African American woman behind a counter helping an older Caucasian man. A young woman stand behind him.

State driver licensing agencies are at the forefront of setting safety measures for all older drivers and can influence change in drivers. This influence can come not just by legislation, but also by acting as a resource for those who have questions or do not pass a required driving test.

Fatal older driver crashes increase with age.  Three out of four fatal crashes involving older drivers occurred in the daytime. Older driver crashes are often associated with the physical, visual, and/or cognitive effects of aging.

Getting older comes with a series of changes that have the possibility of making driving unsafe and may endanger everyone on the road. With our population aging, we want to ensure that the roads are still safe and that there are procedures in place to support our older drivers.

From counter workers to state driver licensing agency administrators, you serve as a primary information source for many older drivers and their family members and ChORUS is here to help. This guide provides information and resources that can help you improve older driver safety.