Each state sets its own requirements for older driver licensing and renewal. States and counties offer a variety of services and support that can be good referrals for law enforcement personnel to share with older drivers. Some states require vision or another testing at various ages and others do not. Some states require doctors to report individuals who should no longer be driving due to the effect of various medical conditions, medications, or functional/cognitive capability and others don’t. States also allow an individual, whether it is a medical professional, family member, caregiver, or member of the public, to report drivers who are considered to not be safe driving.

  • States have links available for internal state information. You can access My State Info for a link to your Department of Motor Vehicle Administration page regarding older driver licensing requirements in your state. State information also includes your State government Older Driver information and additional state resources.
  • Florida State has a well-developed website on its state resources, referral process, and reporting process. If your state is looking to create a state resource page for Older Drivers, please use these as examples.
  • CarFIT: Trained technicians or health professionals work with each participant to ensure they "fit"; their vehicle for safety and comfort. A CarFit check takes around 20 minutes to complete.