The document will help those who encounter older adults with limited mobility, and will help them with communicating potential solutions to preserve and extend safe, independent transportation options for older persons.

Traffic Tech: Technology Transfer Series – National ((04/01/2017))


Source: US Department of Transportation

As the driving population continues to age, medical conditions and associated impairments affecting driving abilities will become more prevalent, and State driver licensing agencies are likely to see driver medical reviews. 

Medical Review Practices For Driver Licensing  Volume 3 – District of Columbia ((04/01/2017))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This volume updates the information presented in 2003 (Summary of Medical Advisory Board Practices in the United States). 

Driver Medical Review Practices Across the United States – District of Columbia ((04/01/2017))


Source: US Department of Transportation

There were 38.4 million licensed older drivers in 2014—a 31% increase from 10 years earlier (2005).

IACP Alzheimer's Initiative Program Webinar: 3 Stages of Alzheimer's – National ((03/30/2017))


Source: Association

IACP video on the 3 stages of Alzheimer’s Disease that Law Enforcement might observe during a traffic stop. 

U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Older Americans Month: May 2017 – National ((03/27/2017))


Source: Association

After a meeting with the National Council of Senior Citizens, President John F. Kennedy encouraged all Americans to pay tribute to older people across the country by designating May 1963 as Senior Citizens Month.

Washington, DC: WMATA’s Planning Blog – District of Columbia ((01/17/2017))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The blog for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers (30 Minute Shift Change) – National ((01/01/2017))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Identifying and Referring Cognitively Impaired Drivers is an abbreviated version of the two-hour course, “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety”.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Dec. 5–9, 2016 – National ((12/05/2016))


Source: Association

AOTA's Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, December 5–9, 2016, aims to promote understanding of the importance of mobility and transportation to ensuring older adults remain active in the community. 

Development of a curriculum and roadside screening tool for Law enforcement identification of medical impairment in aging drivers – National ((12/03/2016))


Source: Association

Additional information showing how the DOSCI tool was developed and tested as a roadside screening tool can be found at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. 

Brain Training Tips for Smart Driving – District of Columbia ((10/04/2016))


Source: Association

A study funded by the National Institutes of Health recently found that adult drivers who had cognitive training for memory, reasoning or speed of processing had 50 percent fewer car crashes than those in the control group.

Exploration of Older Drivers’ Speeding Behavior – National ((10/01/2016))


Source: Association

Speeding increases crash risk and resulting injury severity. Older drivers are at increased risk of injury due to frailty, at increased risk of crashing due to slower reaction times compared to younger drivers.

Medical Review Practices For Driver Licensing Volume 1 – District of Columbia ((10/01/2016))


Source: US Department of Transportation

A Case Study of Guidelines and Processes in Seven U.S. States. 

Tennessee Senior Driver Safety Summit and CarFit Training Event – National ((09/19/2016))


Source: Association

Tennessee Senior Driver Safety Summit and CarFit Training Event hosted by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

Senior Health: Seniors Need to Consider When to Give Up Driving – National ((09/10/2016))


Source: News

Do you worry about your driving? Is your family “pestering” you about your driving? Broaching the subject of driving with an older person is usually a difficult task. In our society, driving is associated with independence and freedom.

Tech May Help Steer Older Drivers Down a Safer Road – National ((09/06/2016))


Source: News

Older drivers may soon be traveling a safer road thanks to smarter cars that can detect oncoming traffic, steer clear of trouble and even hit the brakes when a collision appears imminent.

Tips to Ensure Safe Driving for Seniors – National ((08/29/2016))


Source: Association

Everyone ages differently, so there is no arbitrary cutoff as to when someone should stop driving.

Steering to Safety – National ((08/28/2016))


Source: Association

Home Instead Senior Care recently launched an online program that provides tips to make the conversation with an older adult about their driving ability a little easier.

Art of Aging: Senior Drivers – Pennsylvania ((08/25/2016))


Source: News

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that older drivers are among the safest. But eventually, we all retire from the road. 

Driving When You Have Macular Degeneration – National ((08/15/2016))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Macular degeneration affects vision and therefore can have a huge impact on one’s ability to drive. First, an eye doctor should tell his patient if they are able to drive once they’ve been diagnosed. 

Senior drivers taking opioid painkillers have higher crash risk – National ((08/12/2016))


Source: Association

Senior drivers who’d been using opioid painkillers regularly for several months also had higher odds of getting into accidents, study shows. 

Importance Of Driving Safety – National ((07/11/2016))


Source: Association

U.S. News and World Report recently published an article discussing how people with a history of fainting are twice as likely to cause a car accident

GEM: New Driving Mobility Video Aims to Boost Safety for Older Drivers – National ((07/06/2016))


Source: Association

The video follows a senior driver through the initial consultation and pre-drive assessment and out onto the road, where he drives a pre-arranged route covering various road types.

Maryland: Resources Online for Older Drivers – Maryland ((07/06/2016))


Source: News

Montgomery County has launched “Explore Older Driver Resources,” a new webpage for older residents and their families. The page includes information about driving safely as well as alternate transportation options. 

Driving Simulator Training Is Associated with Reduced Inhibitory Workload in Older Drivers – National ((07/04/2016))


Source: Association

In demanding cognitive tasks, older people mostly experience more problems than younger people, and their brain workload is higher. 

Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairments – National ((07/01/2016))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The objective of this study was to evaluate how UFOV impairments affect time-to-contact estimates in elderly drivers deciding when to make a left turn across oncoming traffic.


Challenges of Older Drivers’ Adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles – National ((06/21/2016))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The personal vehicle is increasingly the preferred mode of travel for aging adults. There are greater numbers of older drivers on the roads driving more miles than ever before.

Michigan Law Enforcement Aging Driver Roll Call Video – Michigan ((06/13/2016))


Source: State Department of Transportation

This video provides law enforcement professionals with tips to help identify potential cognitive impairment and actions to take when there is a concern.


Driving Task: How Older Drivers' On-Road Driving Performance Relates to Abilities, Perceptions, and Restrictions – National ((06/01/2016))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This study examined a cohort of 227 older drivers and investigated the relationship between performance on the electronic Driver Observation Schedule (eDOS) driving task.

Functional Changes and Driving Performance in Older Drivers: Assessment and Interventions – National ((05/20/2016))


Source: Association

With the increasing aging of the population, the number of older drivers is rising. Driving is a significant factor for the quality of life and independence concerning social and working life.

Should Older People and Those with Dementia Have Their Licenses Revoked? – National ((05/12/2016))


Source: Association

Evidence has found the revocation of a driver's licence and subsequent loss of independence have severe negative affects on older people. But are they putting other road users in danger if they continue to drive?

Functional Outcomes for Older Adults Injured in a Crash – National, Connecticut, Illinois ((05/01/2016))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This report explores the health and quality-of-life impacts of crashes among older (65+) and middle-aged (40-55) occupants.

Colorado: Pitkin County Senior Services Offers Volunteer Driving Program – Colorado ((05/01/2016))


Source: News

Pitkin County Senior Services gives seniors hope with volunteer driving program.

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems Are About to Be Everywhere – District of Columbia ((05/01/2016))


Source: Association

NHTSA predicts that most automakers’ acceptance of the challenge will make AEB standard on new cars three years faster than could be achieved through the formal regulatory process. And the feature could be arriving sooner than 2022.

The 2016 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference & Expo – National ((04/10/2016))


Source: Association

The 2016 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference & Expo was in Chicago from April 7 to April 10, 2016. 

Let's Talk About Driving: Safe Driving Planner – National ((04/08/2016))


Source: Association

It can be difficult to know whether your senior loved ones are still safe on the road or a danger to themselves or others. Check out this Safe Driving Planner. 

Aging Drivers Can Present Some Behind-The-Wheel Safety Issues – National ((04/01/2016))


Source: News

An aging population with a need for independence can be problematic when it comes to matters related to driving. Fatality rates for drivers begin to climb after age 65, studies show. 

U.S. Population Aging Slower than Other Countries, Census Bureau Reports – National ((03/28/2016))


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America’s 65-and-over population is projected to nearly double over the next three decades, ballooning from 48 million to 88 million by 2050. 

Senior drivers who take sleeping pills at higher risk for crashes – National ((02/29/2016))


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Senior drivers who take sleeping pills are at higher risk for vehicle crashes.

The Older Driver with Cognitive Impairment: Perceptions of Driving Ability and Results of a Behind the Wheel Test – National ((02/04/2016))


Source: Association

Older adult drivers with cognitive impairment pose a potential safety risk to themselves and others. 

Infographic: 3 Tips to Stop a Person with Dementia From Driving When Reasoning Didn’t Work – National ((01/19/2016))


Source: Association

The Alzheimer’s blog posted an infographic (via www.alz.org) with 3 tips on how to stop a person with dementia from driving when reasoning with them hasn’t worked.

Public transportation fear – National ((01/19/2016))


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I need to stop driving, but I am afraid to ride public transportation. Would love any thoughts on options. I live in a mid-size city with bus & subway, but both feel too crowded and rushed.

Driver Orientation Screen for Cognitive Impairment – National ((01/01/2016))


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DOSCI Tool short training video. 

Diminished Motor Skills: ‘Silver Tsunami’ of Elderly Drivers Prompts Tough Decisions – National ((11/23/2015))


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This article discusses the growing aging population and its impact on the roads as more drivers become seniors.

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities – Pennsylvania ((11/10/2015))


Source: Association

A blog for Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities.

DOSCI – National ((08/01/2015))


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The printable card for your officer ticket book can be found here

Critical Older Driver Errors in a National Sample of Serious U.S. Crashes – National ((07/01/2015))


Source: Association

A study was done to determine which senior driver errors caused the most prevalent serious crashes.

Hanging Up the Keys with Dignity – National, Ohio ((06/28/2015))


Source: News

Matt Gurwell, CEO and Founder of Keeping Us Safe, and Nancy Schuster, Director of Strategic Alliances with Keeping Us Safe, discuss older driver self-assessments and when it’s time to discuss hanging up the keys with older loved ones.

Health Care Provider Mobility Counseling Provision to Older Adults: A Rural/Urban Comparison – National ((06/13/2015))


Source: Association

The current study examined rural-urban differences in health care provider (HCP) perceptions, attitudes, and practices related to driving safety/cessation-related anticipatory guidance provision to older adults.

Assessing Elderly Drivers: Ability Means More Than Age – National ((04/08/2015))


Source: Association

Edmunds.com gives information on its website on how to determine a senior’s driving ability.

Does Attention Capacity Moderate the Effect of Driver Distraction in Older Drivers? – National ((04/01/2015))


Source: Association

With age, a decline in attention capacity may occur and this may impact driving performance especially while distracted. 

There Are Big Negatives When Older People Stop Driving – National ((03/04/2015))


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Consumer Affairs reports that a University of Missouri researcher says the negative consequences of taking away a driver’s keys because of loss of mobility and individuality outweigh safety concerns of them staying on the road.

Unexpected Outcomes for Elderly Couples Who Stop Driving – National ((02/24/2015))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Even if just one member of a couple stops driving, negative consequences result for both the driver and non-driver, a study concludes. 

Lives Saved by Vehicle Safety Technologies – National ((01/01/2015))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report on the lives saved by vehicle safety technologies and associated federal motor vehicle safety standards from 1960 to 2012.

Identifying and Referring Medically Impaired Drivers – National ((01/01/2015))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Learn about the medical problems that can occur with age, chronic diseases, and medication including vision, decreased motor function, dementia, diabetes and other conditions. 

Mature Motorists Worse at Texting and Driving, Study Shows – National ((12/18/2014))


Source: Association

An interdisciplinary research team has made a surprising discovery: Older, more mature motorists-who typically are better drivers in many circumstances-are much worse than their younger counterparts when texting while driving.

Senior Citizens Back Tougher Rules for Older Drivers – National ((12/04/2014))


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This article explains that contrary to popular belief, seniors actually want to see tougher rules in place for older drivers.

Driving and Dementia: A Review of the Literature – National ((12/01/2014))


Source: Association

This article reviews literature on seniors with dementia and their ability to drive.

Profiles in Driver Distraction: Effects of Cell Phone Conversations on Younger and Older Drivers – National ((12/01/2014))


Source: Association

This research examines the effects of hands-free cell phone usage on simulated driving technology.

Trends in Older Driver Crash Involvement Rates and Survivability in the United States – National ((11/01/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

 The current study examined if trends in crash rates, crash involvements, and survivability persisted into more recent years.

Road Diet Informational Guide – National ((11/01/2014))


Source: US Department of Transportation

 By converting four-lane roadways to 3 (1 lane in each direction, with a center 2-way turning lane), road diets assist older drivers by making left turns safer, and help older pedestrians by reducing the crossing distance of the road.

International: Cognitive Screening Tools for Predicting Unsafe Driving Behavior Among Senior Drivers – National ((10/17/2014))


Source: Association

As Canada’s elderly continue to represent the fastest-growing population in Canada, there has been an increasing need for effective and efficient screening tools for senior drivers.

Yellow Lights Pose Particular Peril for Older Drivers – National ((10/14/2014))


Source: Association

A team of research studied various age groups and the timing of yellow lights to see its impact on safety at intersections.

Senior Drivers—and All Other Drivers—9 Tips for Summer Driving – National ((07/15/2014))


Source: Association

Julie Lee, Vice President and National Director of AARP Driver Safety, discusses nine important summer driving tips on this podcast.

The History of Road Safety Research: A Quantitative Approach – National ((07/14/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

In this paper we provide a global description in quantitative terms, of the developments in road safety research from the early 1900’s until 2010.

Development of Safe-driving-system Features for Elderly Drivers – National ((07/04/2014))


Source: Association

This paper is a result of research done on existing vehicle systems that are in place promote safe driving.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for Older Drivers in the United States – National ((06/27/2014))


Source: Association

This study describes various options for driving rehabilitation programs offered in the United States.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for Older Drivers in the United States – National ((06/27/2014))


Source: Association

This study describes various options for driving rehabilitation programs offered in the United States.

Handbook for Designing Roadways for the Aging Population – National ((06/01/2014))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This 3rd Edition of FHWA's popular resource for selecting proven crash countermeasures that protect older adults covers 51 treatment options, including their rationale for inclusion and a guide for selecting projects using the Handbook.

Effect of a Group Intervention to Promote Older Adults’ Adjustment to Driving Cessation on Community Mobility: A Randomized Controlled Trial – National ((06/01/2014))


Source: Association

The UQDRIVE program, a group education, and support program was developed to meet the needs associated with driving cessation for older adults. The current study investigated the effect of the program on community mobility.

The Gaps and Pathways Project for Medically-at-Risk Older Drivers – National ((04/22/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This brief paper describes the contents of the special issue and offers links to the specific content developed by AOTA/NHSTA that can be accessed free from the AOTA Older Drivers website.

Seniors’ and Physicians’ Attitudes Toward Using Driving Simulators in Clinical Settings – National ((04/22/2014))


Source: Association

This paper weighs whether potential clients and physicians would use driving simulators in order to assess a driver’s safety knowledge behind the wheel.

Keeping Delaware Drivers Safe and Mobile – Delaware, National ((04/16/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This video explores how the Delaware Department of Transportation has successfully improved safety for all road users by focusing on the needs of older drivers. Many of the successful strategies highlighted could be replicated elsewhere.

Delaware: Keeping Delaware Drivers Safe and Mobile – Delaware ((04/16/2014))


Source: Association

This video from the Roadway Safety Foundation promotes the Delaware Department of Transportation's efforts to improve safety for all motorists in the state by implementing design features known to benefit older drivers and pedestrians.

Disease-, Age-related Effects of HIV May Impact Driving Abilities of Middle-aged and Older Adults – Alabama, National ((04/02/2014))


Source: University

Nearly half of people living with HIV experience cognitive deficits that may impact instrumental activities of daily living, including driving, according research.

Alzheimer’s Society Podcast April 2014 - Dementia and Driving – National ((04/01/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s Society produced a podcast to discuss the affects of dementia on a senior’s ability to drive.

Effect of Passenger Presence on Older Drivers’ Risk of Fatal Crash Involvement – National ((03/28/2014))


Source: Association

To determine the association between passenger presence and risk of fatal crash involvement in relation to driver and passenger age and gender, focusing especially on drivers ages 65 and older.

Staying healthy in your car: Coping with illness and age – National ((03/09/2014))


Source: University

 How do illnesses and age affect motor vehicle safety, and how can a man keep driving in good health?

Consensus Statements on Driving for Persons with Dementia – National ((02/25/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This paper works as a guide for occupational therapists when addressing driving, mobility and dementia in seniors.

Fit for the Road: Older Drivers’ Crash Rates Continue to Drop – National ((02/20/2014))


Source: Association

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that older drivers were less likely to be involved in car crashes than prior generations and that they’re also less likely to be killed or injured in a car accident.

Study: Aging Drivers Crash Less Often Than Earlier Generations – National ((02/20/2014))


Source: News

This article reports on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s findings that drivers aged 70 and older are less likely to be involved in crashes than previous generations.

Driver Safety for Older Adults: What Families Need to Know – California ((02/12/2014))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

UCLA’s Longevity Center held a community meeting on January 16, 2014 to discuss Driver Safety for Older Adults.

Driving Tips for Seniors – National ((01/01/2014))


Source: Association

AAA produced a video with reminders and tips for senior drivers. Tips include following speed limits and sticking to familiar roads when driving at night.

Compendium of Traffic Safety Research Projects (1985-2013) – National ((01/01/2014))


Source: US Department of Transportation

Brief summaries of research on alcohol-involved driving, drug-involved driving, occupant protection (e.g., seat belts, and child safety seats), speed and other unsafe driving behaviors. 

Driving Cessation Hinders Aging Adults Volunteer and Work Lives, Social Lives Okay in Short Term – National, Missouri ((09/17/2013))


Source: Association

Science Daily published a press release which states the researchers’ results regarding how seniors’ driving cessation affected their ability to work, volunteer and remain social.

How to Discuss Driver Safety Concerns with Older Adults – National ((08/27/2013))


Source: Association

Keiro Senior HealthCare gives tips on discussing driver safety concerns with older adults. Issues with flexibility, reflexes and strength can all negatively affect a senior’s ability to drive.

Alaska: Older Alaskan Safe Driving PSA – Alaska ((08/14/2013))


Source: State Department of Transportation

A public service announcement created by Alaska’s Highway Safety Office on older driver safety. Several keys factors in safe driving are mentioned such as good vision, reaction time, strength and flexibility.

Seniors Behind the Wheel: Few Kids Have the Talk – National ((07/29/2013))


Source: News

This USA Today article talks about the difficulties children of seniors face when discussing driving cessation.

How to Understand and Influence an Older Driver – National ((07/01/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA offers an e-booklet on how to understand and the influence of older drivers on its website.

Driving with Parkinson’s Disease – National ((06/20/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s video on driving with Parkinson’s disease discusses how the illness affects body movements and can cause body tremors which both could affect driving safely. 

Driving with Diabetes – National ((06/20/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This video created by NHTSA shows how driving with diabetes can increasingly become more difficult and impossible to continue.

Driving with Alzheimer’s Disease – National ((06/20/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s video on driving with Alzheimer’s disease and other serious forms of dementia shows how difficult it is to drive safely when a senior is affected by one of these illnesses. 

Driving Rehabilitation Services – National ((06/20/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA covers driving rehabilitation services in this video. Seniors can speak with a driving rehabilitation specialist to help determine if driving is still a safe option.

Driving After a Stroke – National ((06/20/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This NHTSA video shows how driving after a stroke can be difficult because of limited mobility issues, possible vision problems and slower thinking.

Medical Conditions in Older Drivers - Law Enforcement – National ((06/20/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

See how law enforcement officials can help a driver with medical problems.

Husband Goes Missing in Car CO – Colorado ((05/31/2013))


Source: Association

Techniques for interviewing caregivers and search and rescue when someone with dementia goes missing by car.

Driver Assessment Traffic Stop MA – National ((05/31/2013))


Source: Association

Learn to recognize signs of impaired driving due to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Seniors Driving: When Should Your Parents’ Keys Be Taken Away? – National ((05/18/2013))


Source: News

Huffington Post shares a video clips from “The Drs” discussing senior driving and knowing when parents’ keys should be taken away. 

Injury Vulnerability and Effectiveness of Occupant Protection Technologies for Older Occupants and Women – National ((05/01/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report on injury vulnerability and the effectiveness of occupant protection technologies for older occupants and women.

Drivers Education for Older Drivers Remains for 2 Years, Researcher Finds – National ((04/26/2013))


Source: Association

In seeming contrast to the notion that the elderly often have memory problems, a new study finds driver retraining to be an effective strategy for improving the safe-driving habits of older drivers over the long term.

Family Conversations about Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia & Driving – National ((03/01/2013))


Source: Association

The Hartford website is a partner with AARP and gives tips on how family members can start conversations with older drivers regarding their health and ability to continue driving.

Effectiveness of LED Stop Lamps for Reducing Rear-End Crashes: Analyses of State Crash Data – National ((02/01/2013))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report on the effectiveness of LED stop lamps for reducing rear-end crashes and analyses of state crash data.

Keeping Elderly Drivers Safe – National ((01/05/2013))


Source: Association

This report explores mobility and safety issues for older Americans and presents a set of recommendations for implementing a safer transportation system.

Time to Hand Over the Keys? – National ((12/31/2012))


Source: Association

The National Safety Council created a .pdf of information for family members and loved ones of seniors regarding their driving ability. 

Standardized Road Test Results Differ from Older Adults’ Natural Driving – National ((12/05/2012))


Source: News

Studies have shown that our driving abilities decline with age, and for those with cognitive issues such as dementia, it can be even worse.

When Should Elderly Drivers Hang Up the Car Keys? – National ((11/18/2012))


Source: Association

Kiplinger gives information on how to approach a senior family member regarding their driving ability and safety behind the wheel.

Road Test and Naturalistic Driving Performance in Healthy and Cognitively Impaired Older Adults: Does Environment Matter? – National ((10/30/2012))


Source: Association

To relate the standardized road test to video recordings of naturalistic driving in older adults with a range of cognitive impairment.

When Should Seniors Hang Up the Car Keys? – National ((10/08/2012))


Source: News

NPR reported that “officials are bracing for a surge in senior drivers.” With statistics showing an accident increase after 65 and the likelihood of fatal accidents after 75, according to NPR.com. 

Reasons Why Teenagers and Older People Are the Riskiest Drivers – National ((10/01/2012))


Source: Association

Consumer Reports published an article on how teenagers and older people are the riskiest drivers on the road and also includes statistics on the crash rates for each age group.

Older Pedestrians at Risk – And How States Can Make it Safer and Easier for Older Residents to Walk – National ((08/01/2012))


Source: Association

New York, New York and Connecticut give statistics on Tri-State Pedestrian Fatalities from 2008-2010 and give information on the most dangerous places and counties for older pedestrians to walk.

Seniors Take Pedestrian Safety Into Their Own Hands – New York ((07/25/2012))


Source: News

This video is of some East Brooklyn seniors who are fighting to keep their streets safe.

Old and on the Road: Can We Train Elderly Drivers To Be Safer? – National ((02/13/2012))


Source: Association

This post reports that University of Massachusetts psychological scientist, Alexander Pollatsek found in his research of older drivers that many of their mistakes behind the wheel come from old driving habits. 

Identifying and Remediating Failures of Selective Attention in Older Drivers – National ((02/02/2012))


Source: Association

Older drivers are primarily overinvolved in crashes at intersections, and failure to attend to regions that contain relevant information about potential hazards is a major contributor to this problem.

Has the Time Come for an Older Driver Vehicle? – National ((02/02/2012))


Source: Association

This paper questions if it’s time for vehicles to be designed to suit the needs of an older population.

Conversations About Senior Driving – National ((01/11/2012))


Source: Association

Liberty Mutual created a video to discuss seniors driving and having conversations about the topic.

Did You Know? Mature Driving Quiz – National ((01/01/2012))


Source: Association

In this video AAA offers a “Did You Know? Mature Driving Quiz.” William E. Van Tassel, Ph.D., Manager of Driver Training Programs at AAA gives several statements to quiz on your knowledge about driving.

Utah: Senior Drivers – 2011 Utah Crash Facts – Utah ((12/31/2011))


Source: State Department of Transportation

Utah’s Department of Public Safety release its crash rates per licensed driver by age in 2011.

Many Older Floridians Have No Backup Plan After Hanging Up Their Keys – Florida ((12/02/2011))


Source: Association

Florida is home to one of the highest percentages of residents ages 65 and older in the USA, but very few of them have through ahead to a time when they will no longer be able to drive a vehicle safely. 

Illinois: City of Chicago 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis – Summary Report – Illinois ((12/01/2011))


Source: State Department of Transportation

The city of Chicago published its 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis Summary Report which includes information on pedestrian activity and efforts to improve safety on its streets.

Turning Over the Keys: Medical Fitness and Aging Drivers – District of Columbia ((08/24/2011))


Source: Association

This AAA report was presented at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Annual (AAMVA) International Conference in 2011.

Helping Eye Care Providers Better Assess Driving in Older Adults – National ((08/23/2011))


Source: Association

Drivers over age 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the driving population, and their eye care providers are playing an increasingly important role in assessing their ability to drive safely.

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (A bump in the road) – National ((08/16/2011))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Dementia & Driving Resource Center (Supportive Conversations Video) – National ((08/16/2011))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center has information regarding seniors affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to deal with their desire to drive. 

Driving Errors Increase with Age Among Older Drivers: Blind-spot Errors Most Common Mistake – National ((06/22/2011))


Source: Association

Even healthy adults with a safe driving record tend to make more driving errors as they age, including potentially dangerous mistakes, such as failing to check blind spots, according to a new study.

Elderly Drivers Support Competency Tests – National ((05/28/2011))


Source: Association

Researchers studying driving habits and accident rates among the elderly found that a majority support age-based competency tests.

Colorado: Survey Finds Aging Drivers Support Mandatory Retesting to Get License – Colorado ((05/25/2011))


Source: News

The Denver Post published an article on aging drivers and their support for mandatory retesting to renew driver’s licenses. It also states that In Colorado, drivers over the age of 65 must renew their license by mail.

Is It Time for Your Senior Driving Safety Course? – National ((03/23/2011))


Source: Association

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association website has information and links to various organizations that offer senior driving safety courses.

Seniors Have Trouble Walking And Talking At The Same Time – National ((03/16/2011))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

NPR reported the findings of researchers from the University of Illinois who found that “individuals over 59 face an increased risk of injury when crossing busy complicated streets while multitasking.”

Driving Simulators Help Older Adults Improve Their Road Skills – National ((01/14/2011))


Source: Association

Older drivers could benefit from training programs that put them behind the wheel -- in a driving simulator, with an observer who helps them develop their skills, according to a new article.

NHSTA Older Driver Safety Program Five - Year Strategic Plan 2012 -2017 – National ((12/01/2010))


Source: Association

The NHTSA created an older driver safety strategic plan to prevent injuries, save lives and to cut costs on roadway funds. This link provides infomration on building a communication base with older drivers. 

Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older Drivers – Alabama, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, National ((11/04/2010))


Source: University

This study was done to test cognitive training and motor vehicle collision in senior drivers.

Seniors Driving Research by MIT AgeLab and The Hartford – National ((06/30/2010))


Source: News

Newscaster Conn Jackson speaks with MIT AgeLab’s Dr. Liza D’Ambrosio and The Hartford’s Jodi Olshevski about the latest research on senior driving. 

To Drive or Not to Drive, That Isn’t the Question – National ((12/31/2009))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This research examines older drivers and how they rationalize and cope with their own changing psychological and physical functioning.

Residual Effects of Hypnotic Drugs in Aging Drivers – National ((12/31/2009))


Source: Association

Research was conducted to measure the effect of hypnotic drugs on driving performance in aging drivers.

Senior Driving Program – CarFit – National ((12/02/2009))


Source: Association

Bold City Media speaks with a CarFit representative who explains the company’s senior driving program and finding a vehicle best suited for the driver.

Driver Fitness Medical Guidelines – National ((09/01/2009))


Source: US Department of Transportation

The National Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a driver fitness medical guideline booklet on its website. 

The Long-Term Effect of ABS in Passenger Cars and LTVs – National ((08/01/2009))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report on the long-term effect of ABS in passenger cars and LTVs.

International Older Driver Consensus Conference on Assessment, Remediation and Counseling for Transportation Alternatives: Summary and Recommendations – National ((07/28/2009))


Source: Association

In 2003, 63 international experts on older driver issues met to examine three critical issues related to the safe mobility of senior drivers.

Improving Driving Performance of Senior Drivers Through Self-Monitoring with a Driving Diary – National ((07/28/2009))


Source: Association

This study investigated whether self-monitoring of driving by use of driving would improve driving performance in senior drivers.

Driving Transitions Education (Tools, Scripts, And Practices) – National ((06/01/2009))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA's publication "Driving Transitions Education (Tools, Scripts, And Practices)"

NCHRP Vol. 9 Report 500 – National ((04/08/2009))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This report of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program/Transportation Research Board provides a comprehensive guide to reducing crashes involving older drivers, and details effective engineering solutions and relative costs.

The Effectiveness of Amber Rear Turn Signals for Reducing Rear Impacts – National ((04/01/2009))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report on the effectiveness of amber rear turn signals for reducing rear impacts.

Designing In-Vehicle Technologies for Older Drivers – National ((03/01/2009))


Source: University

New in-vehicle systems must be designed for users who receive no training in how to use them and whose cognitive and sensory abilities vary.

Do Older Drivers At-Risk for Crashes Modify Their Driving Over Time? – National ((02/04/2009))


Source: Association

Restricted driving was present at baseline for the at-risk group and was observed in longitudinal trajectories that controlled for baseline differences.

Harnessing New Technology To Keep Older People Behind The Wheel For Longer – National ((09/20/2008))


Source: Association

A new study has highlighted the key role technology could play in extending the age at which people can drive safely on our roads.

Stressed Older Drivers Are Three Times More Likely To Brake Than Calm Drivers – National ((09/05/2008))


Source: News

A new study examines how stress affects decision-making and finds that older adults alter their behavior more than young adults when under stress -- particularly in situations involving risk.

Factors Leading to Older Drivers’ Intersection Crashes – National ((09/01/2008))


Source: Association

Older drivers are overinvolved in intersection crashes compared with younger drivers, but the reasons are not clearly understood. The purpose of the present study was to identify the factors that lead to older drivers' intersection crashes.

The Relationship Between Self-Regulation and Driving-Related Abilities in Older Drivers: An Exploratory Study – National ((07/07/2008))


Source: Association

The objectives of this paper are to review the published research findings about the role of self-regulation in older driver safety. 

Crash Risk of Older Drivers After Attending a Mature Driver Education Program – National ((11/01/2007))


Source: Association

This study was done to determine if crash rates would lessen after post-license education in senior drivers.

Transportation and Aging: A Research Agenda for Advancing Safe Mobility – National ((10/01/2007))


Source: Association

This paper was done to detail important research needs in various areas on the subject of driver safety and mobility for seniors.

Tinted Windshield and Its Effects on Aging Drivers’ Visual Acuity and Glare Response – National ((08/01/2007))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The objective of this study was to assess whether alternating different tinted windshields would affect aging drivers’ visual acuity and glare response.

Senior Drivers Less Likely Than Youngest Drivers To Cause Accidents, Study Finds – National ((07/23/2007))


Source: Association

Drivers 65 and older are just 1/3 as likely as drivers 15 to 24 to cause auto accidents, and not much more likely than drivers 25 to 64 to cause accidents. 

Senior Drivers Aren’t Unsafe Drivers – National ((07/19/2007))


Source: Association

The article follows up with information on a new study that “found that drivers aged 65 and older are only about 16 percent likelier to cause a crash than drivers aged 25 to 64.”

Personal Vehicle Transportation – National ((07/01/2007))


Source: Association

This chapter covers older drivers’ transportation needs and driving patterns.

Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older Persons – National ((07/01/2007))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This AAA Foundation research report studied older adult walking speeds and investigated re-timing pedestrian signals to better facilitate safe street crossing without causing undue traffic delay.

Usefulness of Off-Road Screening Tests to Licensing Authorities When Assessing Older Driver Fitness to Drive – National ((06/11/2007))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This paper identifies two off-road screening tests that have been assessed in their usefulness in a senior driver licensing context.

Usefulness of Off-Road Screening Tests to Licensing Authorities When Assessing Older Driver Fitness to Drive – National ((06/11/2007))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This paper identifies two off-road screening tests that have been assessed in their usefulness in a senior driver licensing context.

Transportation in an Aging Society – National ((04/01/2007))


Source: Association

This Transportation Research Board of the National Academies document covers mobility of the elderly: Good News and Bad News, safety of older persons in traffic, adaptive strategies of older drivers.

Older Driver Safety – Knowledge Sharing Should Help States Prepare for Increase in Older Driver Population – National ((04/01/2007))


Source: Association

(GAO) did a study on older driver safety because of the increasing concern of older adults driving while representing the fastest growing U.S. population segment.

Evaluation of Two Assessment Tools in Predicting Driving Ability of Senior Drivers – National ((03/01/2007))


Source: Association

To evaluate Motor Free Visual Perceptual Test (MVPT) and Clock Drawing Task (clock test) as quick assessment tools in predicting driving capability of senior drivers for an on-road driving test.

The Case For and Against Mandatory Age-based Assessment of Older Drivers – National ((09/01/2006))


Source: Association

The study shows both sides, for and against, age-based assessment in senior drivers.

Driving Cessation: The Perspective of Senior Drivers – National ((08/03/2006))


Source: Association

An educational intervention to aid older drivers in self‐evaluating driving skills and coping with the driving cessation dilemma is proposed.

Giving Up Driving May Be Express Lane To Long-term Care – National, Maryland ((07/19/2006))


Source: Association

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found that elders who stay behind the wheel are less likely to enter nursing homes or assisted living centers than those who have never driven or who have given up driving altogether.

Collisions Involving Senior Drivers: High-risk Conditions and Locations – National ((07/01/2006))


Source: Association

This study was conducted to better understand the characteristics of crashes involving senior drivers 65 and older.

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Assessment of Driving-related Skills Older Driving Screening Tool – National ((06/01/2006))


Source: Association

The Assessment of Driving-related Skills (ADReS) was created to assist physicians in making decisions regarding their patients’ safe driving ability.

Older Adult Drivers with Cognitive Impairment – National ((03/15/2006))


Source: Association

This article is about the likelihood of family physicians becoming more involved in driving retirement discussions with patients affected by cognitive impairment.

The Older Driver with Dementia: An Updated Literature Review – National ((12/31/2005))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This paper addresses the issue and limits of senior drivers with dementia.

Straight Talk for Mature Drivers – Good Vision…Vital to Good Driving – National ((12/31/2005))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

AAA’s discusses how good vision is vital for seniors and safe driving in this online brochure. Vision can be affected in many ways due to aging.

Connecticut: Elderly Driving Restrictions and Mandatory Testing Requirements – Connecticut ((11/22/2005))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This OLR Research Report conducted by Associate Legislative Attorney, Janet L. Kaminski, details Connecticut’s laws regarding license renewal, which at the 2005 there were no special requirements that only applied to elderly residents. 

Determining Older Driver Crash Responsibility from Police and Insurance Data – National ((08/08/2005))


Source: Association

This study aims to determine the extent to which older drivers can be considered responsible for their crashes.

The Elderly Driver – National ((06/01/2005))


Source: Association

In 2005, Psychiatric Times covered senior drivers on their website and the affect that prohibiting the elderly from driving can have on them. 

Impact of an Educational Program on the Safety of High-risk Older Drivers – National ((04/01/2004))


Source: Association

This study was done to determine if an individualized educational program to enhance driver safety skills would reduce the crash rate risk in senior drivers.

Older Driver Safety: A Report from the Older Drivers Project – National ((12/03/2003))


Source: Association

This report was created out of the growing public concern regarding senior drivers and their crash rates.

Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older Persons – National ((06/01/2003))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied the walking speed of older pedestrians, and suggested ways to improve signal timing to improve safety while not increasing congestion.

A Pocket Guide to Improve Traffic Control and Mobility for Our Older Population – National ((01/01/2003))


Source: US Department of Transportation

This pocket guide helps transportation professionals consider the needs of an aging population and covers three key areas -- intersections/interchanges, curves, and temporary traffic control situations (e.g., workzones).

Driving and Alternatives: Older Drivers in Michigan – Michigan ((01/01/2003))


Source: Association

This paper shows the results of a statewide telephone conducted in Michigan of drivers and former drivers ages 65 and older on their transportation mode choices and whether they planned for when they could no longer drive.

Evaluating the Impact of Passengers on the Safety of Older Drivers – Kentucky ((01/01/2003))


Source: Association

Overall, the presence of two or more passengers was found to negatively impact the probability that drivers 75 years of age or older were at fault in crashes.

The SIMARD Screening Tool to Identify Unfit Drivers. Are We There Now? – National ((03/15/2001))


Source: Association

Dobbs and Schopflocher published an article in which they introduced a tool to identify people who are unfit to drive because of cognitive impairment.

Effectiveness of Pretensioners And Load Limiters for Enhancing Fatality Reduction By Seat Belts – National ((11/01/2000))


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA’s Technical Report Documentation on the effectiveness of pretensioners and load limiters for enhancing fatality reduction by seat belts.

Consequences of Driving Cessation Decreased Out-of-Home Activity Levels – Connecticut, National ((11/01/2000))


Source: Association

This study shows how out-of-home activity decreased in seniors once they stopped driving.

Massachusetts: Pedestrian Safety Guidelines for Residential Streets in Boston – Massachusetts ((08/01/2000))


Source: State Department of Transportation

The city of Boston published its plan to improve pedestrian safety in residential areas.

Driving Decisions Workbook – National, Michigan ((01/01/2000))


Source: US Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute to assist drivers in understanding age-related changes that can affect your ability to drive safely.

The Older Adult Driver – National ((01/01/2000))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

 Knowing a senior driver’s driving history, medication, possible medical and physiological issues are all topics that are covered, as well as, additional measures that should be taken to prevent injury while driving.

Characteristics of Traffic Crashes Among Young, Middle-aged, and Older Drivers – National ((05/01/1999))


Source: Association

This is a study of the varying characteristics of car crashes among young, middle-aged and older drivers.

Driving Cessation and Changes in Mileage Driven Among Elderly Individuals – National ((09/01/1998))


Source: Association

This is a study of driving cessation among seniors and the changes in mileage driven among the elderly.

Confidence In, and Self-rating Of, Driving Ability Among Older Drivers – Connecticut ((05/01/1998))


Source: Association

Active drivers in a representative cohort of older individuals age 77 years and older in New Haven, Connecticut were interviewed. 

Illinois: Impact from Changes in IL Drivers License Renewal Requirements for Older Drivers – Illinois ((01/01/1998))


Source: Association

This report shows the impact in Illinois when the driver's license renewal length shortened from 4 to 2 years for those ages 81-86 and 1 year for those ages 87 and up.

Trends in Highway Safety: Effects of an Aging Population on Accident Propensity – National ((08/01/1995))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This research speaks to the U.S’s aging population and propensity for car crashes.

Psychoactive Medications and Injurious Motor Vehicle Collisions Involving Older Drivers – National ((11/01/1994))


Source: Association

Older drivers have the second highest risk for motor vehicle collisions of any age group, after adolescents. Psychoactive medications may place older drivers at increased risk for injurious motor vehicle collisions.

Compensation in Older Drivers as Reflected in Their Fatal Accidents – National ((02/01/1994))


Source: Association

To estimate safety effects of compensatory changes in the driving behavior of older drivers (age 65+), their fatal accidents were compared with those of young and middle-aged drivers (26-40 years) in different situations.

Cognitive-Motor Abilities of the Elderly Driver – National ((02/01/1992))


Source: Association

This article reviews information the effects of old age on motor abilities as it relates to driving behavior.

Vision, Aging, and Driving: The Problems of Older Drivers – National ((01/01/1992))


Source: Association

This research was done on adults ages 22-92 years old in regard to their visual difficulties when driving and performing everyday tasks

Visual Requirements for Safety and Mobility of Older Drivers – National ((10/01/1991))


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This paper was done to assess visual deterioration with aging and how to deal with issues in visual functions and driving.

Recent Changes in Driving Among Older Adults – National ((10/01/1991))


Source: Association

An examination of drivers aged at least 65 years between the years 1980 and 1989.

Differences in Accident Characteristics Among Elderly Drivers and Between Elderly and Middle-aged Drivers – National ((10/01/1990))


Source: Association

A total of 5,853 elderly drivers, aged 55 and over, and 8,210 middle-aged drivers 36–50 years old, all of whom were involved in accidents during 1986, were compared using discriminant function and univariate techniques.

Cardiovascular Disease, Aging and Traffic Accidents – California ((08/01/1967))


Source: State Department of Transportation

Mean individual traffic accident and violation rates were compared for 267 “healthy” drivers and 82 senile persons. 

Carfit Virutal Workshops & Focus Sessions – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This workshop can help improve your fit in your personal vehicle. How getting the proper fit in your vehicle may increase your safety and the safety of others on the road. It is a FREE, 90-minute workshop. 

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Seat Belts – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Find out how to wear your seat belt fo the safest fit to lower your risk of injury. 

Carfit Online Workshop – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Learn how to get the best fit in your vehicle and how it may help you stay safer on the road with the full-length CarFit online Workshop 

AARP Driver Safety Quick Learnings – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Whether you'll be behind the wheel or just enjoying the ride be prepared for the road ahead with AARP Driver Safety's free educational resources on the vehicle, driving, and alternative transportation. 

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Kansas Retire your keys Posters – Kansas ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

A poster along with the other two attachments that were developed by Kansas Department of Transportation. 

Senior Navigator- Older Driver Safety – Virginia ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

A list of programs from all across Virginia to help your loved one drive safer, for longer. 

Older Driver Safety and Transition for the Mature Driver – National ()


Source: Association

Older Driver Safety and Transition – National ()


Source: Association

Older driver safety will continue to receive increased attention. New resources and new information appear frequently.

Find a Ride Florida – Florida ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Find a ride in Florida. 

Senior Driver Safety – Florida ()


Source: Association

Our mission is to make it easy for you to complete your Florida DMV needs online.

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The Role Of Driver Rehabilitation In Determining Fitness To Drive: Recommendations for State Driver License Agencies – National ()


Source: Association

This document provides guidance to SDLA's regarding the role of driver rehabilitation specialists in providing evidence, via comprehensive evaluations, to support fitness-to-drive decisions for medically at-risk drivers.

Governor's Traffic Safety Committee – New York ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

The New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) coordinates traffic safety activities in the state and shares useful, timely information about traffic safety and the state's highway safety grant program.

Senior Driver Safety & Mobility – National ()


Source: Association

AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. We also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors who can no longer drive independently.


At-Risk Driver Population and Programs – National ()


Source: Association

This is a site to address at-risk driving from a vareity of audiences. 

Auto Driver Safety AARP – National ()


Source: Association

This is a collection of auto safety resources for older drivers collected by AARP. 

PedBikeInfo – National ()


Source: Association

Safety and resources for biking. 

Tip Sheet: Safety Tips For Older Drivers – National ()


Source: Association

Various physical issues linked to aging can interfere with safe driving, it’s important that older drivers—and the people who care for them—evaluate their needs to keep them safe while they’re on the road.

Tip Sheet: Safety Tips For Older Drivers – National ()


Source: Association

Various physical issues linked to aging can interfere with safe driving, it’s important that older drivers—and the people who care for them—evaluate their needs to keep them safe while they’re on the road.

Older Drivers- Injury Facts – National ()


Source: Association

These are fatality trends based on mortality data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Headlight Use – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Headlight instruction on when you should turn your headlights on for all 50 states

Distracted Driving Laws in Each State – National ()


Source: Association

Statewide laws related to distracted driving across the country 

Distracted Driving Laws in Each State – National ()


Source: Association

Statewide laws related to distracted driving across the country 

Driving Safety for Older Road Users – National ()


Source: Association

This website provides an interactive driving safety questionnaire, safety tips for older drivers, and vehicle safety tips. 

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) – Washington ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

S.A.L.T. stands for Seniors And Law Enforcement Together. It is a cooperative effort of the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Safe Mobility Florida – Florida ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Law enforcement officials, who older adults trust, can help an aging driver steer clear of harm's way on the road. Law enforcement officials can also be helpful when it comes to interacting with stakeholders on the topic.

Governor Highway Safety Association – National ()


Source: Association

Governors Highway Safety Associaton. The State's Voice on Highway Safety. 

Walking: Tips on How to Use Transportation Options in Florida – Florida, National ()


Source: Association

Walking is a popular physical activity for all ages that can also serve as a useful transportation option to help maintain mobility and independence. 

ADED: Recommendations for State Driver License Agencies – National ()


Source: Association

Among the many duties of state driver licensing agencies, protecting the public is a top priority. State licensing agencies work with medical advisory boards to determine if an individual is safe to drive. 

Senior Licensing Policies and Practices – National ()


Source: Association

AAA has compiled a list of considerations/laws for older drivers renewing their license in every state. This list includes physician reporting of unsafe drivers, vision requirements and law enforcement reporting unsafe drivers. 

Aging (Older) Drivers – Wisconsin ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Wisconsin has compiled a list of resources for older drivers to help them and their loved ones assess driving safety. 

Cycling Survey Databook 2020 – Massachusetts ()


Source: Association

This is a detailed look cycle today and what they anticipate as they age. 

Associations Between Vision Impairment and Driving and the Effectiveness of Vision Related Interventions – National ()


Source: News

Driving is one of the main modes of transport with safe driving requiring a combination of visual, cognitive, and physical skills. 

Spectrum of Driver Services – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Define the common language and different program models used in a wide range of driving programs, covering everything from driving school for healthy drivers to driving rehabilitation programs. 

Spectrum of Driver Services – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Define the common language and different program models used in a wide range of driving programs, covering everything from driving school for healthy drivers to driving rehabilitation programs. 

Tips and resources for safe older drivers – National ()


Source: Association

Many older adults can drive safely well into their 80s or even beyond. It is important that older driver and the people who care for them evaluate their need to keep them safe while they are on the road. 

Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers Overview – National ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

This includes selection and highlights from the Clinicians Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Road Users. 

Practitioner toolkit: The Role of OT in Driving rehab – National ()


Source: Association

Occupational therapy Practitioners are experts in addressing essential and everyday activities of daily living. by choosing a specialize in driving rehabilitation, you are helping individuals remain mobile and independent 

Driving and Traveling After a Heart Attack – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Getting back behind the wheel after a heart attack can be just another step in your recovery, but it's important that you're both ready and prepared. 

How to Talk With Senior About their Unsafe Driving – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Talking to seniors about their driving abilities can be a difficult conversation to have. For many people, driving represents independence, so giving that freedom can be very difficult to accept. 

Exercise For Mature Drivers – National ()


Source: Association

Exercise is a key component of healthy aging. it offers many health benefits to your overall fitness and well-being. Simple exercises may also contribute to a more positive driving experience and help you stay safe on the road. 

Road to Zero: Doubling Down on What Works – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Doubling Down on What Works is a working group of the Road to Zero Coalition has created a clearinghouse for resources. 

The Road To Zero Coalition – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Road to Zero Coalitinon, managed by the NSC, released a comprehensive report laying out strategies to end roadway deaths in the U.S by 2050

Reading the Road – National ()


Source: Association

Expert tips on how to read and interpret road signs, signals, markings and more.

Road Safe Seniors Welcome Video – National ()


Source: Association

Learn about the Clearinghouse for Older Road User Safety (ChORUS).

Safer Roads Resource Video – National ()


Source: Association

Highway officials and traffic engineers are building safer roads for all.

Plan For The Road Ahead – National ()


Source: Association

Senior Driver Safety - CarFit – National ()


Source: Association

A program developed by the American Society on Aging in collaboration with AAA, AARP and AOTA that provides a check on how well a driver fits his car.

Roadway Safety Guide – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

This community-oriented Guide is published by the Roadway Safety Foundation to help communicate key engineering and road design principles to lay audiences. It is a comprehensive resource and free of charge. 

Driving with Cataracts – National ()


Source: Association

This question provided by AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covers facts about cataracts and how it can make driving difficult. 

Driving Safety Tips for Senior Drivers – Texas ()


Source: Association

American Safety Council published safety tips for senior drivers and senior license requirements in Texas.

Driving Safely While Aging Gracefully – National ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA has created a guide filled with information on how seniors can drive safely. 

Driving Safely After 60 – National ()


Source: Association

The American Optometric Association gives tips on driving safely after 60 on its website. 

Driving Evaluations by an Occupational Therapist – National ()


Source: Association

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website has information about occupational therapists and their ability to conduct office/clinic evaluations behind of the wheel of a car.

Driving and PD (Parkinson's Disease) – National ()


Source: University

The page includes links regarding self-assessments of driving ability, how Parkinson’s disease affects driving ability, how MD’s assess a person’s ability to drive and more.

DriveSharp – National ()


Source: Association

The program, DriveSharp, provides engaging brain-training exercises that can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

V2V Communications Fact Sheet – National ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

For the past decade, NHTSA has researched V2V, a communication technology that allows vehicles to communicate to one another regarding important safety and mobility information. 

Utah: Senior Licensing Laws – Utah ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

AAA’s website states that Utah requires its residents to renew their licenses and pass a vision test every five years and that there are no additional requirements for senior drivers.

Drivewell Toolkit – National ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

The American Society on Aging (ASA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have developed a driver safety toolkit for people working directly with older adult. 

Utah: Ride UTA – Utah ()


Source: Association

A blog for Utah’s Transit Authority.

Turning the Corner…and Still Driving: A Review of Law Enforcement Programs Involving Older Driver Safety – National ()


Source: Association

A review of various law enforcement programs that involve older drivers and their safety.

Maine: Driving Laws for Seniors and Older Drivers – Maine ()


Source: Association

Drivers are required to renew their licenses every six years in the state of Louisiana, according to AAA.com. They are also required to complete a vision test at every in-person renewal.

Know When to be Concerned – National ()


Source: Association

AAA gives information on things family members and caretakers should look out for when determining if a senior is still driving safely. 

Kentucky: Driver License Information for Seniors – Kentucky ()


Source: Association

Caregiverlist.com states that there is no renewal test for seniors in the state of Kentucky. The renewal cycle is every four years and must be done in-person.

Kansas: KS Highway Patrol's Elderly Driving Information – Kansas ()


Source: Association

Kansas Highway Patrol has information posted on its website regarding elderly driving and the cautions and concerns that come along with it. 

Issues Related to Older Drivers – National ()


Source: Association

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists’ website shows that seniors have lower fatal crash rates, but are at a higher risk for fatalities because of their age.

Interventions That Can Empower Drivers (Podcast) – National, New York ()


Source: Association

This 28-minute podcast discusses equipment that can make driving safer for seniors, being comfortable as a passenger, and preventing falls related to community mobility.


Indiana: Senior Driver and Mobility Services – Indiana ()


Source: Association

Located in Indiana, Senior Driving was started to provide transportation services to seniors to help them remain independent and safe.

Illinois: The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District Blog – Illinois ()


Source: Association

The Champaign-Urbana, Illinois Mass Transit District blog.

Illinois: Cyber Drive - Services for Seniors – Illinois ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

The Secretary of State for Illinois's office has a website, Cyber Drive Illinois, that was created to disseminate information regarding obtaining a driver’s license and license plates and to promote safety on the state’s roads.

Identifying Changes That Can Affect Driving – National ()


Source: Association

19-minute podcast with Elin Schold Davis, program manager of AOTA’s Older Driver Initiative, and Rhonda Shah, program manager in the Traffic Safety Advocacy Division of AAA, about identifying changes in aging that can affect driving.

Idaho: Senior Licensing Laws – Idaho ()


Source: Association

AAA outline’s the state of Idaho’s senior licensing laws including frequent renewals and limited renewal options at 70 and older.

How’s My Driving? – Michigan ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Simple tips for maintaining driving skills provided by the state of Michigan.

The Roadway Safety Guide – National ()


Source: Association

This comprehensive, community-oriented manual introduces readers to roadway safety in a readable, non-technical fashion. 

Wyoming: Guide to Assessment & Counseling of Older Drivers – Wyoming ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

Summary of Wyoming policies and regulations for older driver licensing

How Caregivers Can Keep Elderly Drivers Safe – National ()


Source: Association

WebMD has published a list of things caregivers can do to keep elderly drivers safe.

Helping Older Drivers Stay Safe: A Guide for Family & Friends – Pennsylvania ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

This guide will help you, as a family member or friend, know when and how to get involved in an older person’s decision on whether they should modify their driving routine, or if they should no longer drive.

Helping Elders Retire From Driving – National ()


Source: Association

Today’s Geriatric Medicine published an article on how caregivers, family members, and physicians can help elders retire from driving.

Wisconsin: Department of Transportation Senior Driver Information – Wisconsin ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

The page includes links regarding special driving circumstances, senior drivers, law enforcement and medical professionals.

Will Elderly and Disabled Gain Most From Autonomous Cars? – California ()


Source: Association

The future of autonomous vehicles might give millions of elderly and disabled citizens a chance at driving, but new draft regulations released in December by the state of California point to a longer battle for fully driverless cars. 

When to Put the Brakes on Elderly Drivers – National ()


Source: Association

Aging Parents and Elder Care’s website explains how aging affects the ability to drive for elders and it also includes a checklist on safe driving for elders. 

When to Put the Brakes on Driving: Autonomy vs Safety – National ()


Source: Association

Erie County has a higher concentration of older adults than both New York states and the US as a whole. With that in mind, Erie.gov gives general information and statistics to its residents on issues that older drivers face.

GrandDriver – Older Driver Safety and Mobility – Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia ()


Source: Association

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators' website has a page dedicated to the “GrandDriver,” a pilot program that provides information on aging and driving.

When Should I Stop Driving? – National ()


Source: Association

Most of us will have to ask this question someday. If driving were only about getting from point A to point B, it might be an easy one to answer, but driving provides convenience, security, and personal freedom.

What Risks Do Older Drivers Pose to Traffic Safety? – National ()


Source: Association

RAND Corporation’s website details the risks of older drivers and traffic safety. Information regarding relative risk, driving frequency and fragility are all covered topics,including a compparison of older driver risk to younger drivers.

Watching Out for Senior Walkers – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

A workshop, created by NHTSA, was held in various cities to educate local transportation engineers, law enforcement officers, elected officials and others on senior pedestrian safety.

Washington: Safe driving for seniors – District of Columbia ()


Source: Association

Washington State Department of Licensing resource for older drivers.

Volunteer Driver Programs – National ()


Source: Association

Grantmakers in Aging has a webpage on the necessity of volunteer driver programs and offers links to online resource libraries

Vision Screening of Older Drivers for Preventing Road Traffic Injuries and Fatalities – National ()


Source: Association

To assess the effects of vision screening interventions for older drivers to prevent road traffic injuries and fatalities.

Virginia: Mature Driver Safety – Virginia ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ website gives information regarding safe driving courses and GrandDriver for mature drivers in the state. 

Virginia: Arlington's Transit Blog – Virginia ()


Source: Association

A blog for Arlington, Virginia’s transit, ART.

Florida: Tampa Bay's Go Hart Public Transportation – Florida ()


Source: Association

What's new, what's happening, and what's to come in Tampa Bay public transportation.

Evergreen Campaign Material – National ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

To learn more about how to recognize and discuss changes in older drivers. You may want to share some of the materials at the following site with family members.

Medical Reporting/Medical Review Process – Florida ()


Source: Association

f your state is looking to create a state resource page for Older Drivers, please use these as examples. 

Driver License Renewal Requirements/Options for Older Drivers – Florida ()


Source: Association

If your state is looking to create a state resource page for Older Drivers, please use these as examples.

10 Warning Signs a Driver May Have Alzheimer’s Disease – National ()


Source: Association

International Association of Chiefs of Police has a pocket card on the ten warning signs a driver may have with Alzheimer’s Disease and ten steps on how to interact with someone that may have Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Driver Medical Referral – Florida ()


Source: Association

Florida’s Driver Medical Referral Visor Card which mentions the observations and indicators and what to look for in a potential medical condition that affects safe driving.

Referring Drivers to MVA Medical Review Process – Maryland ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

A video of their process of referring Maryland drivers to the DMV.

Red Flags of Medically At-Risk Drivers – Maryland ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Maryland’s Red Flag tool. 

Florida: Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Safety and Mobility Resources – Florida ()


Source: Association

This statewide coalition is led by the Florida Department of Transportation in partnership with the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy at Florida State University. 

Alzheimer's Initiatives – National ()


Source: Association

International Association of Chief of Police Alzheimer’s Initiative is a comprehensive toolkit for law enforcement.

Identification and Referral of Medically Impaired Older Drivers – National ()


Source: Association

The “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety,” is a two-hour POST certified training for CPT credit delivered by a team of health and law enforcement professionals.

Resources for Law Enforcement – National ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS) has several 30-minute training videos for law enforcement.

Video Toolkit on Medical Conditions in Older Drivers – National ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

NHTSA produced this series of short videos to show how different medical conditions common among older drivers can impact driving abilities. Watch these videos to see on-the-road examples and learn more about how to stay safe. 

Florida: Grand Driver website – Florida ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

This website focuses on Florida’s senior drivers and indicates that aging requires some changes in terms of driving safely.

Federal Highway Administration – National ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) website provides information on core highway topics such as safety, research, development and technology, and innovative program delivery.

Elderly Drivers: When to Take Away the Keys – Ohio ()


Source: News

WDTN TV (Dayton) reports on when to take car keys away from elderly drivers and gives tips on ensuring driver safety on the road.

DOSCI Explanation – National, California ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

DOSCI is a screening tool developed by UCSD. 

Pennsylvania: Just Drive PA's Older Driver Information – Pennsylvania ()


Source: Association

The website also provides a list of older driver safety tips which includes having a regular eye exam, avoiding stressful driving situations and travelling in bad weather, if possible. 

Oregon: Driver and Motor Vehicle Services on Unsafe Drivers – Oregon ()


Source: Association

Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services has put together a brochure for residents detailing signs of unsafe driving and what can be done about it. it also gives information on how to report an unsafe driver. 

Oregon: DMV At-Risk Driver Program – Oregon ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

Oregon's DMV resource for helping seniors stay safe and mobile

Older Occupants’ Recovery From Crash Injuries – National ()


Source: Association

The goal of this study was to provide better understanding of the consequences of older adults’ crash injuries on their health and functional performance -their ability to carry out normal activities – by addressing research questions.

Older Drivers, Elderly Driving, Seniors at the Wheel – National ()


Source: Association

SmartMotorist.com states that in the next 20 years senior drivers is predicted to triple in the United States and gives information on older driver research.

Older Drivers Safety Program – National ()


Source: Association

Older drivers have an excessively high rate of motor vehicle fatalities compared to other adult age groups, on a per vehicle mile traveled (VMT) basis.

Alaska: Department of Administration – Alaska ()


Source: Nonprofit Organization

The site also explains Alaska’s state law regarding driver license renewal and how to maintain driving privileges.

Older Drivers and Cataract: Driving Habits and Crash Risk – National ()


Source: Association

This article discusses the impact of cataract, a vision impairment, on senior drivers.

Older Driver Screening and Evaluations – National ()


Source: Association

This link is to a 24-minute podcast disccusion focuses on the value of occupational therapy on older driver rehabilitation, safety and mobility.

Older Driver Safety Training – National ()


Source: Association

The National Sheriffs’ Association website has several links for those interested in older driver safety.

Ohio: Older Driver Information – Ohio ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

The “Senior Drivers in Ohio” page on DMV.com explains the license renewal process for senior drivers. 

Office of Crash Avoidance Research Technical Publications – National ()


Source: Association

NHTSA provides links to crash avoidance research documents.

Occupational Therapy Toolkit – National ()


Source: Association

The Occupational Therapy e handouts are organized by 85 treatment guides and are based on current research and best practice.

North Dakota: Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers – North Dakota ()


Source: Association

Summary of information for physicians and others pertaining to older driver licensing regulations in North Dakota.

North Dakota: Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers – North Dakota ()


Source: Association

Summary of information for physicians and others pertaining to older driver licensing regulations in North Dakota.

North Dakota: DOT's Tips for Talking to Aging Drivers – North Dakota ()


Source: US Department of Transportation

North Dakota gives its residents tips for talking to senior drivers on its transportation website. Suggestions for making the conversation go smoothly include starting early, being sensitive, offering alternatives and avoiding demands.

North Carolina: Contact and Locations for Driving Licensing – North Carolina ()


Source: State Department of Transportation

This website provides information for the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles for all ages. It provides information on current driving laws and regulations, obtaining a license or ID, and obtaining a driving record.

NHTSA's Older Driver and Road Safety Information – National ()


Source: Association

We offer materials to help seniors and their families understand how aging can affect driving and how an existing vehicle can be adapted to ensure continued safe driving.