The following post comes from the Transportation Secretary's blog, Fast Lane. It was posted by FHWA Administrator Gregory Nadeau, NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind, and Roadway Safety Foundation Executive Director Greg Cohen. ChORUS is grateful to be able to reproduce it here, and is honored by the support of our partners. To see the blog in its original form, click here.


The data in FHWA’s annual Highway Statistics show a record-high 214.3 million licensed drivers in the US in 2014, including 95.9 million who are of age 50 or older.  These figures support DOT's Beyond Traffic study, which predicts a 77-percent increase among drivers over age 65 by 2045. What’s more, drivers who are 85 or older increased by 2.9 percent from 2013 to 2014; they remain the nation’s fastest growing demographic group among licensed drivers.

As America’s driving population ages, resources addressing the needs of those drivers become increasingly important. And now --just in time for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week-- the Roadway Safety Foundation, with support from the Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has launched the Clearinghouse for Older Road User Safety (ChORUS) at www.roadsafeseniors.org.

Staying active and connected with friends, family, and neighbors can promote the healthy aging we all deserve. ChORUS was developed with this ultimate goal in mind, and with the knowledge that achieving it will require the efforts of a broad range of stakeholders.

The new clearinghouse complements other resources such as FHWA’s Handbook for Designing Roadways for the Aging Population and NHTSA’s Drive Well Toolkit: Promoting Older Driver Safety and Mobility in Your Community.

The Clearinghouse’s resources are as comprehensive as its audience is diverse. Highway engineers will find technical manuals; motor vehicle administrators will find state-by-state licensing policies; medical professionals will find the latest research; older drivers will find self-assessments and tips; and family and caregivers will find a supportive online community.

If this sounds like a tremendous volume of information, it is.  But ChORUS was designed from the ground up to be a well-organized, modern, user-friendly resource that is easy to navigate. And, of course, it’s available at no charge to the public and easily accessible for desktop, tablet, and mobile users.

ChORUS has both breadth and depth of coverage on the major elements of highway safety and is managed by a team of specialists in highway safety, gerontology, and information technology. A group of subject matter experts affiliated with the Transportation Research Board and other leading organizations provides input on content governance and oversight.

The aging process affects us all.  ChORUS provides a dynamic resource that can help make travel on our Nation’s roads safer for everyone.