How do I navigate ChORUS?

ChORUS users have several navigation options, depending on what they are looking for:

  • ISSUE-AREA CONTENT: Clearinghouse materials are divided into six main categories. From the homepage, these can be directly accessed below the scrolling slideshow. Once a user has navigated into the site, a banner on the right side of each page reads "Search for Resources." The drop-down menu under that banner provides quick links back to any of the six main categories. You may also use the Keywords search to search across categories.
  • ONLINE COMMUNITY PAGES: Our Blog and Forum are featured on the homepage. Additionally, regardless of where you are on the site, they are always easily located by links prominently featured on the upper navigation bar.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE CONTENT: Looking for the About Us page, our Terms of Use, or information about how we review and approve content for the site? Check out the navigation bar at the bottom of every page and look for links under the "CHORUS" column.

Remember, you can always contact us by clicking the envelope icon on the upper navbar, or using the "Ask an Expert" feature located on most site pages.