DMV/MVA customer being served

By 2030, 1-in-5 citizens will be retirement-aged. In the 2030’s, there will be 77 million American citizens age 65 or older. Simply put, our population is aging which comes with a set of unique challenges and opportunities.

Getting older comes with a series of changes that can make driving unsafe, which may endanger everyone on the road. We want to ensure that the roads are still safe and that there are procedures in place to support our aging road users.

Working for a state licensing agency, you’re at the forefront of setting safety measures for all road users. You have the power to influence change on drivers—not just by legislation, by acting as a resource for those who can’t pass a driving test and allowing older drivers to remain active in their communities.

From counter workers to DMV/MVA administrators, you’re the main information source for many older road users and family members of older road users. This task carries great gravitas and is essential for keeping our communities safe. DMV/MVA workers keep dangerous drivers off the road, which makes the roads safer for everyone.

ChORUS has worked with state licensing agency professionals to create several new resources and gather resources that will help you assist older drivers. We’ve gathered a plethora of state policy examples, screenings, self-assessments, data, and more. Our resources are designed to help you, as DMV/MVA administrators and people who work at the counter of the DMV/MVA, with older drivers.