Computer with a picture that reads The Keys to Being Safe on the Road as You Age

Promote information about older road user safety for the older driver, family members and caregivers, medical professionals, law enforcement, and state driver licensing agencies. We invite you to take advantage of our available resources that can be used now and throughout the year to augment your education and outreach efforts. Below is information that is ready to use that you can integrate into your outreach campaigns. Additionally, you can find information about our past outreach campaigns under Your Resources that you may find helpful in developing your campaigns.

How to Use These Resources to Strengthen Professional and Community Partnerships

Review this quick guide for ideas on activities and events using the ChORUS OAM resources that will increase older driver traffic safety within your community. 

How to use these Resources to Continue Professional and Community Partnerships screenshot
How to use these
Resources to Strengthen
Professional and
Community Partnerships


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