Older man driving and smiling

Being a safe road user not only ensures your safety, but also the safety of those around you – your spouse, children, grandchildren; neighbors and their family members; and all those with whom you share the road. Older persons are at greater risk of injury when in a crash, may have a long recovery period from the injury, and are likely to experience lasting impacts on their daily activity as a result of those injuries.   At the same time, having the freedom and independence that driving offers is important in maintaining control over our lives and ensuring our independence.

None of us like to face the challenges that come with aging, including the changes in our ability that may impact our safety on the road.  But we can address many of these challenges by understanding the impacts of our medical conditions, medications, and the aging process and by planning ahead to implement the safety measures that will let us keep driving safer – longer.

ChORUS provides you with the resources you need to be informed, know the signs to look for that might warrant implementing changes that you plan for in advance.  Starting before there is a crisis will prepare you for making changes in your driving habits if and when needed. 

You can start now with the ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool to identify those things you should be considering now and in the future. The Older Road Users Guide also offers a wealth of information, tools, and resources to help you on this journey.